A Fashion Runway For Your Phone

I pull out my phone, and accidentally push the button, and like a fashion catwalk, my phone is illuminated with side lights, makes it look awesome! Suddenly I am looking at my iPhone with a new light, really because the LuMee Case illuminates my phone, and the inside of my purse and #selfies are never going to be the same. Get ready to lavishly live #Selfies out loud because this accessory is going to rock your images! In fact the LuMee is “It’s like a fashion runway for your phone ” ~ Dana Vento

selfie, images, photos, "It's like a fashion runway for your phone ". tech, fashion, accessories, lighting, dana vento

Fashion Runway Meet LuMee 

If you have a #selfie taking teen then you know the craze of #selfie’s is here to stay, but tech is just catching up to the phenomenon.  Traditionally, if there is not good light, the selfie is a little lackluster, hence all the Apps to help the color and make a better looking #selfie.  This LuMee case is the one you have seen on the “Selfie 101” episode.  It is impact resistant, and lights surround the outside of your phone like a runway beckoning a plane to land, these lights will cal you on to “take a selfie!”

selfie, images, photos, "It's like a fashion runway for your phone ". tech, fashion, accessories, lighting, dana vento

The front of the phone is perfectly lit and you can adjust the brightness of the light. Get the perfectly lit photo and expert lighting just by placing your phone in this case.

“It’s like a fashion runway for your phone “

The LuMee does need charged and it takes about 2 hours, of separate charging from your phone.  The charger comes with the LuMee.  It’s currently available in 5 colors for the iPhone 5/ 5S and coming soon for iPhone 6/6 plus and Samsung Galaxy. The LuMee case is sure to be on wishlists everywhere.

Take a look at this up close and personal HERE — You can see the case, as well as the dimming feature!

Overview of the Fashion Runway for Your Phone LuMee

selfie, images, photos, "It's like a fashion runway for your phone ". tech, fashion, accessories, lighting, dana vento

I have to tell you, as I took it out the other night, I accidentally hit the button and it illuminated causing quite the buzz between many moms of teen daughters! The “OMG’s” were insane and the “have to have” prophecy began. That’s right, holidays, girls, tweens and anyone that takes selfies needs this. But beyond those #selfie taking groups, the LuMee offers a few extra little options that this fashion savvy chica loves!

1. A Purse Flashlight when you are rummaging through your bag and the fact that you can change the light, dim to bright is also perfect!

2. A Flashlight going up my steps at home without having to search for the App to turn on my flashlight

3. A makeup mirror that helps me get the application just right when I am looking into my #selfie that I don’t actually take but am more concerned with ‘touching up’ on the go!

4. The case is impact resistant and it lights up, I mean that makes it a fashion dream right? It is an accessory, it helps me with day-to-day tasks and it looks good! Oh yeah, this has MOM written all over it.

So while I tout this case as a Teen Perfect item, it has a lot of potential in the adult world as well, making your phone more noteworthy and attractive.  Lavishly live accessories, fashion and selfies out loud with this great looking smartphone case.  I guess the only downside to this is it is not available for EVERY phone out there, but I bet there are more coming soon???

*product was provided, but as usual, opinions, thoughts, images are all my own.. but of course! I am Adventure. Eat. DIY. Repeat. when I find great items like this!