Myrtle Beach Foodie Destinations

Vacation calories don’t count!

Myrtle Beach Foodie Destinations food assortment
Myrtle Beach Foodie Destinations food assortment

Myrtle Beachgoers’ foodie experiences abound.

Today I am about to share 7 Myrtle Beach foodie destinations so that you can celebrate vacation life with good eats!

Nothing goes better than a margarita or beer in hand with toes in the sand, except food when the alcohol wears off and leads to hunger!

There’s a rumble in your belly and it is time to eat, where are you going?

Myrtle Beach Foodie Destinations

Wine on deck
What Foodie Destinations should you visit?

Where, when, and who are the Myrtle Beach foodie destinations you should visit?

Those are the questions you need to be answered in order to know:

  • Where Myrtle Beach foodie destinations are.
  • When for what time of day you want to visit the restaurant.
  • Who: the name of the Myrtle beach foodie destinations.

Get ready for breakfast, lunch, and dinner served up SOuthern style and fresh.

From toast to seafood and scenery, there’s something for everyone at these foodie stops!

Shopping and Eating

Nachos and Margaritas Nacho Hippo

Where can you mix shopping with eating in Myrtle beach?

margaritas at Myrtle beach

  1. Where: Market Common is your stop, boasting 6 restaurants, 50 retail stores, and a garage for parking makes it vacation perfection!
  3. When: lunch or dinner!

No. 1 Nacho Hippo

Nacho Hippo in Myrtle beach

Bring a growling tummy and feast on generous portions of crazy-combinations Nachos!

Tex-Mexican food is what to expect.

Go for Margaritas and nacho platters, that’s what they are known for and what I know them for.

Simple and delish.

Inside of the Nacho Hippo, there’s a fun ambiance here. It’s colorfully decorated and the servers are pleasant.

Totally casual and while I’ve never gotten to hear live music, apparently I’ve missed out because it’s there!

No. 2: Myrtle beach foodie destinations: Surfside Beach

Benjamins bakery and cafe surfside beach
Benjamin’s Bakery and cafe surfside beach

Where: 810 3rd Ave S, Surfside Beach, SC 29575

When: Breakfast

Who: Benjamin’s Bakery and Cafe

Let me tell you this, Benjamin’s Bakery and Cafe might be my favorite breakfast stop.

The owner is amazing, and I wish I would have had time to sit and get to know him and more about his story.

My takeaway: hardworking, charismatic, and a local favorite bakery and cafe and I know why!

Suggested Grabs

What: from freshly roasted coffee beans, bread, pastries, donuts, cronuts, or bagels, it’s all at Benjamin’s Bakery.

Read more about my morning at Best Bakery and Cafe in Surfside Beach, South Carolina.

No. 3: Myrtle Beach Foodie Destinations: Pawley’s Island

Pawleys Island Myrtle Beach Foodie Destinations

Where: 10683 Ocean Hwy, Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Who: Rustic Table

Why: Quaint, tucked away, and yet right in the heart of Pawleys Island is the Rustic Table, with generous portions of Southern fare.

Good To Know About the Rustic Table

Plentiful parking and offering both outdoor and indoor seating, a must for a girlfriends’ lunch out or a great family dinner.

Pawleys Island Myrtle beach foodie destinations
Pawleys Island

It’s busy nonstop (so you will either get great service or poor, nothing in between but be patient) the food is really yummy!

Portions are not stingy and it really tastes home-cooked and the menu has to have offerings that are unique, yet very familiar.

Enjoy bounties of food that are more delicious with each bite and might I add try the shrimp and grits (our party ordered and shared around the table!)

No. 4: Wicked’ eats!

Wicked Tuna Myrtle Beach Foodie Destinations

Continuing on our adventure of food, and more myrtle beach foodie destinations, this one is a You GOTTA!

Wickedly busy because it’s wickedly delicious.

  • Where: Wicked Tuna 4123 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
  • When: Dinner
  • Why: Dine on locally sourced seafood right from their own seafaring boats! Plus you are seaside!

Wicked Tuna platter of food Myrtle Beach Foodie Destinations

What To Expect At the Wicked Tuna

Basically, it’s tide to the table and The Wicked Tuna kicks seafood up a notch and you want to be front and center to it all!

It’s a huge restaurant and boasts a ‘2’ kitchen concept (raw) and standard kitchens!

Did I mention they have 2 locations, but I’ve only eaten the Murrells Inlet location!

Wicked Tuna Myrtle Beach Seafood Plater

Good To Know About The Wicked Tuna

The Wicked Tuna is the premier waterfront dining experience in Murrells Inlet!

Come hungry, enjoy the waterfront dining, and tantalizing treats guaranteed to make any food lover drool.

Every platter that I saw, and/or tasted was impeccably perfect from presentation to taste.

It does get very busy, so be prepared to wait and grab reservations!

No. 5: Start your day getting ‘Toasted’

Famous Toastery Myrtle Beach Foodie DestinationsMyrtle Beach foodie destinations are not just dinner and this is where to try for breakfast as a family or group.

Large seating areas, spacious open floor plan, and good service all lead to a great start to a beach day or a travel day when headed to the Myrtle Beach airport!

Start out your day strong with a stop in the Carolina Forest area of Myrtle Beach.

Skip Lunch of Breakfast? = More Beach Time

Then you can stay on the beach longer and skip lunch while you soak up the peak hours of sun, that we are supposed to hide from, lol!

  • Who: The Famous Toastery
  • Where: 2005 Oakheart Rd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
  • When: Breakfast to Lunch
  • Why: Nice for larger groups

Good To Know about this Myrtle Beach Foodie Destination

The Famous Toastery is a fun bistro-like eatery.

For those that are not a fan of eggs (like omelets, Sunnyside, scrambled, etc), I’d advise not visiting, because your options will be limited.

Their menu is definitely egg-friendly (ugh)

That said, there are alternate options like waffles, flapjacks, french toast, etc.(which all have eggs in them, no doubt!)

You will find plentiful parking, good service, and a mid-tier priced breakfast menu (think IHOP just better food!)

What You Could Do If You Are Not An ‘Egg-Fan’

famous toastery sandwich

My order consisted of Breakfast Potatoes and the Left Coast B.L.T without the bacon and mayo but with the addition of avocado slices.

Also, I changed my bread choice to sourdough to really give it a nice finish with each bite.

The flexibility of ordering is what I most appreciated.

I drank water because they do not offer coconut milk or almond milk as options for coffee.

Therefore, The Famous Toastery doesn’t get my highest marks for my current eating lifestyles, but at least they offered avocado.

A side note: there is a bar so you could drink breakfast if you have a DD.

No. 6: Savory & Southern yet more Myrtle Beach Foodie Destinations!

Best fresh shrimp in Myrtle beachContemporary Flair meets southern-style food and it’s awesome!

Where: 1111 3rd Ave, Conway, SC 29526

Who: Rivertown Bistro

When: Lunch or Dinner (lunch is perfection)

Why: Sophisticated eats with simple combinations.

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Suggested Dining Starters

Start off with some housemade Yam Chips served with a smoked tomato ranch for a very unique flavor experience.

Maybe a glass of wine on the side?

Upscale contemporary maybe a bit chic?

At one point I also thought that the upstairs seating reminded me of a Japanese restaurant I’ve dined in at home:)

Go all-in for the Fried Creek Shrimp, in a flour-fried tortilla, atop a bed of field greens.

POPPIN’! Juicy, fried to perfection in a batter that I had not had before.

Surely the most decadent shrimp I consumed on the whole trip hands down!

Walk the historic district of Conway to work off what you eat! Mmmm!

No. 7: Landing Here Will Make You Happy!

lulus Myrtle Beach Foodie DestinationsWelcome to one of my favorite Myrtle Beach destinations: Barefoot Landing.

I’ve visited here so many times and watched it evolve that its popularity is no surprise to me.

Barefoot Landing is located along the Intracoastal waterway of North Myrtle Beach.

It is a destination I hold near and dear to my heart because I went here with my parents as a teen every year.

Great for all and for families with toddlers to college it a fave for the more upscale side of the area.

Parking however is a nightmare and it’s very packed with people all the time, but that actually has the charm of it if you are a people person!

Shop. Dine. Repeat. Barefood Landing

Barefoot Landing is a great place to meet up for drinks, while the older kids walk around, shop, and just get a bit of freedom away from the adults.

After drinks (at one place) find another for dinner or try this destination out.

While not on my total favorite list as I feel it’s kind of ‘chain-like feeling, without sparkling food.

It is decent for what it is, but you are paying for location, not the best of food if you want to know my feeling on the place!

Myrtle Beach

Lulu’s is massive covering about 20,000 square feet and including a beach area complete with shovels, and pails to keep it very family-friendly.

There were a lot of kids, and they were having fun playing, running around, and making tons of noise.

So while this is good if you are with your kids, it may not be so great if you are trying to do the adult thing without noise other than entertainment.

Entertainment from a live singer was truly a nice feature and kind of smolders all the other static going on around you.

The waterfront truly makes for a great night out.

What I Took Away from My Dining Experience

My meal was a Crab melt and Fried Crab Claws, it was more breading than it was anything.

Salty, and unsatisfying, at best.

Perhaps I chose wrong, but not one of the best meals I had while in Myrtle Beach, but definitely a party spot.

I would return for drinks and entertainment, not food!

Myrtle beach foodie destinations different foodsEnjoy your time at each of these Myrtle Beach Foodie Destinations and remember vacation calories don’t count ~ Dana XO