What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Stay In Vegas

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what happens in vegas

Heading to Vegas is a recipe for fun. No matter your agenda work or pleasure there is no way you can’t enjoy yourself. From luxury rooms to super-sized libations, Sin City is welcoming and ready for everyone.

Navigating the Las Vegas Strip is a serious undertaking from parking, to rides, shopping, drinking, eating and more and that’s that light list of traveling to Vegas. While the slogan of ‘What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas’ is catchy, it is a bit dated. For all those not living under a rock and who have a smartphone in their hands, you are all guilty of breaking this slogan.

It’s perfect that you have because in some backward way sharing is bigger than not saying. Sharing is like teetering a bloody piece of meat above a 25 foot Great White, intriguing while making us all crave the same experience. Lavishly live travel to Vegas out loud it’s time to understand: What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas, Not So Much Anymore.

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas, Not So Much Anymore

Luxury Of Service

You all know I am a “best of the best” seeker in products, travel, food, etc. I am not different about my service on my phone. Why should I have to suffer through sluggish service with a different service provider or better yet, no service at all?

I don’t do public WiFi, I use my own reliable Verizon Wireless Hotspot. Things like these make insurmountable differences in travel. My tale today is all based on my personal experience using my Verizon Wireless service to conquer and lavishly live travel out loud!

Vegas And Experiences

I have to say that my smartphone was an integral part of my Las Vegas trip each and every day. From sharing incredible views, and fun pics on the Vegas Strip to getting home safely each night after getting our party one. (maybe I should say each next day, lol!)

Yes I am just the same as each of you: I drink, I go to casinos, I shop, I LYFT to places and have a blast. Guess what I love sharing too, so how can anything stay in Vegas if we are all like this? It can’t and I am glad. Part of the lure of Vegas is seeing what OTHERS have experienced. Let’s go!

You might say “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas” simply not so much anymore because sharing is possible no matter where you are in Vegas.

The Trip To Red Rock Canyon

From Sippin’ To Trippin’

what happens in vegas

How could I not share this moment of mine? Who else goes to Red Rock Canyon famous for walking, hiking, biking and rock climbing in mini bootie stilettos. Roll your eyes, and allow me to respond “#FashionAndTravel” is all I can say. I captured that moment and shared that moment because What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas, not so much anymore!

That just had to be shared. From a chaotic, fast-paced morning to an unplanned drive out to Red Rock, it’s all about the experience and I owned it. Yes I hiked on those paths and everyone looked and guess what? I don’t care! #DanaMoment

Casino Baby

Wouldn’t you want your best winnings to not be bragged about right? Heading into the casino and the big spender I am on games of luck, I just wanted to win!

And I did! I put in a $1 and won ……. wait for it…

what happens in vegas

Yank out that smartphone and share your winning ticket (I did)

Best of the Best In Libations

Your best drinks – really, you are not gonna share?

what happens in vegas

From Trump International Hotel which has a killer happy hour (maybe the best-priced libations on the strip in a really NICE atmosphere) to drinks at Buddy V’s at brunch when you were given the best seat in the house for a party of 2 (bragging moments!)

Biggest Food Moments

Hello and welcome to all foodies visiting Vegas, but how do they know where to go? Through our social shares. Craving the biggest flapjack? Yeah, so was Michael, 14″ of blueberry flapjack love! Truly Monster-sized eats in Vegas.

food in vegas

Or maybe this Veal from Piero’s, it’s as big as the plate.

what happens in vegas

Poop’s Got It – LOL

what happens in vegas

When you find the funniest and most delicious donut in Vegas and it’s a Poop Emoji, share, share, and share again right?

The Dam & What Should Be Stunt Being Filmed But It’s Not..

I mean did you really want to miss this moment when the Utility line pilot picked up his Line Workers? that was frickin’ amazing..

Hoover Dam Selfies

what happens in vegas

Proof that ‘we owned the moment’ no matter how much the selfie makes you look like a horse face! ROLF!

A trip to the Hoover Dam will have you architecture enthralled, and crossing over the Pat Tillman bridge, inspired. Seriously you are not gonna share? What happens in Vegas is not staying in Vegas, you are texting, and social media touting immediately.

The Landscape Architecture Of The Buildings

what happens in vegas

Then, of course, there’s the walking in Vegas, in building and getting lost- so while you can leave that story in Vegas, you can look like a superhero because you use Google Maps to get there and the walking directions will deliver you to all the attractions.

The Unexplainable Phenomena – Fremont Experience

what happens in vegas

How did Fremont street get so popular? Word of mouth? I highly doubt it. Odd pictures? Is weird stuff going on? Just jaw-dropping craziness that adds to the fun of Vegas. Oh again, Snap, Tweet, and IG it, Victory.

Know what? What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas may be the best marketing line ever, but it’s not our world’s mantra. Verizon Wireless service is pristine there and I shared more, and faster than on another service (yeah I had 2 smartphones with me, no judgments please)

Times have changed and we are discreet about the items we don’t want to share, b very LOUD about those bragging moments. Social media rules and sharing is what experiences are all about. Text, Tout in Social and share Vegas and all it’s the glory because Vegas is truly #VegasStrong and incredible. All I can say, ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, not so much anymore. ~ DANA

Nevermore have I loved a slogan so much but found it to be more untrue. I love Vegas but tech rules the world. Today’s travel is all about the experience.

Therefore, with the smartphone in your hand and reliable service, you have the perfect combination for sharing those incredible moments like never before. A smartphone is only as smart as the service provider it’s on! Party on!