Visiting Butler County Ohio

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King’s Island is right in Butler County, Ohio and after a full day of play at King’s Island, we needed to get some sleep before we hit the road for Pittsburgh and the famed Donut Trail.  Exhausted from fun we headed to a hotel located right at Liberty Center with plenty of shopping and eateries.

Before we left to visit Butler County Ohio I had reviewed all the things we could do, but just had to narrow it down because we were on limited time.  I am telling you this so that you can plan your stay accordingly.  I left the hotel we stayed at without ever getting to shop the Liberty Center Mall and my credit cards have not forgiven me.  I will be back Liberty Center Mall as it is my destiny to leave no mall unshopped.

While we were visiting Butler County Ohio, we stayed at the AC Liberty Hotel Marriott and stopped at Jupiter Coffee & Donuts, and Kelly’s Donut stop.  We were supposed to go onto The Escape Room but a medical emergency sent us home a bit faster.  Lavishly live travel out loud visiting Butler County Ohio.

Visiting Butler County Ohio

First things first, the mall looks fantastic it is a premier shopping destination for any shoppanista and I am so sad I got there late and missed my calling.  The Hotel we stayed at is in the shopping complex, easy to access and boasts a ton of parking. Parking is Free and multilevel. I personally want to thank the CVB for hosting us, it was a blast!

We stayed at the AC Liberty Hotel Marriott.  The Hotel is located less than 20 minutes from King’s Island and in perfect proximity to start the famed Donut trail when visiting Butler County Ohio.

Lodging &  The Donut Trail

Take a look at our room, so very clean and loaded with amenities and you know I am all about the bathrooms and how they present.  The AC Liberty Hotel Marriott scored big with me for it’s exquisitely set up bathroom, from perfect smelling toiletries to a shower with a dual head overhead!

The pool is beautiful, and there is an indoor/outdoor hot tub as well as a lovely fitness center and a business center complete with Mac computers for your use.  If you get burned out working there is a bar right across the way from the computers, (lol)

The Donut Trail 

Butler County Ohio, Visiting butler county Ohio, donuts, donut trail, Jupiter Coffee and Donuts, coffee, food, coffees, donut trails, travel, traveling, tourism, dana travels, travel writer, food writer, foodie, foodies, foodie call, dana travels,

We needed breakfast and the road to home, the best way to get this all done while visiting Butler County Ohio is to head to the donut trail.  You know what I love about this donut trail? Butler County Ohio is supporting its businesses by doing something so simple as providing a card, sending them to independent Mom & Pop shops who dish out the finest in donut yumminess and the businesses are establishing and earning.  What a delicious and easy idea to help support business without having to do much.

The signs are in each store, the donut cards are as well and it is all about collecting stamps and mailing the card in.  It’s a game and the businesses make money.  Love this!

Jupiter Coffee & Donuts 

Our first stop was to Jupiter Coffee & Donuts where I met the lovely and talented owner, Cindy Wallis.  Cindy prepared an allergen-friendly donut the size of my kids’ heads and they LOVED on that for 2 days.

I am most impressed with the wall art, which was crafted by her staff and her.  Old unused coffee beans were shellacked and placed on used pallets that were also stained and then formed into these coffee cups and donuts.  The art is as captivating as the multiple amounts of donuts being offered for selection.

You can indulge in coffee, tea or other beverages, but get there early as selection goes fast and they close before lunch.  Many people play the Donut Trail game (that is what I refer to it as, because you are eating your way through donut shops and stamping a card, to earn a phrase to turn in for a tee shirt.  !)

My personal thanks to the lovely staff of Jupiter Coffee and Donuts, we will see you next year, as we have already planned another trip and you are our FIRST Stop!

Kelly’s Bakery

We headed 20 minutes down the road to Kelly’s Bakery, where we pulled into another fantastic donut location.  Parking was plentiful and the staff greeted us with a smile.  While I did not get to meet Kelly, I did get this great photo of her employees who explained a bit more about the donut trail, how popular it was and told us how that famed donut card worked.

We learned that each shop has a different stamp, and all the stamps come together to form a sentence.  You send the card in and Butler County sends you a tee shirt.

Thanks to Kelly’s Bakery for a delicious box of donuts, we loved the S’More donut the absolute best, those mini marshmallows were perfect while my oldest son who can eat nuts, said that the Buckeye Donut was “outstanding.”

Stan The Donut Man 

From here, we hit the trail home, an honorable mention to Stan The Donut Man has to go out, but my son had a Dr.’s appointment from a medical emergency that came up on the trip and we had to get home or we would not make it.  We will find you next year Stan because we have a full card that needs to be filled in we want that tee shirt!

Getting Home

We hardly accomplished much while visiting Butler County Ohio, but there is so much to do, we needed a few days to get through it all.  We will be returning because we love the tasting we had and I can strongly suggest to try out the places we visited and the Donut trail, my bet is you will have a glaze of a time, (lol).  That’s my story of lavishly living travel out loud and visiting Butler County Ohio. Thanks to the CVB for hosting us!