Stunning All-Inclusive Aruba Resort On Palm Beach

Those considering a vacation in Aruba read this article!

Beachside at All Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm BeachYou will want to stay at this All-Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach!

In fact, it’s an optional all-inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach!

The white sandy beaches of Aruba await your arrival!

So where should you stay?

If you can get reservations at the resort I am about to share, grab them, because you won’t be sorry!

Aerial view of all inclusive Resort in Aruba on Palm beach

If Palm Beach Is Where You Are Heading in Aruba This is Your Resort!

I love destination resorts that boast crystal clear water and Palm Beach definitely rocks the white sand.

The travel side of me craves white powdery sand, cabanas, palapas, and sun and I found it at this all-inclusive resort in Aruba on Palm Beach!

Perhaps as my daughter often quotes: “Margaritas in your hand and toes firmly planted in the sand!”

My husband’s perspective on me and the beach: “anytime you get to wear your crazy beach hat you are happy!”

Truly, my expectations of resorts that I travel to are high and getaway time needs to be perfect or they don’t make it to the website (and yeah we have had a few of those doozies too!)

For those heading to Palm Beach in Aruba, this is where to stay! Allow me to tee this up for you a bit more.

What Makes This Stunning All-Inclusive Aruba Resort Special?

Poolside at all Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm BeachActually, it answers my most idealistic vacation scene without being snobby, so it’s a laid-back upscale atmosphere!

Which is something a bit hard to find!

The All-Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach is family-friendly, couple ideal, and even great for those Girlfriend Getaways (the ones we all love!)

Exterior Front Front Desk at All Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm BeachWhile the staff is very attentive when you need them, they are also not interruptive of your vacation (not being ‘salesy’ and annoying each time you travel to the front desk!)

In short, whether poolside and inside the resort rooms, you will find a meticulously kept property, and sanitary without screaming ‘bleached!”

But Wait There Are More Options!

5 star boutique hotel Royal Level Aruba views from withinHoused inside of what I consider the No.1 All-Inclusive resort is an additional 5-Star Boutique Hotel!

There you will find the Best Views possible of Palm Beach with white-glove service.

There are a handful of rooms on 3 levels (7,8,9) in the resort, where perks include WiFi, premium alcohol, and exclusive eats in the Royal Level Lounge.

Additional fees apply and it is not part of the all-inclusive booking I am overviewing, but it is expedient to mention so you know it’s there and available!

Keep reading, I’ll detail this a bit more because you may prefer that option!

Safety First

Often when traveling, boundaries and safety are overlooked.

In other words, you venture where you feel when you feel like it at wherever you have landed.

We do love Aruba but as with anywhere, petty crime, room, and vehicle break-ins do happen!

Obey the laws, drive only where it’s a designated driving area, and don’t drive intoxicated!

I applaud this resort for security attendances on duty, especially when you are sitting on the beach with the walkway behind you and your belongings!

Affordable & Luxurious! Your Stay At The All-Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach

Pool Scenes at All Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach: Affordable & Luxurious Unlike some statements affordable and luxurious is different to each and every one of us as ore our travel budgets.

However, if you want the best rates I suggest a November or Early December stay when the prices are at their lowest.

Book directly at the site, it’s doubtful you will find better pricing anywhere else and you won’t have to worry if a room really was booked or not?

Pricings decline a bit throughout the holiday week in December and then drop back just a bit for January but are about $150 more a night than November!

Busiest + Flights

January and February are very busy and make it very difficult to locate and book a room.

Plus, once you see that there are only so many flights in and out and they are booked, you’ll want to grab what you can!

Generally, we try to steer away from Saturday to Saturday which makes booking a bit more challenging but it also makes flying a heck of a lot easier.

If you could see how many people have their luggage stacked in the foyer of the hotel, and hang at the pool on a Saturday until the flight time, you would run from that arrival day too!

Jokingly, I say, “we drink all week, to be able to be stone drunk to deal with the airport and the Saturday BS of the Aruba airport!” Yes, it’s that crazy there.

Airport Tip for Aruba

If you gain NOTHING else out of this article adhere to this TIP to navigate through the ARUBA airport with ease to avoid the lines that are upwards of what I believe to be 1/4 mile plus and at least a 3-hour wait!

Purchase business class or first class tickets you will thank me later. Get to the airport AHEAD Of time 3-4 hours is just enough on the weekends!


Foods Beverages at All Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm BeachLet me quickly share this idea of all-inclusive with you and then you decide.

It is all-inclusive when you book and pay or even if you book and pay for the all-inclusive when you arrive.

We had zero issues drinking and dining on the all-inclusive plan.

Booking Directly at Resorts’ Website!

Barcelo Aruba Front EntranceAs both a travel writer and a human, I have to tell you, I will book ONLY on the direct site to avoid what many of my colleagues and friends have had to happen through 3rd party sites.

The stories are our drinking stories, and they are endless about not getting what they paid for and sometimes not even a room.

Imagine flying all the way to Aruba with NO room after booking on a 3rd party site? Yes, it happens and it’s not pretty!

So booking directly at this stunning all-inclusive Aruba resort on Palm Beach is a good thing to do!

Why Book Direct?

Barcelo Aruba Gardens Palm Beach Why Book Direct. To see this! This all-inclusive resort online booking has advantages:

If you are a Barceló member you’ll get a discount of up to 50%

For those toting children and a Barceló member 2nd child is free!

Plus, staying 9 nights or more (which makes good sense) you’ll get a discount!

Did I mention that paying ahead for the all-inclusive saves you anywhere from $50-125?

Finally, there are options for purchasing all-inclusive while booking online allows you to cancel up to a day before you arrive!

In our new normal world, this helps even more providing confidence in booking!

All-Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach Is it really All-Inclusive?

Yes and No! If you can get a reservation (because this place hops) then book it, don’t even think twice about it!

There is WiFi but do you use your phone more while you are traveling?

I always treat WiFi when traveling like this: “Leave me alone, I’ll reconnect later! My Phone is with me for photos!” but to each his own!

Cabanas Poolside at All Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm BeachCabanas around the pool are not reserved it’s first come first serve so there is no ‘elitist treatment’ we all paid the same and get the same!

Also, Palapas on the beach are for you to plop down at!

What’s Included In The All-Inclusive?

FOOD FUN ARUBA Whats Included In The All InclusiveWe travel a lot and every all-inclusive package is different, so I WANT to know what I am getting and What I am NOT!

Barceló Aruba offered activities, a pool, plentiful outdoor seating (beach and pool) as well as entertainment all included in the price!

Here’s What You Get:

  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
  • Entertainment Nightly at All Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm BeachEvening entertainment/shows in the one main event room (if you choose to go)
  • A Bar in the lobby with live music at night!
  • Live music in the lobby bar/Casino
  • Limitless beverages (yes alcoholic and non)
  • 3 bars and 6 different restaurants to dine in
  • Snorkeling equipment + other non-motorized sports (floating mat for ocean)
  • Tennis courts
  • volleyball area included with your all-inclusve resort in Aruba Beach Volleyball Area
  • 2 Hot Tubs
  • The Pool has a swim-up bar and slushie machine alcoholic beverages)
  • A Kids club for kids ages 4-12
  • You won’t have access to room service, however (read on, I’ll tell you how to gain that privilege too!) Pool view of the stunning all-inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach: Barcelo

Are there Other Fees Associated with this All-Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach?

Swimup Bar at All Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm BeachYour tips and fees are built-in at the moment you book with the all-inclusive Aruba Resort, so it really is all-inclusive.

However as any veteran traveler knows cashola talks, so bulk up on the tipping dollars before you hit the island so you can slightly elevate your bar service!

I do recommend lots of $1 bills to tip and to make a friend with a bartender host during their shift!

While there are no other fees associated with the all-inclusive package, do note you get 1 hour ONLY of WiFi which can be challenging for some!

Are there other package options for me at the all-inclusive Aruba resort on Palm Beach?

Yes! Remember I stated there is a boutique hotel within the All-Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach?

Take Your Aruba Vacation To The Royal Level

Choose the level of vacation experience you want because you can if you stay at Barceló Aruba!

There are 44 elegant rooms as well as VIP services and comforts for guests with high expectations.

From special toiletries to first-rate linens, this is for those craving even more higher-end experiences and options than the basic all-inclusive plan at the resort already offers!

What Is Included With The Royal Level?

Royal LevelSpend More. Gain More. That’s the way it goes right?

All tips & fees are included but…bring more tipping money to further elevate your experience!

VIP personal check-in

Room service (7A to 1oP)

Top booking options for the à la carte restaurants that the basic all-inclusive guests dine in as well (Mexican, Japanese, Italian, etc)

Very exclusive to the Royal Level is the Royal Level Lounge. Perfect for delectable eats and incredible views!

Premium Alcohol options (unlike the basic on the all-inclusive) but only if you drink in the Royal Lounge or your room!

Free unlimited Wi-Fi (unlike the 1 hour of WiFi for your other package)

How To Choose? Royal Level Or All-Inclusive

A view of the Barcelo Resort on Palm Beach Aruba from the Royal Level While I can’t tell you how to spend your vacation money, I can tell you to take into consideration if you prefer to get off the property and visit a bit.

You are in the heart of the fun when you stay at Palm Beach, so you can easily access restaurants, bars, and other resort premises to drink and eat and test out.

This way you know where you might want to stay next time if this stunning all-inclusive resort on Palm beach didn’t capture your heart and soul!

With that said, the extra spend on the Royal Level would NOT be worth it.

Beach Bound? Security & Safety

Palapas All Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach

Something that I loved about the resort was that there was security personnel as well as staff, very present, especially on the beachside. Security walked the pathway of our hotel, around the pools, and by the palapas (those mini shelters roofed with palm leaves).

Stunning view of Barcelo Aruba on Palm Beach Additionally, security staff is on the beach around the palapas by the hotel. Yes, this is something pretty more exclusive to Barceló, and I can state that from staying at a different place during another stay and walking the pathway up and down the beach.

Pathway By Barcelo Aruba on Palm Beach While I don’t suggest carrying around valuables in your bag, you might still want to have stuff with you.

Having security there is a nice feature as the pathway that runs up and down the beach is behind you which would allow anyone to grab and run (and yes that stuff happens!)

Don’t Hesitate Booking This All-Inclusive Aruba Resort On Palm Beach

You are considering booking this stunning all-inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach but are hesitating? Why?

All Inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm Beach chairs and beach sceneHere’s what you can expect to find on their beach area:

  • Sun
  • Chaise loungers
  • Included beach towels
  • Unlimited drink service with attentive staff
  • White Sand
  • clear blue/green water that beckons you to enter and enjoy!
  • Palapas and lounger chairs
  • Cabanas with multiple lounging chairs

Yes It Is A Stunning All-Inclusive Aruba Resort On Palm Beach

Recapping, in case you missed anything. If you need a few stolen moments with your ‘honey’ you can drop the kids here.

Kids center where they are supervised so you can have a few stolen moments without the kids!

You brought the kids, but let’s face it, you need a break and so do they! Check them into the fully supervised kids club! I visited inside, it is super, and they have their own bathrooms right inside.

Walk The Stunning Pathways For More Aruba Scenery

 Walk The Stunning Pathways For More Aruba Scenery

Barceló Aruba is lush, green, floral, and tropical, it’s everything you can imagine, let’s call it what it is, vacation paradise!

Enjoy Time In The Beautiful Blue Green Water and White Sand

 Enjoy Time In The Beautiful Blue Green Water and White Sand

Want to snorkel or lay on a mat in the water? Do it! Mats & Snorkely gear along with non-motorized items are part of your resort package!

Really this stunning all-inclusive Aruba resort on Palm Beach is perfectly situated on the ocean with great water and warm water!

Lushy Libations + Fabulous Staff at the All-Inclusive Aruba Resort On Palm Beach

Meet Michael, a cool cat serving up slushy, beverages, or whatever you really want for a beverage.

Always with a smile and totally on his game!

Find that old school word, ‘lush’, and suck it up literally in a glass all day, every day of vacation because you can! We did!

Lushy Libations + Fabulous Staff at the All-Inclusive Aruba Resort On Palm Beach

Dry Off With Towels Included

Every detail matters so the fact that this all-inclusive Aruba Resort on Palm beach includes towels, means less to pack! This is the towel hut and very important. Turn your towel in when you are done. Get a towel when you need it.

 Dry Off With Towels Included

And I Don’t Work Here So…

And I Don't Work Here So... I'll tell you the truth. Look at the beach and all the chairsI’m not paid a dime to write this article and I don’t work here.

But what I know is our next trip will be right back to Barceló Aruba because what we had here was unparalleled to anywhere else.

Really a stunning all-inclusive Aruba resort on Palm Beach in the High-Rise area.

It’s close to everything and well-maintained, which means even more!

I don’t work here, I don’t have to sell it and in fact, I just want to share it, so you can find a new vacation destination.

It is so not annoying like some resorts that are large and have no lounges or seating.

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I’d Be Remiss If I Didn’t Make This Statement

While Palm Beach is lovely, don’t be close-minded and only seek out destinations in this area.

Aruba boasts many gorgeous beaches and this resort is just sitting on what I consider the most well-known beach area of the area.

That said, consider that it is always busy and often congested.

However, the tradeoff is you don’t require a cab ride or car to get to the Pop Up shops that appear nightly.

To that end, there are a lot of great restaurants, bars, and nightlife right in this area.

Really it gets down to what you want from your vacation.

A retreat from people or an area where you can gain privacy in your room just for sleeping and tons of fun by day and night!

Today’s vacation feature is super exciting and it is all based on my experience with Barcelo Aruba as a guest of the resort.

Images, thoughts, and perspective/content are my own.

Dana Vento is an award-winning travel writer who seeks fun in the sun and beautiful vacation destinations and shares them with her readers!