Colorado Springs To Durango Colarado

We are about to journey from Colorado Springs to Durango, Colorado. Our drive time from A to B is a total of about 5 1/2 hours. In actuality, our location is smack dab in the middle of Colorado.

Colorado Springs to Durango. Day or Days?

Colorado Springs To Durango Road tripping to discoverThe journey from Colorado Springs to Durango will take us from the middle more West, closer to Utah! The trip can be done in so many different ways. If a solid drive, it’s about 6 hours without stops.

Or if you break a trip down from Colorado Springs to Durango, and make each of the stops suggested, it will take you a few days, so you can visit each area and enjoy! So, day or days, really it’s up to you!

Colorado Springs

Travel to Satisfy Wanderlust. Colorado Springs to Durango

I love to travel and sometimes when I get to a destination by plane, I then will get into a car to really cover more of the area. One destination is never enough to fulfill my wanderlust.

So, now, that we are in the car, and headed to our first stop, it’s time to take in the scenery and small towns along the way! Fortunately for me, I had Where Niko Travels with me, snapping photos everywhere.

colorado springs to durango at Helen Hunt Falls

Use this article to help you map out your road trips whether by day or when headed to a dude ranch!

Colorado Springs to Durango: Road Tripping

The vehicle was courtesy of Mazda USA. Opinions are my own.

Colorado Springs

First, we landed in Denver, and then drove off to Colorado Springs. We picked up our car!

How do you deal with all the Denver traffic when you are so not used to it? The intensity of the mammoth airport, coupled with a rougher landing kick-started our travels. Thankfully, about an hour away, our first destination stop awaited our arrival.

Day Tripping. Colorado Springs to Durango. Garden Of The Gods

Whether you want to hike, ogle or take photos, this is a great first stop! Walk. Enjoy. Discover what the Colorado Springs area offers.

Road Tripping Destinations From Colorado Springs To Durango. Garden of The Gods

What an adventure this registered “National Nature Landmark” is for both history and imagery! Get there early on and enjoy the day.

It’s free to enter and free to hike through. There’s a lot of areas to cover and you will do some on foot and some by car.

The suggested drive-through is fun you get to see where you might want to hike.

I love it here and this can be a full-day destination or a few hours depending on how much you want to see.

Appetizer for Wanderlust Helen Hunt Falls: Colorado Springs to Durango

Helen Hunt Falls. Colorado Springs to Durango

Location: North Cheyenne Canon Park.

A day hike through trails, to falls, and of course through the little streams that are trickling from the falls.

Now, there was a drought here, so the water was not pounding hard.

We had a great chance to get up close to the falls.

Parking is free and a little tricky.

Colorado Springs

We parked along the stream and hiked from the waterfall through the streams to the car.

I am happy we found shaded parking and there were only a few cars parked along this part of the road.

Therefore, we had time to change our shoes from athletic to hiking and back again!

 Colorado Springs to Durango - in car on Gold Mine Road

Discovering Colorado Springs to Durango: Gold Camp Road

Just for kicks, after a hike at Helen Hunt Falls, we stumbled upon this fabulous road and I am happy we took it SLOW!

Gold Camp Road- Colorado Springs to Durango

This road is totally off the charts as far as discovering Colorado Springs to Durango

  • It is one lane, a 2-way road of dirt.
  • Often you are left on the edge of the road, without a guardrail (yikes!).
  • Other times you are wedged on a rock that has been cut through to make the pass.Gold Camp Road with tunnel ahead
  • Oh, by the way, the road is up from Helen Hunt Falls, and it is unmarked, but what a blast!
  • We went through 2 tunnels, each more harrowing and scary than the other.
  • First, you hardly could see if there was traffic on the other side of the first tunnel.
  • Second, they are very dark tunnels cut through the mountains.
  • #Daredevil driving. The lights LED headlights lit our path!

It seems when you are driving it there are 2 kinds of drivers here, cautious and those that just throw caution to the wind.

Overall the road is about 21/2 miles long and it empties out into a neighborhood.

Before you get there, a massive grade faces you and your brakes!

GARDEN OF THE GODS: Colorado Springs to Durango

Balanced Rock is a must. So, Garden of the Gods is a must-stop, but this almost seems like its OWN IG-Worthy, separate attraction, albeit within Garden of the Gods.

Balanced Rock. Garden of the Gods

Red sandstone formation that is beckoning photos. Of course, I stopped even though I was jamming traffic behind me since it is always busy in this spot!

Once you drive through here, the other lane goes tight between the formations and you may want to go to the bottom, turn around and try it out! We did of course.

Colorado Springs to Durango: Spend the day at Manitou Springs

manitou springs walk way colorado springs to durangoA quaint mountain town with mystique, shopping, and LOTS to do. Really a day here is not enough, maybe 2, but if you are road tripping, one day will work! See my Colorado Springs Travel guide to learn more about what to do while in Manitou Springs.

Royal Gorge Area: Road Tripping from Colorado Springs to Durango

Royal Gorge Bridge- Colorado Springs to Durango

Scenic and picturesque are the words to use when describing the Royal Gorge area. If you love heights and want to defy all odds to walk across it.

The Royal Gorge Bridge is an absolute driving destination must while in Colorado! Don’t forget the stop below. Read my travel guide to get all the tips!

South Fork, Colorado

South Fork Colorado

We made a pit stop that really stayed with me. While the imagery may not do it justice, the area is spectacular, I want to just go visit here and uncover all of its great spots!

Colorado Sprinsg to Durango alone

You kind of drive on forever wondering if there will be anywhere to stop or what might be next. There are a few little towns, but overall it is more scenery than people.

Definitely a cooler side of the road trip!

En route to Durango

Rio Grande National Forest

Rio Grand National Forest

Truly phenomena on its own, boasting 1.86 million acres! It is in Southwestern Colorado and part of the route we used to get to Durango, Colorado.

Along the roadway, you will find curves, swerves, and tunnels.

Colorado Sprinsg to Durango Colorado at Grande National Forest

There’s more, however. You will see and smell pines all along with the route and rock formations that just are like statues guarding the preservation of this most holistic area.

Additionally, there is a 7% grade over about 7 miles to tackle. Want to challenge yourself, braking skills, and the car you are driving?

Road Tripping Destinations From Colorado Springs To Durango, Colorado

Driving down these steep grades, + watching the scenery, wow what a rush!

Totally incredible. Yes, I want a repeat trip!

Dude Ranch Life

Dude Ranch in Durango Colorado with Mazda

After several days of driving around and touring, I decided it was time to settle down and retire for a few days, so I kicked back at the Colorado Trails Dude Ranch.

There’s hiking, horseback riding, white water rafting, fly fishing, and more.

Maybe I am not resting after all!

Arriving at Dude Ranch in Durango Colorado

We’ve reached our final destination on this particular journey. I have to say the drive was easy, and scenic and I would do it again. I would go to a different dude ranch. But that is a whole other story, from horses to bears, oh my!

There’s so much to do and see from Colorado Springs to Durango, Colorado. ~ DANA XO