Setouchi Islands for Amazing Culinary Experiences.

Japan’s Setouchi Islands, the destination that conveys beaches and art right? However, there’s so much more to the Setouchi Islands. Consider what happens when you spend quality time at a beach or viewing art, hunger kicks in big, right?

Setouchi Islands for Gastro Travelers 4 Yummy Foods to Seek
image credit Setouchi DMO

Setouchi Islands for Gastro Travelers

Images credit: Setouchi DMO

Copy of Food Bowl Setouchi Islands
Image Credit: Setouchi DMO

Did I catch you off-guard sharing that the Setouchi Islands are perfect not only for art and beaches but for the gastro-travelers? After all, we have come to know Japan’s Setouchi Island region for its spectacular, unsullied beaches and shorelines as well as its very present art scene, but there is more!

Setouchi Islands is for gastro travelers, those who thrive on visiting destinations for food, and drink! Grab your passport and let’s travel like a local, and take in both history and food, yum!

Setouchi Islands Sweet Treats
image credit> Setouchi DMO

Setouchi Islands is on my foodie travel destination list and I bet it will soon be on yours! Right now I will share a quick overview of just a few of the culinary experiences on the Setouchi Islands. There are so many more, but these really resonate with me, a true foodie! So pick up a fork, bring your appetite and let’s travel!

No. 1 Setouchi Islands ~ Hidden Sushi

It’s always about what you don’t know and don’t see that makes it secret right? Well, the Setouchi Islands may not be hidden, but one of their famous dishes sure is hidden below a large stockpile of rice.

Hidden in this context seems to lie between what you don’t see, you won’t know about, yet it exists and when you find it, the hidden becomes amazing!

Sushi is known as “Bara Sushi’ will turn you upside down with happiness and tantalizing ingredients worked into the very unique presentation which is actually the star of the show because it’s ‘hidden’. By simply turning the Bara Sushi upside down, onto a dish, what you will uncover is a goldmine of gorgeous ingredients none of which one would expect hidden under the mountain of rice.

You see, this tradition of ‘hidden sushi’ has been rumored to go back as far as to the Edo era, the time of the Lords of Okada, when it was not alright to be ostentatious, instead extravagance was a ‘no, no!’

Therefore what was in your bowl seemed prudent, no fanfare. So, seek out the Setouchi Islands Hidden Sushi and prepare to be amazed.

No. 2. Hail A Udon Taxi on the Setouchi Islands

Setouchi Islands udon
image credit Setouchi DMO

Yes, the Setouchi Islands does have an Udon Taxi, which actually transports you all around places that serve the most famed Japanese noodles served in each different locale. The most predominant celebration of Udon noodles on the Setouchi Islands is in the Kagawa Prefecture.

In fact, Udon shops in this Setouchi Islands district outnumber convenience stores, and that’s insane. I say it’s an Udon Fetish, wouldn’t you? For those that are gastro-travelers and are Udon fanatics, do expect long lines in order to ascertain this local favorite!

Also, we’ve heard through the gossip trail that only select drivers who pass particular tests can earn the Udon Taxi driver status. Truly a Setouchi Islands must experience, don’t you agree? Hail an Udon Taxi and you’ll be on the insider’s list to certainly find the best of the best in Udon.

No. 3 Sweet Tooth Satisfaction my Dumpling on the Setouchi Islands.

Dumplings Setouchi Islands
Credit: Setouchi DMO

Morning, noon, or night, there’s never a better time for something a little sweet. As those that are gastro-travelers or those that love seeking out the best of the best in foodie offerings, Setouchi Islands won’t disappoint.

However, you’ll want to seek out the Okayama prefecture as it’s the ‘originator’ of a confectionary that you might have tasted elsewhere but truly is made the best here. Kibi Dango dumpling.

As history relays, these sweet tooth savvy treats may actually have been a shrine offering for the gods, but does it matter or does it just mean these have been perfected over time?

Japans Setouchi Islands offers this confectionary that may be crafted by any of the following methods:

  • boiling grain flour with water
  • steam grain flour with water
  • or rolling grain flour with water.

A Japanese confectionery that is divine, and scrumptious with each bite, so culinary enthusiasts/gastro-travelers when on the Setouchi Islands, find this sweet treat!

No. 4 Setouchi Islands Brews Me A Bit of History. I’ll Drink To That!

The Japanese brewing industry shares a bit of history in any culinary enthusiast’s stop on any of the Setouchi Islands and it earned its own history from the Edo period through the Meiji era and rightly so.

Setouchi Islands sake is the drink you are seeking and you will want to wrap your hands around a shot glass and shoot it down, or sip, sip hooray and just let it linger a bit in the cup.

Allow your olfactory to go wild, as you draw the cup close to your nose before sipping and inhale to smell the sake aroma encapsulated in the cup. Then follow that with a short sip, and savor the flavor, allowing yourself to taste and experience sake.

After that, sip, sip hooray, it’s Sake today! In fact, you’ll find the Hiroshima prefecture the true home to make of the very well-known sake breweries. Visit there to sip, chug (well..), and enjoy all the sake you can savor!

The Poppin’ Setouchi Islands Culinary Scene

Go hungry for both history and culture, travel like a local, and indulge on sweet, savory, and foods fit for a king or god! Savor. Sip. Bite. Taste. Listen. Seek. Find. Uncover. Discover. Enjoy. Return.

After all, this authentic region of Japan actually spans fully to 700 islands and 7 prefectures surrounding the Seto Inland Sea has more than just these 4 yummy foods/drinks to seek!

Travel all you can, find food and culture together, with historical origins and food that just is waiting to be uncovered by the culinary enthusiasts that seek ancient eats to quirky! ~ Dana XO