The Travel Loyalty Programs You Need in 2019

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Traveling is something most of us have in common. However, what most don’t know is that there are loyalty programs that can truly save you a bundle. Beyond savings, there are perks that come with membership.

Globetrotting can truly be tiring, even though it is so much fun. When you have some of these little loyalty programs, they can ease your travel moments. From airport clubs to parking, there’s a lot to know, so let’s take a peak at the Travel loyalty programs you need in 2019.

Pack your bags, get that covered or valet parking, and ride to the airport. It’s time to travel!

The Travel Loyalty Programs You Need in 2019

For a long time, I ignored loyalty programs. Often I felt they were just a ploy. It takes time to identify with things you use in travel. For instance, airplane travel is totally a thing of its own magnitude.

Timing is everything and travel to the airport can either wreak havoc to the point of complete anxiety attacks or it can go smooth as silk. For me, airport travel is the biggest thing to deal with when it comes to loyalty.

Air Carriers

I am not going to suggest one carrier over another. Each carrier has its own thing going on and offers. What I will say, is that once you become a dedicated customer, join their loyal programs. To that extent, I am suggesting their credit cards and their member rewards numbers to track your miles.

The first, requires a commitment to a credit card. Truly this is all your call, but as a tenured travel writer, I’d be no where without my loyalty branded credit cards to particular airlines. These cards kick butt for rewards.

Why I love Airline Credit Cards?

From better seats, priority boarding, free luggage, and points on everything I buy, that’s just the beginning. You are getting the idea, loyalty matters!

I am not suggesting to open up card after card and put yourself in debt. Use your common sense, get the card from the carrier you use most, and trust me, you will love the benefits! Airline offers differ so check with your airline carrier of choice.

Parking My Car

The Travel Loyalty Programs You Need in 2019, the parking spot, parking, flying, travel, globe trotting, passport travel, things to know, tips, tricks, hints

Hey, hey, it’s vacay, or maybe work? Before I ever get to the airport my car needs parked. NO I do not park EVER on airport property. I park at The Parking Spot and get shuttled to and from the airport.

The Parking Spot

I enrolled into the FREE ‘The Spot Club’, by The Parking Spot loyalty program, online. Fast, easy and wait till you read why. First, anytime I travel, I make an online reservation. From the app or the comfort of my couch.

Next, there are no reservation fees, that’s right NONE! Pretty darn great so far right?

Ticket-less. NO need for paper, just my card. The Spot Club, by The Parking Spot sent me my card in the mail. I am registered with that card and I scan my card when I enter. I also use this when I exit. No paper. Green and environmentally friendly.

The App lets me manage my account on the go, schedule more reservations for parking as trips come up while I am on trips, etc. Also, the APP is free and it lets me see where my shuttle is (we will discuss this in a different story up and coming).

Cost of parking is very much better than the airport. I can’t tell you how wonderful this point of conversation has been.

Last, my email box is often the recipient of nice savings and deals sent from The Parking Spot and that is because I am a loyal member with a free membership.

Track your expenses if you are a business traveler, more easily. The Parking Spot, Spot Club manages parking expenses using Concur, Certify and Expensify. Learn more on The Parking Spot website.

Earn Free Parking

Travel a lot? Then you will love that The Parking Spot, Spot Club offers a few different tiers of membership, based on your frequency of use. Through this, you will receive 15%-25% discount on car care services (those provided by The Parking Spot, like car washes while you are gone, etc). LOVE this.

These are just a few of the perks of traveling and loyalty programs, and there are more programs out there. Start with an airline and The Parking Spot, and from there, let your travels lead you to the other loyalty programs. ~ DANA

I am a brand ambassador of The Parking Spot.