Holiday Hangover Remedies After You Partied Like An Elf

Holiday Hangover Remedy Ideas After You Partied Like An ElfThe Holidays are here and no matter how much you don’t want to admit it, once you get together it is really hard to not join in on the fun.

I am not talking about peer pressure, rather just getting into your party zone a bit too much!

You will need a few holiday hangover remedy ideas after you partied like an elf, so bookmark this post! Pin it!

After a few bottles of wine with your best friends and being transported to your front door, the party has to stop because you have a lot of stuff on the agenda the next day!

Were you the queen of the wine party and drank the bottles down to the last drop?

Did you uncork more bottles than you thought you might have?

If you own the night then make sure you own this to help you recover the next day because hangovers aren’t pretty!

What happens when you go out with the girls and have a GNO?

One glass leads to 2, 3, 4 & then it’s shots for everyone and suddenly the world’s issues disappear as you all banter, laugh and enjoy!

Good Morning Sunshine!

It’s th morning after, you have a thumping headache and hangover!

Get up out of bed, get out of the covers, take that cold pack off your head, open up wide and try one of these holiday hangover remedy ideas, after you partied like an Elf!

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Holiday Hangover Remedy

*Never drink and drive, do not drink if you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant and drink responsibly if you do drink – Must be of legal age to consume alcohol. Friends don’t let friends drink and drive.

We’ve all been there at one time or another.

You’ve drank and now you are paying for it.

ELF IN A DRINK GLASSHow do you feel better so you can function and haul your ass out of bed?

While you partied like an Elf and got your bootie groove on, your body is so ill.

It’s time for corrective measures that will get you back on your feet and into the holiday spirit again.

DO I dare say, you are ready to saddle up again and have another go?

Drink lighter this time please!

Partying like and elfIdeas After You Partied Like An Elf

Blowfish is a hangover remedy that is not your home made concocted, makeshift remedy .

Rather it is a formulation that is recognized by the FDA as effective to treat hangover symptoms.

Let’s face it if you can alleviate the symptoms of a hangover then you might actually be able to function, even at half capacity.

Blowfish combines aspirin and caffeine in an effervescent tablet so it is fast and effectively delivered and not harsh on the stomach.

This is a go-to for those who consume too much the night before!

Blowfish for Hangovers

An IV without The Needles

man hungover after holiday party One of my absolute favorite finds is Liquid IV.

It’s not just for hangovers, but any time you need to be rehydrated and get your electrolytes rebalanced.

Whether you did not drink enough water or maybe you sweat too much, were out in the sun, etc. this is the GO-TO.

All you have to do to use this is rip the to-go packet open and add it to water and stir.

Then sip, sip, hooray, your hangover will be gone!

One packet mixed into a bottle of water is equivalent to sipping 2 bottles of water but there’s more!

Inside this packet is potassium, glucose and sodium, delivered right into your bloodstream upon consumption.

Therefore you are REHYDRATED immediately.

Often that is the culprit of the headache as alcohol dehydrates!

There’s Also An Elixir You Can Make

Perhaps while we were on a trip somewhere I learned how to make a hangover elixir.

If you want to learn about that elixir that is about 3 ingredients small, make sure to read the Hangover Elixir Post.

Enjoy the holidays, and try to not over drink, or over-indulge.

After all spirits are from another world, don’t let them over-fill your glass! ~Dana XO