Why Every Garage Needs A Beverage Fridge

You are outside and it’s hot, maybe you are really dirty from working out there, and you don’t want to track inside. Drenched in sweat, and so parched, you seek shelter from the sun in your garage and grab a bottle of water sitting on a workbench. Ah, you twist the cap off, move the bottle to your lips, open your mouth and begin to sip but abruptly S-T-O-P! The water is warm, and you spit it out!

Beer and Beverage Fridge Cold Drink enjoying a cold drink

Your garage needs a beer and beverage fridge!

You could have been enjoying a cool beverage, water, hard seltzer, beer, wine, lemonade, and coconut water! The beverage you slurp on may not be fresh coconut water, but it could be! Now you are starting to understand why you need a beer and beverage fridge, especially for your garage, aren’t you?

Did you ever stop to consider how important your garage is to your home? My ‘AHA’ moment came when I cleaned out our garage, painted the cabinets, and cleared the old dorm room refrigerator out!

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Beer and Beverage Fridge on Garage Workbench Enhance your Garage with a Beer and Beverage Fridge!

Maybe your garage is just your carport? Or perhaps it is where you store your power tools and lawn tools? Owning every power and lawn tool is great, but not owning a beer and beverage fridge is a big miss, let’ correct that!

Being totally transparent I can’t remember a time I did not have a beer and beverage fridge in our garage. Each home that we have owned has had a space carved out just for a beer and beverage fridge, as thirstiness never goes untreated!

Literally, I can’t fathom living without a beer and beverage refrigerator outside of our main living area, and I want to make sure to share how you benefit from this in your home as well!

The reality is for every garage, workspace, there is a perfect beer and beverage fridge and you don’t need to have the same one I do, there are so many different sizes to fit YOUR space.

Why Place a Beer and Beverage Fridge in Your Garage?

Have you stopped to consider how many times a day you actually travel in and out of your garage?

Beer and beverage Fridge on workshop bench loadedReally, in many homes, a garage is the frequently beaten path that allows passage between you and your home interior (unless you have a detached garage!)

While we all use our garages differently, and no two garages are the same, it is true to state that beer and beverage refrigerators are increasingly becoming one of the most popular purchases.

From cool bottles of water to frothy beers you can easily grab while chatting with the neighbor who passes by.

However, there’s more to a beer and beverage fridge than just neighbors and cold beer, keep reading!

More practical than you might think: beer and beverage fridge.

Please note, that I was working against sunlight in all photos, so if they are different in coloration, that is why.

The sun comes in from every angle and it’s hard to get a grand photo of glass with the sun reflecting at each angle.

Beer and Beverage Fridge on workbench in garage with 160 cans

Practical For Those That Love Being Outside

Did you know that a beer and beverage fridge is a practical purchase that can help keep everyone out of the main fridge?

Yep, less opening and closing of that mammoth in your kitchen.

Beer and beverage fridges are energy-efficient units that host just beverages from which you can easily grab and go!

So it goes without saying, that a beer and beverage fridge is a savvy purchase for those looking to grab a beverage without opening the main fridge.

Our Old Beer and Beverage Fridge: Inefficiency to Styled and Modern

Old beer and beverage fridge Before new beer and beverage fridge Don’t we all have those old compact dorm room fridges? We put ours back into service to really keep beers and cold water ready and close to the outdoors.

However, this particular beer and beverage fridge is aesthetically unpleasing and energy-inefficient!

I bid farewell to my old beverage cooler which really only held about 12 cans and a few bottles.

Between an ever-growing family and changes in drink preferences, plus non-efficient use of energy, it had to go!

After: Upgrading to a beer and beverage fridge that made sense!

I upgraded to a NewAir 160 Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge in Stainless Steel. (SKU: NBC160SS00)

Instead of just being able to put in 12 beverages at a time, and then kick myself when I forgot to reload for the next day, I’ve gone ALL-IN and upgraded to a 160 can beverage fridge!

Sleek, and ready for everyday use, offering the best of on-trend style, and functioning with incredible energy efficiency.

Can you say, “Appliance love at first sight?”

Order your own beer and beverage fridge here if you are ready>>> >>>>> NewAir 160 Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge (SKU: NBC160SS00)

Put A Beverage Fridge In Your Garage!

after putting in a beera and beverage fridge 160 can freestanding from NewAir

IN my opinion, bigger is better when it comes to beer and beverage fridges so I sought out a beverage fridge that can handle the demand in my home without the constant need for refilling.

Rather than worrying about restocking each day, I can fill the beer and beverage fridge with enough for a good weekend of heavy usage!

Organized And Ready To Grab

When you love cold brews, soft drinks, water, hard seltzers, you don’t’ want to sift through a fridge to find them.

Basically, a beverage fridge, lets you grab and go without a stop in motion from what you are doing.

Nothing gets in the way of progress more than having to take your mud clothes off to go inside to grab a drink.

We’ve rearranged ours so many times to make it best set up for our preferences.

Water in the bottom basket (for fast and easy grabs) and beer and seltzers on the rest of the shelves, minus a top shelf for some soda!

Now, we do have teens, and we want them to grab the right stuff, therefore, the water in the bottom and soda dedicated shelf were our newest decisions. You can work the formation of beers and beverages around your personal needs!

Did you get your own beverage fridge yet?

The In’s and Out’s of Mom Life: Beer and Beverage Fridge

Garage Workbench With Beer and beverage Fridge

When my kids were younger, we had just moved into our new home.

The kids had a lot of friends and everyone was always thirsty.

We had an old Beverage Refrigerator, I’d had from my college days.

Inside the beverage refrigerator, I stored juice boxes and water.

It was the perfect grab-and-go solution.

The kids were not going in and out of the house without being supervised and the neighbor’s kids were not in the house when I was not!

Which translated to – no unexpected messes in the house, like the one kid in the neighborhood who peed on everyone’s floor instead of the toilet (yep true story)!

Having that beverage fridge in the garage meant I could keep on working outside, while the kids played and had their beverages.

No worries about running in for a beverage, or taking off mud shoes to stop what I was doing and then coming back and having to find the motivation to restart my projects I was in the throes of.

Rather, I walked over to the Beverage Fridge and dispensed juice or water and everyone just continued on with their playtime and me with my yard work.

A total win-win.

Life Changes and Yet Every Garage Needs a Beverage Fridge

The kids are growing up, yet we still spend a lot of time outdoors.

It’s our throughway between the outside and the inside. In fact, the garage is an extension of our mudroom. As the boys cut the lawn, they are thirsty.

Rather than a true stop-motion moment, they pass by the garage with the mower, stop briefly and grab a water or tea, etc. Then they continue on. But there’s more.

Garage Workshops Yet Another Reason Why Every Garage Needs A Beverage Fridge

NewAir 160 Can Beverage Fridge on workbench Our central hub is the garage workshop, a work in progress.

I joke about a honey-do list because I do a lot of the ‘fix-it’ stuff, but there’s so much on a list for my honey to do too, it’s never-ending.

So, it’s basically, ‘beer first, then the honey-do list’, so it sweetens the workload right?

Now I understand why my mom, his mom, and my grandmother all had beverage fridges.

The beers by the list, sweeten the payoff ahead of the ask!

Just leave the list by the fridge and when they grab their beer, they are a little ‘happier’ to do the work on the honey-do list, lol!

Stock Up That Beverage Fridge

filled 160 Can beverage Fridge from NewAir As a DIY girl married to a DIY guy, we do spend a great amount of time in the garage, cutting, working, and prepping for our DIY projects.

Thirst happens.

Now, I have my own dedicated shelf with hard seltzers and one with tea stocked at all times.

Conversely, Michael (the DIY guy!) has shelves fully stocked with beers, IPA’s and bottles of beer.

It Is Efficient and Holds So Much

Our NewAir 160 Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge in Stainless Steel is energy efficient and quiet!

Again, this particular beer and beverage fridge can hold up to 160 cans, and I tested it out, buying multiple cases and stacking her to the top.

Yep, that is so different from putting 12 of everything we could in and hoping to remember to restock.

NewAir Fridge LogoAside from the outdoor noise, I don’t even know this is running, if we are being honest.

I’ve even opened it up to really validate the beverages are cool.

Tip To Know

Just a reminder, DO NOT Push Bottles or Cans against the back wall, or you could harm your fridge or have ‘explosions’ and messes you don’t want.

Do not overstock.

Leave space in between your walls and the beverages!

Speaking Of Cool A Beverage Fridge … Be A Kid Outside the Candy Store Window

empty NewAir 160 beverage fridge
Just to see the unit, sorry the curtains are in the way!

You don’t need to OPEN the refrigerator to make a selection.

Instead, it’s kind of being like a kid in the candy store.

Gawk at the interior selection of beers via a see-through glass door trimmed in stainless steel.

open NewAir 160 Can freestanding beverage fridge Each of your favorite beverages is stocked upon adjustable metal-wire racks.

Therefore, you don’t need to rummage through to make a choice.

Choice And Clear Vision Makes This Fun

Being able to just line everything up in categories, with IPA’s, Seltzers, etc. was awesome for lack of a better descriptor.

Just peer through that beautiful glass, then open the door.

The door opens from the left and is hinged on the right.

Honestly, it’s the centerpiece of the workbench.

The temperature of the beverage fridge can be set from 37° F to – 65°F via a digital thermostat touchpad.

You chose the setting that makes YOU happy and your beverages chills!

Bottles. Cans. SplitShelf™- How Every Garage Beverage Refrigerator Should Be

You can configure the adjustable shelves to optimize your storage space.

Bottles can go in the bottom and you can move the rack above up.

The advantage to that is that the bottles are held in by the drawer-like space.

Place bottles on their side on the top, and just grab and go via the bottle tops!

Totally Lit

beverage fridge from NewAir with LED light on interior So, you know when you want to grab that beer or seltzer and you don’t want to have to use your phone flashlight because it’s dark in there? Did I mention that the NewAir 160 can beverage fridge has a LED blue light controlled by the touch of an exterior button?

Since it is LED, it does NOT warm the beverages as it shines. Instead, it lights the way so your eyes can see (via the glass door) and your fingers can then connect with the choice of beverage you crave.

Again, the LED Blue light is managed from the outside touch control panel and does not change the temperature of the beverages when you use it. Instead, the LED blue light offers ambiance lighting and helpful lighting when you want to grab a drink in the dark. Slick right?

Considering The Possibility of a New Beer and Beverage Fridge Yet?

You don’t have to trudge into the house to get a beverage, or you don’t have t run back in for that bottle of water you want with you when you are getting in the car.

In other words, no matter what you are doing, as you pass through the garage, you can grab a beverage and go.

open NewAir 160 Can freestanding beverage fridge Beverages are ready and waiting for you on adjustable metal wire racks, and you can see all of them, via a see-through glass door.

The beverage fridge is free-standing, vibration-free without any annoying buzzes and it offers an airtight seal.

Features You Will Love on This Beer and Beverage Fridge

An LED Blue light helps you navigate those fingers to the beverage of choice fast, no fumbling with your phone flashlight! Grab a drink in a dark space with only a touch of the button to illuminate your own bar area!

With the exterior-controlled thermostat, you regulate the interior temperature, so those brews and seltzers are always cold and ready to be guzzled!

Hot days outside with cool drinks are certainly more pleasant.

Using a freestanding beverage fridge in your garage also uses less energy than a full-size fridge and super convenient!

Last, for me, it means fewer trips to get beer and more variety.

In the end, it’s like going to my own bar, plus it helps the ‘honey-do list’ get done without persuasion.

Now ‘Cheers to you’ on getting a new beverage fridge ~ Dana XO