Thinking of Buying a Chromebook? Here’s What You Should Know.

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Are you all about being multi-tasking while you are online? I bet you are not a mono-type and while you are reading this post, you also are probably in Facebook, Twitter, and in your Google Docs, but I bet you are in stutter mode, you know the old: open so many things at once and your processor just can’t process quick enough so the time capsule just spins! I am ready for the Chromebooks that are made to help you get things done faster! While a Chromebook behaves much like a traditional computer it rocks traditional laptops to the core with its build in Intel as well as always ready to go mode! Get ready to say goodbye to Windows and say hello to faster response per second.  I have been doing lots of research(you know I love my tech) and I have found that a Chromebook powered with an Intel i3 Processor offers a new way to multi-task and get things done, enjoy better video performance, and use my laptop to get lots done, fast! Let’s take a look at how! Lavishly live tech out loud when you begin looking into why to buy a Chromebook.

Best laptops ​Intel Vs ARM – Chromebook

Did you know that Chromebooks with intel processors offer superior performance over ARM Processors? Here’s a quick, cheeky example of what I am referring to. I also think it is important to stress right at this point that you don’t have to buy software to make the Chromebook work, rather you are going to be using Apps, which means an entire decrease in spending and updates that are so easy to install, it is effortless.  Why is this important? If you are not into waiting hours for your computer to update(as we all know happens when Windows upgrades) then you will be moving at the speed of lightening because Apps just update so quick!

Chromebooks powered with the Intel i3 Processor offer a better user experience, providing more frames per second and of course a smooth transition from task to task. Speaking of task by task, did you see this example of doing more things at once as made possible by the Chromebooks and the Intel i3 Processor? I had to laugh at the 28 year old guy.

Best laptops ​Intel Vs ARM – Chromebook 

I am all about Google. My day consists using Google, in fact life in my world is really Googalistic if there is such a word. Here are a few things you can do at once when using a Chromebook powered with an Intel i3 Processor: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Existing Google Docs, Google Maps, Listening to Music, and connect to Google Hangouts, all without skipping a beat and seamlessly. In fact the Intel Core i3 Processor powers Chromebook and offers faster transitioning from task to task and more frames per second, so you can do all the things you need to do without skipping a beat! If you are all about Social Media, then you can Facebook, Tweet, Pin, play online games and be in Google Hangouts at the same time, and have a more response time, and spend less time to connect to your social life. Don’t worry about your online movement, because there is built-in security as the virus protection is already on there as well as multiple layers of security keeping your Chromebook and browsing safe from those rotten viruses and dirty malware!

Intel i3 processor – Chromebook 

Getting more tech into your life is great because it lets you get more done in your day. Intel core Chromebooks have faster frame rate that allows users to zip through tasks, and browse casually with significantly higher frame rates than ARM enabled The battery life for intel enabled Chromebooks extends 7.8% longer when compared to ARM enabled Chromebooks and there is 62% less waiting when multi-tasking. Stop imagining faster email load and faster app loading and start Adventure. Eat. DIY. Repeat., considering a Chromebook with a intel, because at this point, I think if you are sitting still and not out buying a Chromebook, you are in stutter mode, and not moving fast enough per second to advance to your next frame, lol!