Tips For Streak Free Windshields And Windows

Are you looking through dirty, smeared, smudged, streaked, hazed windshields and windows in your vehicle?


Streak free windshields and windows do exist!

I’ll show you a few easy ways to achieve them since you found my tips for streak-free windshields and windows because that ‘nasty’ is about to stop!

We are going to take basic supplies and create fantastic, simple cleaning solutions that you will love!

Bye-Bye dirty windows and windshields Hello streak-free windshields and windows! 

Do Dirty Windows and Windshields Bother You?

streak-free windshieldS and windowsNothing irritates me more than a hazed, smeared car windshield.

When the sun blares through or when the headlights come on in, it is an awful reminder that the windows need to be cleaned.

It is not easy finding solutions to window and windshield cleaning that doesn’t streak them or leave a haze.

However, I have found some of the best ways to eliminate those streaks, haze, and smears.

girl car Affiliate GirlPlus, the simple solutions I have for streak-free windshields and windows are also very budget-friendly, can I get a ‘yeah?’

Seeking  Streak-Free Windshields And Windows? Solution ahead! 

Culprits that Make a Mess of Your Windshields and Windows

It’s not a fantasy and creating streak-free windshields and windows is possible. First, you have to know what creates all the haze and messiness, then we can clean and move forward!

Dirty Roads and debris flying creating dirty windshields and windows

Roll Down the Windows And Get Ready!

We love fresh air, and therefore we roll down the windows. Did you realize that opening the windows is a welcome mat for dust and dirt to settle in? Don’t forget smoke, pollution, and hot, steamy foods that come into your car, all creating a smear-like dirt build-up!

Get ready because your windshield and window are about to get hazy and dirty! Driving behind hazy, dirty windows is just so annoying, isn’t it? 

Truth be told, no matter what vehicle you own, ALL windshields and car windows all eventually get a haze.

Clean and Streak-Free Windshields and Windows With Kids?

Not a Chance! LOL.

Young child licking fingers then will touch windows. No streak-free windows or windshields with kids!

When you have kids, their hands are literally grease and dirt magnets. Everything they touch gets dirty. IF they are eating in your car, say hello to dirty, smeared, and smudged windows.

Those pint-size hand marks are greasy, sticky, dirty, and even sometimes loaded with ‘boog’. Kids can’t help themselves, they touch what they want.

Plus don’t forget about the dirty floors from crayons, spills, and more! I’ve found the best-customized car mats to solve this issue! 

Grab Your Supplies to Create Streak-Free Windshields and Windows

streak-free car windshield and windows wipers off of window

It’s time to defend your windows against that haze that just appears. The best news about my fanatically simple tips for creating streak-free windshields and windows is that you have a way to defeat all the haze, & grime!

As an added bonus, the solution to dirty windshields and windows is that it only takes a few minutes of time to complete!

METHOD ONE towards Streak-Free Windshields and Windows

You will need: Newspaper, rubbing alcohol, and/or white vinegar (and a spray bottle).

No. 1 Traditional Newspaper

Newspapers with traditional black and white print are soon to be your new best friend.

However, the paper is becoming harder and harder to find, due to our digital tech.

newspaper for cleaning windows
clean your windshield with old newspaper or circulars in the mail

Often flyers come in the mail from your local grocery stores, grab them and use them to clean. Spray the windows with vinegar, or alcohol-water mix and then wipe, even window cleaner! Doing so will be one of the best decisions you have ever made, trust me! 

Streak free windshields and windows are just a spray away.

*Caution, do not spray vinegar or alcohol anywhere but your windows, to avoid ruining the dashboard or interior of your vehicle!

Tips To Keep Your Fingers Clean When Working With Newspaper Print

newspaper being printed use it for window cleaning your cars and windshield

Grab yourself a set of plastic disposable gloves so that the newsprint won’t transfer to your fingers and you can toss them out when you are done. I have found that traditional rubber gloves only make more of a mess.

You see, the print transfers from the gloves to another house surface that the gloves are used on. The print does not transfer to the windows, just your fingers.

How Does The Newspaper Cleansing Method Work?

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  1. Simply moisten the newspaper (crumple it first) with the mixture and then swipe from side to side. 
  2. You do want to swipe in one direction: either up and down or side to side. 
  3. Make sure to flip the ball of newspaper, or turn it with each swipe.
  4. You always want to have a fresh print for each swipe, that is really key to getting these clean!
  5. The windows will not streak and they will be cleared of the grime and mist of everyday dirt, smoke, etc.

No. 2. Isopropyl alcohol solution

Did you know that rubbing alcohol is a perfect way to obtain streak-free windshields and windows? Rubbing alcohol is a great way to clean the windows, it leaves them glistening clear.

But it is not alcohol alone. 

Here’s the Alcohol Cleaning Solution for Streak-Free Windshields and Windows 

  1. Rather, combine 1 c of water to 1 c of rubbing alcohol plus 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
  2. Shake, allow it to settle for a minute then spray.
  3. Store the remaining solution in a dark cabinet and use it as needed.
  4. Again, guarded caution to not overspray.

No. 3 White Vinegar

White vinegar is so easy to clean with and the cost is per gallon is minimal, making it a perfect home cleaning staple. Its ability to create streak-free, haze-free windows also makes it a choice cleaning agent.  Windshields and windows are the perfect places to clear off the hazy film.

  • You can use straight white vinegar so load it in a spray bottle and do your thing!
  • Suggestion: Use paper towels for streak-free cleaning or a microfiber cloth.
  • Using white vinegar is not only cost-effective but produces a clear window or windshield after you are done!
  • Again, caution with an overspray of white vinegar!

No. 4 White Vinegar & Newspaper a Solution to achieve Streak-Free Windshields and Windows

  • Mix 50/50, water to vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Spray onto the window, windshield, and wipe clean with the newspaper in one direction.
  • Remember to consistently reverse the area of the newspaper wad you are using for streak-free results.

While I love the results of this method, I feel that sometimes I over-spray, and I also do not like hitting my dashboard with vinegar water. When I use the White Vinegar Method, I also place a towel down on the dash to capture the over-spray.

No. 5: Magic Spray + Paper Towels

I love this spray, and honestly, it has not let me down from inside windows to my car windows and windshield. The downside is that if you don’t have it in your home, you’ve got to go buy it!

However, it’s readily available and really your BFF for cleaning glass.

Use paper towels when you clean with this or a cotton cloth that has NEVER had fabric softener applied. However, I will tell you that it is best used with microfiber cloths, it just sparkles! Wait until you see your dazzling streak-free windshields and windows after using this method!

No. 6: Water + 2 Secret Must-Haves

Well, this is my favorite, because it contains ZERO contaminants and no smell!

  1. Simply make a small bucket of hot water (make sure the bucket is clean and free of any debris, grease, etc).
  2. Next, using a microfiber towel (squeeze out excess water) and wipe the windshield.
  3. Follow that with a dry microfiber towel.

Perfect, dazzling, streak-free windshields and windows appear before your very eyes. Your cost, a few microfiber cloths, or as I call them, “secret must-haves!”

Bonus Points For Solutions to streak-free windshields and window because…

Once you start cleaning with my mixtures for clean windshields and car windows, you’ll find other fantastic, alternate uses! You are going to love the results on your car so much, that you’ll move on to your interior windows and mirrors!

I can pretty much guarantee you that my supply list will not send you running to the store to clean the windshields and windows but instead right to your cleaning cabinets and recycle bin. I love it when I use products in my home for multiple uses, other than those they were intended for.

The fact that these are practical items also means that they won’t break the bank.

dirty house windows + how to make them streak free

Easy & Fast 

These products make auto windshields sparkle and gleam. These 6 Tips For Streak-Free Windshields and Windows are easy to follow and provide fast results. Lavishly live car windshield and window car out loud and suddenly the sun and headlights can shine on through. Dana XO ~