5 Outer Banks Restaurants You Gotta Try While You Are There!

Restaurants of Outer Banks Food From Each Every vacation I have ever been on is recanted when I discuss a restaurant.

It seems that wherever I remember the food, I better remember the trip.

Culinary travel, in fact, is a big THING that people actually seek.

Before reservations are made, Restaurants in the area are Googled, it’s true.

When you tell people that you are going somewhere, generally the tell you what restaurant to try before any other things are mentioned at the destination.

Food is a mainstay and when it’s done right, it helps to retell the tale of travel.

You already know I am a totally Outer Banks Lovin’ kind of girl, no matter the weather or season!

Uncovering great places to eat, or order food and bring home is a pleasure in the OBX.

I am going to share the best of Outer Banks dining, in my opinion.

Sure there may be more, but I have not been there, so I am not sharing what I have not tasted, and know for fact!

Whether you want wine and cheese, seafood, pastries, and donuts, or Southern Coastal Cuisine, etc. I’ve got a bit of everything for you.

5 Outer Banks Restaurants You Gotta Try

I have been hosted by each restaurant I am about to share.

Every bite of food was better than the next or NONE Of them would appear on my website.

If you are in the Outer Banks searching for the best of, support these restaurants and their staff by ordering from them.

Each has updated their websites with how to order and most are curbside pickup!

Enjoy~ Dana XO

#1 Don’t Wine About Vacation, Eat & Drink! TRIO

Trio Outer Banks front of buildling Trio Restaurant and Market located at 3708 N Croatan Hwy, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

I have a total soft spot for this eatery.


Wine options at Trio Outer Banks I ran a very similar restaurant/market in Pittsburgh, not so long ago.

Truly, I have an appreciation for the craft of restaurant owning and food presentation and TRIO OBX does not disappoint!

Cheese options at Trio Outer Banks Call it a bistro, a quaint eatery, just call it!

Order and take it with you.

Charcuterie Board at Trio There’s a market for wine and cheese.

Fresh is not even good enough to describe the eats!

Goat Cheese on Salad at Trio Outer Banks Whether you want WINE or Cheese or both, this is your go-to.

No matter what you order, you can’t go wrong from handhelds to soup and snacks, you will LOVE this market/eatery.

*Update, at current this is takeout only, but you should order to enjoy their scrumptious options! Check the website daily for updates

#2 Full Steam Ahead to Duck, in the Outer Banks

Pick up your phone, and order your meal from Steamers Restaurant in Duck, North Carolina.

Get in the car, set your Navigation system for Southern Shores Crossing Shopping Center 1 Ocean Blvd Unit 115, Southern Shores, NC 27949.

Pull up to the curb, pick up the food, return home, and be the hero as you feed your troops with exceptional eats, from meat to seafood!

Steamers Restaurant Clam Strips There’s no such thing as too much seafood and Steamers Restaurant shares the same thought!

Oh the food, it’s delicious!

Get Steamers to cater for your vacation home gatherings, seriously the best way to dine!

*Update – Currently Curbside Only, but the takeout is how this place started, so Steamers is ready for your hungry family! Check their website daily for updates.

Steamers Cucumber MartiniSteamers Restaurant does lots of taking out & catering, and the restaurant is really busy too!

After spending a fantastic evening there I can attest to why!

Fresh caught, locally sourced, and deliciously prepared seafood meals appear at the table after table.

Cocktails are always a part of any vacation and Steamer’s will totally spark your tastebuds long before you eat!

#3 Southern Coastal Eats at the Lifesaving Station Restaurant

Where To Find Upscale Southern Eats in Duck, North Carolina at the Lifesaving Station Interior and ExteriorWhether you are staying at the Sanderling Resort or you are seeking out good eats, the Lifesaving Station Restaurant is where you want to go.

Great eats in a pretty location!

You can read all about the Lifesaving Station in my article here > Where to find upscale Southern Eats in Outer Banks

Update: Take out available daily check website for updates.

#4 Give Me Donuts and Any Other Pastry, It’s Vacation!

You may not call Tullio’s a restaurant, but it is an eatery with breakfast items, and more!

 Tullio's Cupcake Want donuts, cookies, pastries, or breakfast sandwiches?

TULLIO’S is where it’s at!

Call in your order, pick it up.

Order ahead.

Go in person and order in the store (face masks please!).

Get cupcakes for the night, and donuts for the day.

Feed everyone with ease!

Donuts, Napoleon, Cinnamon Buns, Bagel Sandwiches, Pepperoni Rolls, and more.

#5 The Red Sky is the Limit!

Red Sky Cafe Sandwiches The Red Sky Cafe located at 1197 Duck Rd, Duck, NC 27949.

Cozy country, nestled into a building, you might not even notice if you are not paying attention, that’s the Red Sky Cafe.

However, plenty do pay attention and for that reason, this place hops!

Red Sky Cafe Platter of Food Lunch and dinner are what you will find, as well as Chefs for hire for those big at-home parties you throw while in OBX!

Bring ‘expand-a-pants’ because Chef Wes Stepp hits all the right foodie notes!

Red Sky Cafe DessertPutting a true description of the food is tough because it’s global, yet down-home, and oh so good!

His food just is so seductive and he cooks with healthier options, making his restaurant a home run of an eatery!

*Update – Call-in, place order, and do a pickup. Check which restaurant to pick up at, as Chef owns 2. The website is helpful!

BONUS #6 Atlantic Coast Cafe




What are you in the mood for?

The Atlantic Coast Cafe is a MUST.

We’ve eaten here, and love it and we will be going back!

With incredible owners and a huge menu, order online, or call it in.

Stop there and get curbside delivery!

Then jam that food in like there’s no tomorrow because it smells and tastes so good!

Tip: In fact, this is one of the few true breakfasts stops where you can order a breakfast wrap ALL darn day!

Perfect for those of you that sleep a little too late because of a fun night before!

No matter which of these eateries you choose, you will LOVE what you order.

Each Chef/Owner is a food artisan and they all take their crafts very seriously.

Remember, it’s your vacation, don’t spend it in the kitchen, take the heat on from the beach or pool, not the kitchen!

Order food, pick it up, and enjoy it! ~ Dana XO