Yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown Duck

For every week of vacation, you need at least one night where you spoil your belly and earn a food baby right?

Yummy Outer Banks Cafe Downtown Duck meals and dessert

Trust me, this casual Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown Duck can spoil your belly and tastebuds!

Downtown Duck is one of my favorite areas to eat and drink because there’s a lovely boardwalk and shops!

Head to duck and I’ll share where to eat!

What’s the Food on The Yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown Duck Tray?

Far Left > Jumbo Lump Crabmeat + Stuffed Flounder Locally Sourced in NC, topped with a light sherry cream on it!

On the other end of the tray: Parmesan Fingerling Potatoes, Red Neck Risotto & Shrimp.

Want to know what Red Neck Risotto is? Here’s the mini video!

In the middle of that same platter: Burrata Salad with Heirloom Tomato & Greens & avocado cubes!

There’s A Yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown Duck?

Yes! I’ve eaten at this yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown Duck, a few times, and every time it gets better and better!

The Red Sky Cafe - Yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown Duck

The Cafe is right on Duck Road, in Downtown Duck, you won’t miss it!

Program your navigation system for 1197 Duck Road and you’ll find it!

Want to know what else you’ll find?

Chef Wes Stepp, whose culinary skills set the bar pretty darn high for all those other restaurateurs in the area!

He puts the ‘Step’ into the menu and elevates food to taste yummy!

Yep, a food and travel writer lost for a better descriptor so Yummy it is!

One cautionary note: If you leave The Red Sky Cafe hungry, that’s on you.

Go in starved and leave with a filled-up belly!

Absolutely Yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown Duck

Red Sky Cafe is a restaurant filled with Southern Country, yet eclectic in ways.

Inside the Red Sky CafeNeed a better comparison?

Think of Cracker Barrel and then add some swank to it, then you got the feel, but the food will blow Cracker Barrel away (sorry not sorry!)

As you saunter up the steps into this yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown Duck, you’ll note the truly Southern feel, welcoming and comfy!

Entering the Cafe a casual, sleek interior greets your eyes, and no it is not stuffy but rather just beach perfect!

The Red Sky Cafe Duck, NC - Interior and exterior

The Star of the Yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Duck NC = Chef Wes

Yep, I know him, and he’s the bright light to his restaurants (yes, more than one!)

Chef Wes Stepp Red Sky CafeChef Wes is full of personality and I love him to pieces. He’s knowledgeable, kind, and quite generous.

Now, beyond that, his food will move you, and not just your mouth, because his prepared food is elevated.

What You Want To Know About The Red Sky Cafe

You’ll find this cafe to be busy pretty much all the hours that it is opened.

If you want to go, get there early or after peak hours.

Inquire about the boards.

Make sure to try a dessert, they are homemade and tasty!

Don’t forget that this yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown Duck offers take out & a personal chef for your beach rental home!

Come For The Food, Eat By The Board!

Red Sky Cafe Board Platters

Food Images Speak Louder Than Words Right?

Are you hungry? You need to be or you should split this board with friends at the table!

Red Sky Cafe Board Platters with avocado and fresh mozzarella

Food prepared at this yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown Duck!

Go big or go home comes to mind when you see the prepared boards!

Chef Wes With Platters of Food at Yummy Outer Banks Cafe in Downtown duckDid I mention that Chef offers vegan, vegetarian, and GF options? Let your server know and they comply!

Red Sky Cafe Grilled Cheese Yummy Outer Banks Cafe in downtown DuckSo this was not your average grilled cheese, it was exceptional. Plus it was non-existent fast!

Finish Off That Yummy Meal With Dessert!

Dessert at Red SkyAfter all the food had been eaten, there was more to come.

So, what is a meal without dessert? A sin!

Deserts are made in-house by their OWN pastry chef, it’s not purchased from a food purveyor!

Things I Know About The Red Sky Cafe

I know darn well right, The Red Sky Cafe has had plenty of press coverage and positive word of mouth, they don’t need my writeup!

Solid eats, every time, without exception.

Food preference? Vegetarian, Vegan, low carbs, Bunless meals, and of course allergy-friendly, they’ve got it!

Thank you to The Red Sky for hosting me and providing such delicious food.