LCHF Dandelion Crab Salad

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If you have a low-carb, high-fat diet, then you will love the recipe I have crafted. Every day I try to do more and more to help my body along and keep it healthy. I want great bones, healthy joints, nice muscle and a small gut!

The combination of led me to a different path in life as far as eating and exercise.   This is the latest fun combination I have been using to support everything from heart health to gut-busting!  Trust me, this recipe does not take long to make, and if you eat salads on a regular basis you will enjoy this recipe as well.  Lavishly live LCHF Dandelion Crab Salad out loud with my personal best recipe!

LCHF  Dandelion Crab Salad

This recipe is not for those that have shellfish allergies, or latex allergies as the avocado comes complete with latex (yes I know this my son has extreme food allergies).  Lunch is the time I take to regroup my morning to my afternoon and this light, refreshing salad, powers me up without fattening me up.

I love firm avocados, and I use Trader Joe’s Canned Crab because this lavish purchase is the best price around at only $1.99 a can!  Those of you out there that are LCHF’ing it up will love the ease of preparation that this delightful salad offers.


1 Handful of Dandelion, cleaned, trimmed and dry

1 Full Avocado- peeled, and cut into chunks, or pieces, however, you like it.

1 Roma Tomato, washed, sliced or cut.

1 Small Pickling Cucumber

2 TBSP Olive Oil

Fresh Cracked Pepper and Freshly Ground Sea Salt, sprinkled atop

1 TBSP Feta

1 Can of Trader Joe’s Crab Meat, drained.

Simply mix all the ingredients together and enjoy.

Personal notes:

I prefer a more firm avocado, it makes cubing easier and it does not taste mushy

I buy picking cukes because they are smaller and offer fewer seeds, you could simply buy an English Seedless Cucumber to sub it out.

I use EVOO always and when I clean my dandelion, I make sure to soak it in a salt water soak ahead of time in order to get the grit out.  I then rinse and repeat. I use the entire stems, just not the very bottom root.  It is all edible.  I will also note that dandelion that is smaller in leaf is less bitter, and a tad more tender.

Make sure to mix everything up and enjoy.  This is a low carb paradise as  you just gain a few carbs for the cucumber, avocado and tomato! Here’s to lavishly living food out loud with the LCHF lifestyle and this easy to prepare, luxury Dandelion Crab Salad.