Ultimate Boutique Hotel in Put In Bay

The island of Put-In-Bay offers a great escape from every day, but what it does not have are many luxury-like hotels.

Well, that all changed when this boutique hotel opened! It’s the Put In Bay boutique hotel you have been looking for and it’s not on the map!  

Put In Bay Boutique Hotel

From gracious, very accommodating, and kind owners, to well-appointed rooms, this Put In Bay boutique hotel is hands down the ultimate in all of the aforementioned. 

My stay was hosted, images are my own! 

Put In Bay Boutique Hotel From Front

What you won’t find here is crazy. It’s quiet. If you want crazy, go a few blocks down, or to the resorts, where you can party all night long. I prefer clean, quiet, and more upscale rooms. Joey, the owner has not missed a beat. 

Yes, going out is great fun at Put-In-Bay but you know what’s better? Clean beds, and rooms that are cared for. So, seek out the Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel and you’ll have the best Island experience ever if all of what I have mentioned is your ‘cup of tea!’ 

Put In Bay Boutique Hotel You Need To Experience 

Put In Bay is so much fun to explore by day, and discover the island’s history.  

What you won’t find at this boutique hotel is an ongoing party, loud music, or chaos.  

However, you will find are pristine accommodations, large comfortable ‘themed’ rooms, and a central location close to everything, yet a setting far enough away that rest and relaxation are prominent.

Get ready because it’s almost B&B like yet it’s not! Indulge in upscale comfort and unparalleled service with my gem of a find!

Put In Bay Boutique Hotel Without The Party Party! 

Step out of the party in Put-In-Bay and into a more tranquil atmosphere. 

Truly this Put In Bay boutique hotel provides a very comfortable stay, with a high level of personal service, impeccable cleanliness, and more upscale accommodations than anywhere else on the island.

Really, if you spend the day sightseeing, and perfecting your craft in outdoor adventures, then have time to party a bit at night, you will crave this environment. Leave your party at the bar and retreat to become rested. 

Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel in Put In Bay

Put In Bay Boutique Hotel 

The Anchor Inn 

Here’s what you are looking for, a prominent building, well-landscaped, and a welcoming front patio where your day will begin with a freshly prepared breakfast by the in-house Chef, Lue.

Anchor Inn from the side view - Put In Bay Boutique Hotel

The Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel opened in May 2017, and in fact, it used to be a 4 bedroom bed and breakfast which was converted into a 9 room Boutique Hotel after a huge renovation.

Take a cab, a golf cart, or break in those walking shoes and head to 500 Catawba Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456.   It’s only about a 10-minute walk from the Jet Express drop-off to the hotel and we did it with 5 bags!

Minute One To Our Departure at the Put In Bay Boutique Hotel Put In Bay Boutique Hotel outsideFrom the minute we arrived until the moment we left we enjoyed a high level of personalized service which is very important to me.

No matter what challenges my schedule met, or what needs we had, Joey, Lynne, and Bill took care of it, without a second thought.  

In fact, the owner helped me through a very precarious situation when I had no idea what to do and it needed to be solved immediately (love her!)

5 Things You Won’t Find at This Put In Bay Boutique Hotel 

Inside Our Put In Bay Boutique Hotel

  1. Don’t stay here if you love kids and noise above you, below you, or running through the halls, because there are NO Halls to run through.
  2. There is no bar, but you can bring along your own bottle of wine or buy one at the 2 wineries on the island.
  3.  No fitness facilities, rather climb aboard a provided bike or take out those athletic shoes and hike the island, after all that’s why you are visiting to explore and discover! 
  4.   Loud kids, crying babies and those adults that have not yet learned how to appreciate the finer things in life are not in this establishment, and AMEN to that.  
  5.   Finally, if you want blaring music, take yourself to a bar, because this boutique is serious about rest and relaxation and honors that commitment with an 11 P – 7A quiet hours policy (thank goodness because we were beat!) 

Bikes and backyard at Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel


Rooms are Themed at the Put In Bay Boutique Hotel 

It’s not a B&B. But it is different room to room, thus, ’boutique.’ 

Murphy Bed at Boutique hotel in Put In Bay

 First Mate’s Room 

Your Bathroom Area inside the Put In Bay Boutique Hotel 

Inside Our Put In Bay Boutique Hotel Bathroom

A well-appointed bathroom including: 

  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • soap
  • plenty of towels
  • a towel warmer
  • robes
  • a hairdryer
  • Q-Tips
  • backup toilet paper
  • and more.

Yes that is a bed in the wall, a great use of space and perfect for just hanging!

Inside Our FIRST MATE Room Details: Put In Bay Boutique Hotel 

Often I get questions to be more specific, so here it goes! 

Living Area of The First Mate Room 

  • King Size Murphy Bed (loved this) with a pillow so clean I actually placed my head on each pillow and slept which you all know I never do unless I place a towel down.  The pillows smelled of almond scent and were so comfortable and impeccably clean I could not help myself.
  • Private cubbies are perfect for kids!
  • My boys loved their private bed cubbies. In fact, hit the pillows and passed out, without television (even though we had one) and without words.

Additionally the kitchenette area: 

  •  a microwave,
  • coffeemaker (coffee, tea, and hot chocolate),
  • fresh bottled water,
  • forks,
  • cups,
  • mugs,
  • wine opener (think of a bottle on your own personalized deck).

Kitchenette area in First Mate Room. Put In Bay Boutique Hotel

The Balcony Area of our Put In Bay Boutique Hotel Room First Mate

Our balcony area was at the very top and we overlooked the lovely town of Put In Bay. I enjoyed this both in the morning and at night. It is incredible to watch the town that never sleeps. Actually Put-In-Bay maybe cousins with Vegas, lol!

Balcony in our First Mate Room at Put In Bay Boutique Hotel

Want to see what I did? 

Patio Area + Entrance. Put In Bay Boutique Hotel 

Since I’ve shared all the rest with you, let’s step backward and take a look at the entrance to the Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel and the patio area, both are amazing! 

Entrance to the Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel Put In Bay

The front entrance is open until 8p and then you need to rely on your key.  

During the day you will find Lynne, Joey, or Bill at the front desk.

Should you need anything they are more than happy to help you.

Consider the Put In Bay Boutique Hotel a Home Away from Home 

Home away from Home at the Anchor Inn

Yes, that is me with Lynne (GM, far left), Joey (owner, Far Right) and behind her, Bill (her husband)!

They are wonderful, fun and so helpful. My personal thanks to each of them for making our stay unforgettable!

If you are ready to head to Put In Bay, make your reservations early so you are sure to get a room at the Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel and lavishly live travel out loud! ~ Dana XO