Easy Bread Machine Caraway Rye Recipe

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Caraway Rye made in your bread machine!

Easy Bread Machine Caraway Rye Recipe, rye caraway, dough, bread maker, bread machine, cook, dough, rye dough, pickle juice, from scratchMy Mom loves caraway rye bread, but the store renditions always taste blase.

Maybe fabricated with a side of cardboard is the best descriptor? Some of the best Rye bread I’ve purchased is from Squirrel Hill.

I do go there, but their rye bread sells outs! What do you do when you want a loaf of caraway rye bread and can’t get your hands on one?

Just make it and then surprise your family with fresh-baked bread! I made my own and have never once bought it at the store again!

There are reasons this bread ranks at the top of the, ‘can you please make that bread’ list. Trust me, this is easy bread machine caraway rye bread.

A bread maker is really the key to success, but you can also mix and knead this recipe by hand. That’s why I know that the bread is fail-safe.

Lastly, don’t worry about searching the world for the ingredients. My easy bread machine caraway rye bread has simplistic ingredients.

My bet is that you have the ingredients for Caraway Rye Bread in your pantry!

Easy Bread Machine Caraway Rye Recipe

Easy Bread Machine Caraway Rye Recipe

Early Trials and Errors With Rye Caraway Bread

Years ago, when I got married I wanted to surprise and delight my mom (and of course hear her sing songs of praise) with caraway rye bread.

Needless to say, my best intentions failed. From really a really hard exterior (oh, it’s probably going to be great!), to an uncooked, heavy center, my dreams of creating caraway rye bread sank, faster than something captured in quicksand.

In fact, I had never seen or experienced an epic baking failure as awful as this. However, I had a backup plan and the best key to success.

Gramma Stella my grandmother is THE QUEEN OF BREAD, and she had a secret ingredient.

The Truth About Bread Making & Rye Caraway Bread

Bread-making is about patience and the recipe. Ingredients must be precisely measured.

It’s not a hard dough to make and once you have success, you will make it more and more! Truly delicious bread.

Find your favorite bread flour and stick with it. I won’t change from King Arthur’s for almost all my (yeast) loaves of bread and rolls.

However, my grandmother traditionally used Pillsbury bread flour. Choose a brand and stay loyal as it does affect your (yeast) bread.

Unless the recipe calls for some other kind of flour, use flour specifically for the bread making.

Using bread flour with recipes that call for yeast, makes a difference in the rise of the dough and the texture (first-hand experience speaking!)

Gramma Stella trained me and she’s my go-to pro. Reliable and my authority on baking, so give this a whirl and see what happens!

Flatulence & Bloating From Rye Bread Alone

Yes, I just ‘went’ there. Rye bread alone can cause both bloating and flatulence. For some, this is an embarrassing and uncomfortable.

The truth about Caraway is that it is an anti-flatulence ingredient and rye is a flatulence-creator! (info I learned as a ‘chef’ in my own deli/restaurant).

Plus, the rye fiber content is dense and causes bloating, which is misery on its own right?

However, if you think I am kidding that caraway is added to rye to prevent gas, due to the high fiber content in the rye, read this Rye Bread article here to validate!

Tried and True Caraway Rye Bread – In my test kitchen, lol.

I’ve made this recipe at least 50x, and I take it to my mom. The bread can be frozen. This recipe is adaptable to making rolls, or mini loaves.

Additionally, braided bread and so many other variations. Play with it, and let the possibilities reign endlessly.

Use muffin tins for rolls, or create some for take-along in disposable pans. Of course, you can also make it into a Christmas Wreath.

For those that choose to defy the odds and prepare this with regular ‘non-bread’ flour, make sure to decrease the water by 2 Tbsp per 1 cup of flour.

You might say I already tried to be the rebel when I test-piloted the recipe some 50+ loaves ago.

Let’s get to the secret ingredient that changes the dough, and deepens the flavor. Also, I had to lend credit to this ingredient as I firmly believe it’s what makes the dough turn out perfect and the flavor every single time.

Gramma Stella’s Secret Ingredient for Caraway Rye Bread

Did I mention my grandmother is 96 and who I consider my bread mentor? Gramma Stella is old school and knows her bread dough ingredients.

She’s a walking encyclopedia of bread-making knowledge. Gramma Stella made at least one loaf of bread a week in her home, usually, however, 5.

Her family of 2 boys and 2 girls kept her cooking and baking. When they grew up, she then got 10 grandkids, me being the eldest (lucky gram ????).

There was never a time I was at her house or she was at ours that there was not homemade bread.

Bread is a passion and she just seriously understands all the tricks of bread making. So, you might guess, Gramma has a few tricks up her sleeve and this one really is crazy great!

What? What? The Caraway Rye Bread Secret You Just Can’t Even Believe!

First, I told her what was happening with each loaf. Then she asked me a few questions. Of course this too, “Dana did you use the bread machine or hand-mix?”

“Dana, for the first time you try this, please mix by hand and knead by hand.”

Gramma Stella went on to say, “When you have success this way, you know it will be successful in the bread machine.”

Dumb-founded, reality-smacking, words I use to create and try EVERY recipe now. Tried and true by hand, then machine.

Game-Changing Sentence for Caraway Rye Bread

To enhance the depth of taste to caraway rye bread, Gramma Stella said, use pickle juice brine. Honestly, it kicks in flavor, but it is subtle.

Her use of this ingredient was from a ‘waste not, want not’ society, using everything they made on the farm. However, it’d Dead On Right!

Now, whether it is brine from capers, pickles, drained relish, you get the idea, I retain it for bread! It’s insanely perfect!

Saltiness defined by the brine juice is the key to the best tasting and textured Caraway Rye Bread.

Always tweak the amount of salt in the recipe. I already did that for you, if you don’t use pickle brine go up to 1 1/2 Tsp of regular salt (boring).

Gramma Stella just would use up to 1/3 of a cup and then she decreased the water. This recipe is already adjusted for you.

Last, you can use honey instead of sugar, or agave, it’s an equal 1:1 ratio. I did not alter the recipe for you this time, but I have done this before with perfect success.

Do let the bread rise enough. it will pretty much triple in size. I use a glass bowl, this works well for round loaves!

INGREDIENTS – Caraway Rye Bread

1 cup water 110° F

1/2 cup sour cream (room temperature)

Secret Ingredient –*****Pickle Juice 1/3 C

3/4 teaspoon salt

4 1/4 teaspoons sugar

2 1/3 cups Bread Maker Flour

1 cup white rye, medium rye

2 tablespoons caraway seeds (Not Less)

2 1/4 teaspoons Fleischmann’s Bread Yeast (or your own pick of yeast)

One oiled bowl (lightly for rising bread)

Bread cloth for covering bread through the second rise or parchment paper

Pastry Brush (with a 2 Tbsp water)

How To Make – Step By Step

Place all the ingredients into your bread machine as directed. (my bread machine is all wet ingredients then dry )

With the exception of this: I always put the salt with the water base and cover with flour.

If the salt and yeast mix (this is bad) then the yeast will not rise. So, whatever process your bread machine instructs you (wet first or dry first) do-follow.

However, I will strongly suggest the salt add-in as I do it, no matter what directions you use.

Last, create a well in the middle of the bread. Put both the yeast and caraway seed in there. Close the lid. Program to Dough cycle.

The bread machine should be set just to the dough(round loaves, rolls, etc) as I do.*

When the bread machine is done with the dough (1 1/2 hours on mine), I remove it then place it on the counter.

Lightly flour the work surface. Divide the dough into 2, because you can make 2 round loaves or a loaf and rolls.

I do a round loaf and rolls. Make certain to spray the cups of a muffin pan or lightly oil. (the rolls bake much faster, so keep an eye on them.)

For The Round Loaf

Simply take the round mass of dough, tuck and fold it from underneath creating a ball.

Then, place that ball into a prepped (lightly oiled bowl) and cover.

Allow rising for 60 minutes in a warm, non-drafty area. (I use atop the oven or close to)

Note: 30 minutes into the rising cycle, preheat the oven to 350°F.

Roll Directions

From the dough portion, further, divide into 1/3’s.

Now make 1 Tbsp balls (or so) and put 2-3 per tin. Conversely, you can just take about a golf-ball-size piece and roll and tuck (like the big bread) into a roll.

Place on lined parchment paper tray, and repeat until all dough is formed into rolls.

Cover and allow to rise about 60 minutes in a warm, non-drafty area.

Note: 30 minutes into the rising cycle, preheat the oven to 350°F.


Once the bread has risen again (it will have at least doubled), it’s time to bake. I suggest brushing with water before the rolls or bread go into the oven but that’s your choice.

Additionally, if you want to top with any other seeds, this is the time.

Bake these until they are golden brown on top.

Set your timer to 40 minutes (less for the rolls)**.

Remove from oven and allow to cool. Serve.

*You can choose 2-pound loaf and medium and never touch the dough again until it is fully made inside the bread machine, however, this recipe does no reflect that. My recipe was stopped after the first rise and end of the dough cycle. Then it was transferred to the countertop and its 2nd rise was there. Then the bread was baked in the oven, not the bread maker.
**Baking times will vary oven-to-oven.