A New Look For Your Room ~ Adventures of PFM Furniture Shopping


Highest on my list of Favorite things to do is shop, but just because I LOVE to shop does not mean I LOVE shopping for everything.  There are things that bore me, there are things that are annoying to shop for, and there are shopping trips that I just love to take, but my overall objective shopping each and every time is to find the best priced item I can find(brand or non-brand) of the best quality.  I shop till I drop because and Educated Consumer is able to save more, and get more for their spent dollar.  In addition, if you know each and every facet of the purchase you are making, you are less likely to say, “if I had known that I would have bought the other!” I consider a Frugal Shopper one that has:  a passion for shopping, is educated on their purchase and gets the best item they can buy(within their budget)  and then never looks back other than to accept ‘bragger’s rights!

My current shopping challenge is learning everything about decorating a room the right way.  We are currently redoing a lot of our home.  We are painting, changing things up, replacing furniture, fixtures, just overall ‘moving in’ which we have never really done since we moved in a few years ago, we kind of just settled in.  As I move more and more into this project I am acutely aware that I have my own sense of style, but did not really get it until I began speaking to someone in furniture at a massive furniture retailer! I always say, that time is money, so you might as well learn what you like before you waste time looking at things that really won’t fit your style palette.  This leads me to the discussion on, What Are You?


Shopping for furniture starts a new process, at least in my world it did: Name Calling! Oh not the typical playground name calling but name calling what you are, naming your style! Are you traditional? contemporary? or modern?  Does it matter, oh yes it does and a FRUGAL shopper needs to get a handle on what their tastes are quickly, so you can simply navigate to that area of the store, instead of wasting time(which translates to money) and stick with what suits you! This is one item you have to identify with and it is a bit hard to call yourself a name, because it is so committal!  It is funny because once you pick a style and you have a name for your taste it just seems so “YOU” for lack of a better word! It is kind of like  naming your furniture style or your decorating style suddenly completes something in you ~ too funny.

My challenge is that my tastes have changed greatly over the last ten years, and that is normal because as I mature I want different looks in rooms and I want my rooms to look a particular way, or perhaps I am really just growing into my design style.  Let’s look at the design styles to begin to learn more about how they play into your decorating!  These are just basic descriptions and of course you can mix pieces in and create the latest rage of ‘shabby chic’, and so on, but again taking a look at your style can keep you focused on what you really like rather than being detracted from all those things you don’t like!  Think of these more as guidelines, and none are steadfast rules, but each may help you determine YOU from what you think is YOU!

MODERN:  Simply stated: Neutrals will be your go to color meaning that the walls will not offer more style than the furniture. .   The furniture will be the decor.  The furniture in this category is clean, well-structured, smooth, sleek and so very similar to what some categorize as contemporary! Wall colors tend to blend with the furniture so it is a ‘common’ look, however this design style often lends itself well to rooms with windows that are ceiling to floor because this style is all about lighting.  Each piece in this category is very functional and practical and geometric.  (I often think of this style in a comparison to Berber carpeting, that it fits well in industrial settings, but only is very practical and functional in home settings because it can handle foot traffic, children and anything else life dishes out!) modern

CLASSIC:  You may like walls that have a bit of color to them, you might even range from bright colors down to very deep colors, just depending on your personal taste.  The end result of this room, a Classic Room is one that will make a House feel like a Home! Each piece in the room will really feel like it fits the room, and most likely, the trending pattern with this particular style is furniture that works side by side.  (tables next to the couch, chairs, etc.  Here is one piece that I found unusual, you can be ‘classic’ and enjoy patterns, such as florals, plaids and stripes!

CONTEMPORARY:  This particular style lends itself to the HERE AND NOW trends.  You are buying what is in for this ‘era’ .  Think Futons instead of beds, etc., because this style is all about the space you have to work with. In general, the rooms are very open, uncluttered and have functional furniture.  Color schemes on this particular style have often been black and white but the latest ‘twist’ is to add a Pop of color to this like Red, perhaps in the throw pillows or photos or strong accessories! Furniture is not curvy, or bulky, it is light, slim and trim! There are ‘legs’ on more of the furniture.  Think futuristic and you have this one nailed!

In the next part of this series we will be looking at furniture, practicality and they why’s!

Here’s to becoming an educated Furniture Consumer in order to get the best pieces you can at the best prices! Stay Tuned for this Adventures of Pittsburgh Frugal Mom In Furniture Shopping!

Theses are my opinions yours may differ!