6 Smart Tips For Traveling Abroad With Your Smartphone

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Sending my daughter overseas for travel without me accompanying has been a true challenge. I pride myself on being an accomplished world traveler. My organizational skills and planning skills help me navigate passport to travel with ease.

Now that I know I won’t be with my daughter and I am sending her off to travel internationally, I have had to explain my methods, tips, and tricks to her. Over the last week, I have been specifically focusing on the use of smartphones while traveling. Smartphone use is such a gray area of travel.

Smartphone usage charges can be exorbitant. Therefore, I have provided her 6 smart tips for traveling abroad with her smartphone. I do believe that these tips can help everyone, not just my daughter. Lavishly live travel out loud. Bookmark this page for 6 smart tips for traveling abroad with your smartphone.

6 Smart Tips For Traveling Abroad With Your Smartphone ????

Today’s challenges of being able to travel internationally and use your phone are real! Allow your resolutions to be maintained by what you own and use most, your smartphones. A smartphone is only as smart as the service provider it’s on so really investigate before you buy.

I can remember traveling abroad a while back and my biggest concern was my passport and the camera around my neck. Of course, there was the fact that I had to wear one of those unfashionable ‘fanny packs’ to tote my personal belongings around in so I did not have to worry about being out and about and at risk for theft.

While she won’t be able to avoid to continue to wear a fanny pack I can help her avoid some common mistakes that travelers overseas make as well with smartphones.

1. Don’t Get Scammed Or Scanned ????

Long before your overseas trip begins you need to get through the airport. This phase of travel is the hassle part until you sit in and fasten those plane seatbelts. Don’t get scammed or scanned before you have ever taken off. q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B071Y5XQJ5&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=danavento 20ir?t=danavento 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B071Y5XQJ5
Get a bag that offers an RFID pocket. This RFID pocket will block your devices information and keep your info safe. Additionally, store your Credit Cards and passport in there especially if your Passport has a chip on it. You can not risk being ‘duped’ or having your cc’s numbers stolen when you travel, you need your money and your identity.

2. Airplane Mode is your BFF ????

Once you get on your international flight, it is time to kick your phone into gear. You need to turn the phone on airplane mode and let it there for the duration of the trip. You can use your phone on WiFi sins data as long as you have it in airplane mode. You will need WiFi to connect. Additionally, you may need to connect to Safari to choose that WiFi etc.

There are many sources of WiFi, you just have to sniff them out so to speak. Consider options for public WiFi like Coffee shops, main lobbies of hotels, bus areas, train stations, and restaurants.

Turn off Data, turn keep your phone on airplane mode to avoid roaming charges.

3. Say No To Butt Pockets ????

So if you have decided to tote your phone around your international vacation area, this is a big thing to keep in mind. Do not store your smartphone in the butt pocket of your jeans. If you do plan on saying ‘hello to pickpocketing’ or theft.

If you are carrying your phone with you, keep it on your person, up front and center. In your hands or on the strap of your cross-body bag. You need to keep your smartphone close to you, where you can see it, not where others can.

Just on the chance that someone could steal it leaves your private information that is on that phone at risk for identity theft, hacking, etc. Therefore, just say no to butt pocket storage and smartphones.

4. Le Distraction ????

While we are on the topic of smartphone storage and saying no to butt pockets as optimal storage for smartphones, let’s talk about ‘le distraction’. What is Le Distraction? It is known as tourism and sightseeing and taking photos.

Before you live behind the smartphone camera in awe of how beautiful this building is or the beach, or the cobblestone roads, get focused. I do not mean focus on the camera, I mean on the area you are in. Perhaps you are staring at a very quaint side street with built-in restaurants, or a horse trotting down into the main square.

Keep your self-aware of your surroundings at all times. Phones and belongings are always at risk when you are not paying attention to them, so be mindful of your stuff. Do not fall victim to ‘Le Distraction’.

5. Back Up On The Go ????

Did you read that too? Ha, if you read that and thought it said ‘don’t get backed up on the go’ this article is NOT about keeping your body on a good schedule, lol!

Rather, about keeping new stuff updated on your phone. Let’s get into this just briefly. You see something you love, and your first thought is to photo it. Go ahead, after you have made sure that there is nothing around your area (le distraction). Now that you have captured about 10 photos of what you needed one of, you can move on.

Your next stop is a coffee shop for a brief break and you note a sign “WiFi”, and all the glory of being able to access your emails and texting kicks in!

Your fingers are super-charged with adrenaline and you are stoked to totally chat with people (because you have been unable to since you did no buy some over-priced plan), do this first: if you have Dropbox, update it, if you have Google Photos storage, back those photos up.

Anytime you hit WiFi back up your device’s images (to Google Photos, DropBox etc). Clear those images off your phone so you can keep on doing what you are best at while traveling, ‘being a tourist’ and capturing a whole new world.

6. What’s Up Doc ????

There are useful apps you can download to get texting variations as well as phone calls from international to the US. So, here are a few that I have rounded up, used or have learned about from friends.

There is WhatsApp, Text Now, Google Voice and SKYPE. You can check out the differences, but this is your springboard as to how you are going to handle your calls and texting.

Additionally, if you have Verizon Wireless like I do, simply head on over to the International Trip Planner with Verizon Wireless page and find a plan that is right for you! Terms, data restrictions, and fees an be found on their website.

Staying Safe

Using these 6 tips should have you and your smartphone travel smarter! Enjoy your travels, keep your phone close and capture those images to share, snap and IG! ~ DANA

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