Best Bathroom Cleaning Supplies for Your Arsenal

Best Bathroom Cleaning Supplies You'll Want To Have In Your Cleaning ArsenalIs cleaning your bathroom basically a day-long DIY?

That should not be the situation!

When you walk into your bathroom does it make you cringe?

Well, it would not if you have the best bathroom cleaning supplies in your home!

Today’s list will help you clean those disgusting shower doors, the toilet, and the sink.

But wait, there’s more, lol!

You’ll be able to easily maintain each cleaned area once you clean them.

Your mirrors will sparkle, your bathtubs will glisten, your sinks won’t look like a subway bathroom!

Last, if you have a jetted tub, you will LOVE what I have found for you and no more gooey fluid boog stuff coming out of the jets!

Personally, my favorite cleaning supplies also appear in this list and when it comes to making toilet cleaning so much easier, well this it!

Don’t dread bathroom cleaning anymore, instead embrace the nasty and clean it till it sparkles.!

Now, I am going to share with you the best bathroom cleaning supplies you’ll want to have in your cleaning arsenal!

Best Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Supplies used in the bathroom should all be disposable.

Use them once and toss them.

Our bathrooms hold bacteria and if you reuse items in your bathrooms in other places you chance the spread of bacteria.

Now, it’s off to clean the bathroom and make it shine!

If It Won’t Clean Off, Erase It

From shoe heels to light switches, doors, ovens, and even shower walls (and this is the shortlist) Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are badass Gotta Have cleaning supplies!

Because there are no harsh chemicals in them and because the results are INSTANTANEOUS and gratifying these are hands-down the best bathroom cleaning supply you can purchase!

Best Bathroom Cleaning Supplies Magic Eraser Buy a big pack, because you’ll want to use them when you wash your car and clean your kitchen too!

Use these on glass shower doors to rid the soap scum and mildew.

For your glass stovetops, this is also a miracle worker (even if it’s not the bathroom it’s a hot tip!)

In the bathroom, this is great for countertops too (makeup and cabinets with dirt build up!)

It’s super easy and WOW what a difference.

Then keep reading because I’ll share how to keep it looking like this longer!

HOT TIP For Magic Erasers: again, since there are bacteria in everything that little eraser will come in contact with, CUT The eraser into 4 even pieces. Use each piece until it disappears with the dirt or marks.

If you must store the eraser keep it in a container with a snap top so the germs stay in and always handle with gloves on, which I go into more detail in down below.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning No Longer Sucks

Toilet Brush So, think about this, a while back, many used and reused a toilet brush over and over.

Basically, if we get down the brass tacks of it, you were using a brush to clean feces debris and then, taking it back out filled with BACTERIA and popping it into a holder.

Then, when it was time, you were swirling that old brush back into the bacteria and spreading it all over again, just basically brushing her off!




Because the fabulous Clorox wand with disposable Clorox pads was NOT invented just yet.

Now that it is will you please THROWout that damn, debris-ridden, totally, bacteria-laden brush in your bathroom?

Stop spreading bacteria.

Wipe It And See Things More Clearly

squeegee on shower door

A fabulous Squeegee can go the long mile and save you effort.

After you scrub away the scum with the Magic Eraser, keep the doors clean by using a squeegee after every shower.

You will be amazed at how you can suddenly KEEP UP with the mess a lot easier!

Plus, clean and clear is better than smeared and soap scum!

Get Steaming

Steaming Don’t worry about cleaning solvents, steam can really beat bacteria and grime up

It’s natural and helpful in loosening set-in stains and grime.

A good steamer can be really helpful and offer a cleaning option without fumes!

GRIME Around The TUB or Shower Basin

bath with running water Do you have that black nasty grime around your shower or tub basin?

You scrub it comes back.

There’s nothing that zaps it is there?

Well, you need this crazy good cleaner that is not gonna knock you on your ass with fumes.

Instead, it’s going to be sprayed on and then wiped off (even with a paper towel)

Suddenly you are going to go from a mess of yuck on the basin of the tub or shower to WOW.

Trying it is the best thing you can do!

Did I mention that this scum cleaner is a commercial-grade used by cleaning professionals?

Jetted Tubs And Their Disgusting Phlegm A.k.a. Flotsam and Jetsam

Best Bathroom Cleaning Supplies You'll Want To Have In Your Cleaning ArsenalDo you have a jetted tub?

Does it give you black flakes, and goo balls, and things you never want to see from your own bathtub?

For some reason, I think of Flotsam and Jetsam from Disney when I see these booger-like things floating!

The pipes hold the grossest stuff and you could clean and clean and clean, good luck cause it won’t stop producing that disgusting black and brown phlegm.

This means, when you want to soak, you’ll soak with booger-like floaties!

Yeah, not me!

Here’s the way to clean that jetted tub and all those disgusting gifts of black and brown phlegm the water residual leaves in the pipes.

Clean it once and for all!

The Basics, You’ll Always Need For The Bathroom

Naturally, there are things you should keep in your bathroom cleaning arsenal at all points in time.

First, you should have some rubbing alcohol.

Try out my DIY with RUBBING Alcohol Wipes

You can use this for mirror cleaning and shining up the faucets.

gloves for bathroom cleaning Plus if you run out of disinfectant this will do nicely for the toilet seat, handles, etc.

Next, a good pair of rubber gloves.

Do you really want to touch a toilet with feces on it and other bacteria and then touch everything else?

What if you get bacteria under your nails or in your skin?

Yeah, grab the gloves!

paper towel roll Dispoable is great, reusable is good if you gotta.

Personally, I advocate a big box of disposable gloves because I feel the same about using rubber gloves more than once as I Do about a toilet bowl brush.

Just think about it!

Don’t forget paper towels for the mirrors and any quick spray and wipe processes you will take on as well as shining up!


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