Top 4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Vehicle

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Spring has unofficially sprung and the sun is shining right on through those dirty windows and salt-ridden cars, are you ready to clean them up?

The sun makes everything seem so much better and the idea of cleaning a car even seems enticing.

Now is the time to go outside and enjoy the sun while giving your vehicle a much-needed cleanup.

For those living on the East Coast, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania you know the wrath of the weather.

It rains and snows and the accumulation of a mess on your car are unsightly.

After all, Pennsylvania does take a beating when it comes to winter weather.

IF you are ready to feel the sun, and enjoy the new spring weather, get outside and clean your car.

You can quickly make a difference in the look of your car with a few simple cleaning steps?

What else is nice is that you can take as much time or as little as you like, but do get that salt off your car.

Let’s focus on the top 4 ways to spring clean your vehicle so it looks as good and smells better on the inside.

Top 4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Vehicle

Remember when you bought your vehicle at your local car dealership?

It smelled so clean and it sparkled before you drove it off the car lot.

Let’s restore it a bit to that after the shameful winter weather.

Look at your car and focus on the areas that will make the biggest impact when cleaned up in the least amount of time?

Do you know which areas to focus on when spring cleaning your car?

Let’s keep this simple and make a list of the top 4 ways to spring clean the vehicle.

Cargo areas are great when it comes to hauling stuff around, but are awful when it is time to clean.

Our Jeep has a large back cargo area and we use it daily.

You might have a Jeep-like us or you might have a minivan?

There are also sedans and coupes with trunks.

No matter the vehicle they all need to be cleaned up and there are 4 areas to concentrate on to get the task done quickly.

Here is the spring cleaning list to focus on for fast and clean results.


Trunk/Cargo Area




The sun glistens through and you see a haze, after all, it has been too cold to climb in and clean those windows.

Never fear, the sun is shining, so grab a paper towel and some vinegar.

Truly my favorite car window cleaning solution with rubbing alcohol running a close second.

Let’s clean those windows to shine-free of that haze.

The task will take seconds per window, just make sure to use a fresh paper towel per window and rotate it as you use it in the area. We don’t want to smear.


The trunk and cargo spaces are where we all toss anything that we do not have time for, but it gets overloaded and needs to be purged.

I very much suggest taking a laundry basket with you.

Gather it all up. Sort out the jackets, missing gloves, umbrellas and shopping bags that you don’t need in there and give it a quick vacuum.

That looks better right?


The mats in the car take the brunt of the dirt, snow, sleet, rain, ice, slush, and salt, so they need to be tended to.

Shake out the mat.

Vacuum the mat for any excess debris.

Spot treat the mat for any dirt that is not coming up. Wash the rubber mats and allow to dry.

Make sure to vacuum the inside where the mats are as well before placing the mat back into the car.


Oh, how funky water and material can smell and sometimes there is no good answer.

For those vehicles that need a little freshening, start by opening the doors and if you have one the cargo door.

Let the air flow through. At least that is a start.

Allow the car to air out while you are cleaning. Next, you can snap in a little air freshener to your vents.

Alternatively, we often take a few laundry crystals placed into a zipped plastic baggie, poke a few holes in it and place it under a seat.

The rewarding smell is nice and fresh and you can remove the bag when the smell is no longer there.

Now your car will smell like those that you find at your local car dealership.

Those are the top 4 ways to spring clean your car, making it fast and easy. Are you ready for Spring?