What To Pack For A Trip To Gallup, New Mexico

No matter the trip you decide on, packing properly is essential.

A recent trip to Gallup New Mexico for adventure and outdoor fun required creative packing for adventures and weather I never expected in New Mexico.

New Mexico Summer Packing List balloon

After a really fun summer trip, I want to share some insight and packing tips.

My New Mexico Summer Packing List.

Is Route 66 the draw for our trip through New Mexico? I mean it’s truly a fun way to spend time touring the USA right?

 Kids at Route 66. New Mexico Summer Packing List

Gallup is smack dab in the middle of Route 66 and you’ll love this part of New Mexico.

Whether you are driving to flying, make sure to refer to my New Mexico summer packing list as it will have a few thoughts on what to wear to what. Packing is essential, so let’s get it right!

Gallup New Mexico Summer Packing List

Creating this New Mexico summer packing list is to help take away the vacation buzz kill when you need something you realized you forgot and then have to find it on the trip. None of that please!

New Mexico Summer Packing List for Gallup New Mexico fun adventure

While I do cherish my Walmart trips around the USA, I prefer to get to my activities and bring on the fun! So use the New Mexico summer packing list to avoid those unnecessary stops!

When you plan ahead, vacation is so much more relaxing don’t you agree?

What To Expect in Gallup. New Mexico Summer Packing List Overview

Gallup itself is very relaxed, so don’t stress about dressing up.

I am not kidding, I never in almost a week there saw anyone dressed up. Basic. and simple outdoor clothing will fare well!

Be comfortable and dress for whatever adventure you are going to partake in. New Mexico Balloon In Air

What To Pack For A Trip To Gallup, New Mexico

Yes, we were in New Mexico, and we spent our time in Gallup. Our next few days would be a plethora of OUTDOOR fun. So dressing right was essential to a stress-free, fun zone!

Gallup New Mexico Summer Packing List - restaurant and in canyon

Hot Air Balloon Rides and Crew + New Mexico Summer Packing List

These are real people with real clothing waiting to be part of the balloon crew.

Please note, all pants, some backpacks, etc. It is all about being able to move around and get dirty and on your knees!

New Mexico summer packing list for Gallup before hot air balloons For those headed to take part in hot air balloon rides, let me tell you the early morning comes before you expect.

Be prepared to set your alarm for at least 5A if not earlier and have your clothes prepped and ready for that rise and shine time!

At the end of this post, you will find a free, printable packing list for Gallup. Print it, Pin it, just make sure to use it!

New Mexico at balloons dressed with jackets and pants

You will definitely want peelable layers because between the canyons it is chilly in the morning but by the time you are done prepping the balloons, you will be peeling back layers.

When you head into the sky, you will definitely shed more!

Balloon Flying. Setup. New Mexico Summer Packing List

How do you dress?

  • Long pants for helping the balloon get ready to fly is the best response.
  • No open-toed shoes
  • and you will want a ball cap.
  • When you take a flight, I highly suggest a pair of sunglasses.
  • Also note, there is VERY little room in the basket so you can not bring luggage, a small backpack at best.
  • Do not forget your smartphone and charger with a cord so you don’t run out f battery.
  • You can bring a bottle of water and sunscreen but my suggestion, keep things light and easy.

It’s a tough morning getting up early and going, but once you are there you will have a blast.

Mud Race – Hiking

New Mexico Summer packing List Dana in Bathroom morning of Mud Race

Yeah, you gotta love this I was in the bathroom at the park and took a selfie! That’s that.

My New Mexico Summer packing list includes everything you see above and more!

A shirt on a shirt, cami shorts, boots, a backpack, and at some point I did add a baseball cap. But I was just a spectator, on-field journalist.

For the race. Athletic Shoes, and very little clothing. Slather up with sunscreen!

Where did we go?

New Mexico Mud Race

To OHV for a mud race which I was filming and walking and I watched the balloons take off in this outfit as well.

By 10A I peeled that top shirt off and I was fine for the rest of the morning.

Shopping + Hiking

New Mexico summer packing list hiking and shopping

Lots of shopping to concur and hiking abounds. So sometimes we would climb and reward our epic climbs with shopping after!

New Mexico summer Packing List - Kallie in Red Rock hiking

For hiking, a backpack, boots, tees, and a top shirt to take off. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat!

Shopping + Summer Packing

So there is a lot of shopping in the area.

If you are headed into the Pawn stores, I suggest minimalistic carry bags.

Perhaps a backpack, but the one place wanted our bags, so perhaps no bag! If you can carry just a wristlet or a wallet in your pocket or on your smartphone, less is always better.

Walking through the town, there was always sun, so sunscreen, a ball cap, and sunglasses are suggested.

Don’t forget to bring along water and stay hydrated you don’t want a headache or sick stomach from lack of hydration!

Need more ideas about what to pack? Read to the end and then print my free Printable Gallup Packing List.

Flea Market + New Mexico Summer packing list

AT the flea market I suggest 2 things, a backpack, and patience.

There are tons of people and you gotta go and mosey through. Some of the best jewelry find ever are here and they won’t break the bank.

I mean there are a few very pricey stops at the flea market, but if you are gonna spend go to Perry Null and buy it there.

New Mexico summer Packing List- Gallup Flea Market

  • Sunscreen before you head out of the car,
  • sunglasses,
  • and a backpack.
  • CASH is what spends here and there is an ATM midway through in case you did not bring cash.
  • There are plenty of food stands, and beverage stands so you don’t have to drag water.
  • Also, there is no charge for parking, just tons of cars!
  • Be prepared to walk, wear closed-toe shoes because it is dirt roads you are walking on and it is blazing hot!

Night Time Street Parades or Shows

New Mexico Summer Packing list shoppingNighttime is a whole other animal in the Gallup area.

The day is warm as anything yet the nighttime cools down fast.

I highly suggest a light jacket/sweater toss-on.

One thing you will find is that certain places have AC that really works whereas others do not.

Choose to be prepared ahead and no matter what you face you will be ready.

Again at night, the car shows, the parades, whatever it is, just have your smartphone ready with a charger and cord and you are fine.

I suggest cash again because many places are cash and carry in Gallup.

Grab THIS printable at the END of my post.

It’s Free and makes packing easy. Keep reading till the end and there you can download it free, this is just a pic of what you will get!

New Mexico summer packing list for Gallup outdoor adventures

Free Printable Packing List Grab It HERE!

Touch the image, it will then be ready to Print. That is it! Pin It, Save it, share it! Packing has never been easier! Gallup is waiting for you, so pack up and go! Here you come Route 66.

New Mexico Summer Packing List Printable

Now, as promised let me provide you a Free, downloadable, packing list. Pin this list, share this list, and bookmark this page. It will help you when you get ready to pack! Enjoy your time in Gallup!