5 Fabulous Holiday Tummy Taming Tricks When Feasting

fabulous Holiday Tummy Taming Tricks

The holidays are a great time for traveling and spending time with loved ones.

It’s also a common time for eating delicious food.

Which leads me to holiday tummy taming tricks when feasting during the holidays, ALL of them1

Thanksgiving is one holiday known for its feasts. Christmas is another.

Let’s not forget the New Year celebrations, either.

While we all love the great food that holidays bring us, all that food combined with traveling can really do a number on your tummy.

While the ideal solution would be not to gorge yourself and overeat for the holidays, it’s simply not practical for most people.

Even if you try to say you’re not going to do it, you end up doing it.

Then you end up with that full, bloated tummy and if you have to travel back home like that, it’s even worse.

A little of this, a little of that, a sample you can’t say no to because Aunt Sue will have hurt feelings, you just suck it up and try it.

Ready for a great holiday tummy taming tricks?

Holiday Tummy Taming Tricks When Feasting

We all say we are going to do the best we can at the holidays before we begin feasting but do we really follow through?

Once the alcohol starts kicking in and the social aspects begin all bets are off.

Who knows what you are popping in your mouth, how many or if it is good or bad for you, it’s a party!

Oh my, guess what, you can try my 5 fabulous tummy taming tricks when feasting.

You will want the solution for tummy taming before, during, and after you have gorged!

Yum on, it’s party time!

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Holiday Tummy Taming Tricks (1) >>Keep Hydrated

Water is your best friend in times like these.

You don’t want to just drink after you eat, either.

Don’t forget to, stay well hydrated before, during, and after your holiday meals.

This will keep you from overeating, aid in digestion, and help you when you do have to go to the bathroom after.

Staying hydrated prevents bloat that makes your tummy big and uncomfortable.

Get Some Shut-Eye for Holiday Tummy Taming Trick No. 2

Sleep is going to be very important as well.

When traveling during the holidays, or just enjoying festivities at home with loved ones, it’s easy to miss out on sleep.

This works against you (and your tummy) because you don’t get the proper time to heal.

Your body continues digesting your food while you sleep, too.

Try to avoid meals and snacks too close to bedtime and also be sure you get at least eight hours of sleep.

It will make all the difference.

Get Fiber Friendly

Fiber is very important to your digestive health.

Sometimes when we’re cramming in all those delicious holiday treats, we miss out on a daily dose of fiber and this hits the tummy hard.

Most traditional holiday meals don’t have a lot of fiber worked into them naturally so you will need to plan accordingly, or use a supplement.

Plan to eat more fruits, nuts, veggies, and bran flakes.

Get Moving

Walking will help your digestive system stay active and prevents tummy bloat that is so common during the holidays.

After eating, volunteer to help clean up, or go for a walk around the block with a loved one.

Even if you just walk around the house or up and down the stairs, you will ease some of that bloat and discomfort.

Skip the Sugar

Reduce sugar, or skip it altogether if you can and you will see the big impact it has on your tummy, even if you’re taking in all that other holiday food.

With these five fabulous holiday tummy taming tricks in mind, you won’t have to unzip those pants on the way home.

You can enjoy your holiday meals without your tummy paying the price.

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The Holiday Tummy Taming Solutions For that Large Spread of Food

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It’s Your Turn To Change The Tummy Up

Lavishly Live The Holidays Out Loud and try out my 5 Fabulous Holiday Tummy Taming Tricks When Feasting!~ Dana XO