4 Ways To Decrease Stress Before Holiday Air Travel

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The holidays are closing in! Over the river and through the woods is now, out of our house, to airport parking and onto the plane.

Our sleigh drivers are the incredible co-pilot and pilot on the plane that takes us through every kind of weather.

Holidays come wrapped up at in a big red holiday bow, and as the bow begins to unravel, the events of the day begin.

It’s what happens before we get to the airport (parking and people) that totally sets the tone for the whole air travel thing.

Do you know the thing that creates holiday havoc is being disorganized? Get ahead of the season of perpetual bliss and chaos.

Let’s keep that merriment rolling along, from the moment you park your car!

Before you utter the words, “I’ll be home for the holidays,” incorporate 4 ways to decrease stress before holiday air travel so everything is nice, not naughty!

Lavishly live holiday travel out loud and pack up, it’s time to go home for holidays.

4 Ways To Decrease Stress Before Holiday Air Travel

I love traveling and part of traveling is getting to the airport. Today’s post is sponsored, but all content is my own.

As a fan of The Parking Spot and as a Spot Club member, I can offer you great insight to premium parking without the hassle!

Think of holiday air travel as a gift, a fast way to get from point A to B, faster than driving.

The stress of not driving is a gift because inclement travel conditions could hinder auto travel.

Thus, opening up the gift of holiday air travel unravels the ebb and flow of the travel day.

Let’s face it, airplane travel is rough, but getting to the airport and parking is even rougher.

Your gift, the one I am about to reveal to you will offer you 4 ways to decrease stress before holiday air travel.

In fact, this gift is like a box of Frankincense -offering a health benefit of relieving the chronic stress of the holiday. Are you ready?

The beauty and the wonder of the holiday season come disguised in small blessings.

You can give yourself some of the holiday’s best gifts, by simply planning ahead! First, let’s talk about the organization.

1. Organization = best ‘parking spot’ in the house! – Decrease Stress Before Holiday Travel

So, you know you are heading home for the holidays and it is just now November.

By all means, hop online, or pull your phone and use your app to schedule premium parking. Remember, The Parking Spot offers parking reservations.

Some of the parking choices offered at The Parking Spot* (open-air, covered, valet) book faster than others, so reserving ahead guarantees you the parking type you want.

2. You Got Your Spot! Decreasing Stress Before Holiday Travel

Remember the year-end brings no greater pleasure than the opportunity to express to you seasons greetings!

Expressing yourself during the holidays should in no way mean using awful hand gestures to thwart off other people parking cars at off-site airport parking!

Your space is reserved, no one is taking it!

3. 24/7 & 365 Days A Year

Hustle, hustle and get where you are going early or late and then get home. Are you worrying if you will have a ride back and forth to your car?

Never fear, The Parking Spot is open 24/7, 365 days a year! Your shuttle runs back and forth to the airport about every 5-7 minutes.

Track your shuttle if you have the app!

Peach and tranquility keep your spirits bright. The shuttle gets you at The Parking Spot and takes you right to the curb of your airline of choice.

When you arrive back, you are again picked up right at the ground transportation curb. You could say, “all is calm, all is bright!”

It is ‘snow’ wonder that people love The Parking Spot!

4. Saving Holiday Green – before and after holiday travel

Did you know that premium off-site airport parking can save you ‘green’ during your stay?

That’s right! Generally speaking, you are giving yourself a gift of about 1/4 the cost of ‘airport’ direct parking.

You see, The Parking Spot offers both short and long-term parking and off-site parking saves you money.

Next, make sure you are a Spot Club member (it’s free to join) and parking perks start to add up.

Everything from free days to just scanning the Spot Club card to enter and exit!

Easy, peasy! It’s like a gift tied up with the prettiest bow isn’t it?

You can also use your AAA card to capture discounted parking rates, that does not happen at the airport!

One thing for certain, if you don’t have airport parking reservations you will pay the steep price of stress during the holiday season.

While you know there is a lot of airport parking, not everywhere is equal. Your car needs to be parked and when you park your car you do not want to worry about the parking place you left it at.

Where you choose does matter and The Parking Spot offers premium parking without the premium price.

*The Parking Spot offers a different type of parking at a few of their different locations, check with yours to see what is available. (open-air, undercover, valet).

May Every Path Lead You To Peace and Holiday Tranquility!

May the closeness of friends, the comfort of home, and the unity of our nation renew your spirits this holiday season.

It is the Wise Man and Wise Woman that seek refuge in The Parking Spot to save their sanity and to stay stress free. ~Dana

This is a sponsored post, however ideas and content are my own.