DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner For Your Home

DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner Years ago I discovered the most wonderful, and easy-to-create DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner For Your Home with multiple cleaning hacks to follow.

I’ve used this particular DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner For Your Home to clean so many different surfaces.

What’s best is that it is practical, and the ingredients are readily available.

You won’t be spending a lot of money to make this DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner For Your Home.

However, you will make a lot of it, to keep in different rooms of your house so it’s only a grab away.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of this cleaning spray is that it dries super fast.

Did I mention how many things you can clean with this?

For those that love new earrings, own a smartphone, earphones, computers, marble tops and more, this cleaner is calling you to quickly make it.

The good news, making this DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner For Your Home is easy, peasy!

DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner For Your Home

Now more than ever, with the impending Pandemic of the COVID-19 reaching a closer reality you need simple cleaning solutions.

You can make this on-demand.

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Basically, how I discovered this was through a campaign I was working on.

This campaign had me testing out cleaning products.

One night, as I was cleaning with a particular product, I began choking.

Needless to say, that product never got published, discussed or share with any of you.

However, it brought me back to planet Dana.

All I want in my home are simple products to help with my everyday living.

Therefore, I went to my cabinets and began experimenting with products I already owned.

Then I started reading.

What I learned was keeping cleaners simple is best.

Making a cleaner does not require essential oils.

I’m not there to suck up the fumes or scent, I am there to clean and get out!

The Success Story with DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner For Your Home

DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner For Your Home in handWas it possible I had stumbled upon a cleaner that would allow me to clean have multiple surfaces?

I had to chuckle, because the whole product from beginning to end, costs me about $2 maximum to create.

Generally, since I am not the proud owner of multiple plastic spray bottles, it costs me, $1 to make this cleaning spray.

What Can You Clean With a DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner For Your Home?

I’ve tried so many different solutions and I have 2 secret weapons that I clean glass with.

Did you read my article on Vinegar and car windows?

But, I wanted more than just a window cleaner.

In fact, I wanted a perfectly easy to DIY cleaner that allowed me to clean Stainless Steel and mirrors too.

I then pushed the challenge of this particular DIY cleaner and tried it out on earrings, and toilet seats.

Then, on cotton swabs to clean our computer keys and on our phones.

What I created in my DIY Rubbing Alcohol Cleaner For Your Home is a cleaner that also disinfected different surfaces.

My Shopping Preparation for this Cleaner.

spray bottle for DIY cleanerI headed out to Target, one of my fave stores and I purchased a few of their Up & Up spray bottles.

They are about $1 apiece.

Generally, I buy a few extra so I have them on hand and now I even send them with my kids to their colleges!

I also purchase dish detergent and rubbing alcohol as well as paper towels.

Don’t forget to get some rubber gloves as the rubbing alcohol is drying!

To Make this DIY Window and Glass Cleaner

rubbing alcohol mixtureRinse out the spray bottles and let them dry upside down to get the water out.

Mark the bottle at the 3/4 mark with a sharpie.

Add a drop of dish detergent.

Next, fill the bottle with rubbing alcohol to the 3/4 mark.

Last, add-in water to the top.

Replace the cap and adjust the spray nozzle.

What Can I Clean With This DIY Window Cleaner and Glass Cleaner?

DIY cleanerWhile you are sick, there’s nothing nicer than refreshing the area around you.

Did you touch your appliances made of stainless steel?

Get a cotton cloth (paper towel), spray this mixture onto your stainless steel and see streak-free cleaning appear!

Maybe you sneezed and hit the mirror with boog! Ewww, but totally ok.

Whip this spray bottle out, spray, wipe and move on.

When you are done cleaning with a sponge, spray the solution on this and let it set.

The bathroom toilet needs wiped down, spray the toilet, and wipe with a paper towel.

Use this mixture on your car windows, smartphone, rings, and plastic laminate surfaces.

You can also use this on marble.

SHOES & The Cleaner

I talk a lot about outside germs coming into the house and your SHOES track all that crap.

Spray this one the shoes, wipe. Now, your shoes are clean.

Wait until you see the paper towels.

Do Not Use This Mixture on Quartz or Granite or painted walls.

One other Bonus Use of my Alcohol Cleaner

When I cut veggies, often they make my hands stink, especially, garlic.

The bonus of my alcohol cleaner is a quick spray of it and my hands smell so much better!

Better yet, when the shower doors are messy with water spots, I spray and wipe.

Goodbye water droplets from hell!

Simple. Fast. Easy. There’s not much to making this but the ROI on the cleaner is wonderful.

I’ve always got the items in stock in my home. ~ Dana XO