Easy Tips For Mid-Winter Interior Car Cleanup

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During the winter season, the winter weather is particularly tough on vehicles.

The salt, the rain, the snow, the mud and the roads all play havoc on your vehicle.

Don’t let the winter weather get the better of your vehicle because it is easy to care for your car even in the messiest months of the years.

From cleaning up the inside of the car to shining up the outside of the vehicle car mid-winter car cleanups are necessary.

Keep your car looking clean and in premium, shape to take on all the winter elements that it might be subjected to.

Lavishly live theses easy tips for mid-winter interior car cleanup and then hit the road!

The Interior

The interior of a car sure takes a beating during the winter months and just about 1/2 way through consider cleaning it up.

You don’t want to have soiled dirt and messes in the carpet or salt stains that never come clean.

Take care of the mess when it happens, stay on top of the interior car care and your car will look good and stay in top condition all season long.

In addition, if you go to sell your car, or trade your vehicle at a car dealership it needs to appear clean and maintained.

Car Mats

Vinyl or Carpet

Whether the mats are vinyl or carpet they both need to be cleaned. Start by shaking the mat out of the car, and get all the ‘gunk’ off of them.

Vacuum the area they covered.

For Vinyl mats, you need a good cleaner to get the ‘salt’ off.

You can use pre-made wipes with cleaner on them ir?t=danavento 20&l=li1&o=1&a=B01CJVPCO6 This kind works well because it has scrubbing nodes on them.

Or you can simply use a spray cleaner and simplyir?t=danavento 20&l=li1&o=1&a=B000VAZ3I8 wet a rag and spray a bit of this cleaner on to wipe away the mess.

Don’t forget to clean the carpeted area below, using the directions that


Carpeted Area in Vehicle below Mat & Carpet Mats

For carpet mats, and the carpeted area below all mats.

Use a spray cleaner, baking soda or a homemade mix of laundry detergent & baking soda to clean up the stains, and messes on these materials.

Carpeted areas often have stains and baking soda is the most economical way to lift those stains and take away any unwanted odor.

The key to cleaning with this method is to not over-saturate the area you are working on.
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Make certain to have both rags and a scrub brush available to use for this type of cleaning.

Also once you are done with the baking soda and laundry detergent mix it is recommended to line dry the mats.

This allows them to thoroughly dry off and not harbor foul smells that otherwise might accompany wet carpeted areas.

Car Seats

Car seats take the brunt of the action when you are getting in and out of the car.

You might carry a drink and drip, or drop some food in the sewn structure of the seat, lose money, objects, and have kids.

These reasons all make it necessary to clean the car seats.

Cloth Seats

Cloth seats are both a blessing and a curse.
Food will smear into the seat and need really cleaned with upholstery cleaner of some sort and drink stains truly show up.

Cold weather finds us in drive-throughs and spills happen.

Make sure to clean them up using the upholstery brush mentioned above and some cleaner that matches your car’s cloth material makeup.

ir?t=danavento 20&l=li1&o=1&a=B00K73L1CG You can also use a lint roller to get the fuzzies and hair off of the seats fast.

Leather Seats

Wiping up leather is a bit easier, so grab those leather upholstery wipes and give the seats a once over, making sure to have vacuumed out the crevices.
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Windows & Cup Holders

From hanging out in the car a lot more because it is too cold to be outside, to daily drives, the windows need to stay clean.

Grab some vinegar, a paper towel and go to work.

Don’t let the film that accumulates impede your vision.

It’s super easy to do and takes only minutes to get those windows clean and streak-free.

See what impending weather you are heading into with clean windows.

Vinegar and a rag are a great way to shine up, and disinfect while cleaning the cup holders, so once you are done with the windows just carry on and finish cleaning those up!

Cars are expensive so taking great care of them is part of ownership.

Lavishly live these easy tips for mid-winter interior car cleanup out loud and put them to great use in your car.

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