5 Simple DIY Ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door Area

 5 simple DIY Ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door AreaIf you thought I was going to talk about garage door replacement find another article.

This article will share 5 Simple DIY Ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door Area.

We’ve already been through the perils of being approached by a large door company to change our door.

Their contingency, take woodgrain or accept woodgrain! Sorry, not sorry, woodgrain does not match the look and feel of our home.

Therefore, after a huge debacle with a garage door company, and hours of work procuring and refining a contract, we walked away without regret.

NO garage door replacement at current, but, keep reading to access 5 Simple DIY Ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door Area.

After all, if a door does not need to be replaced, you can still redo a garage exterior to make it look fresh again right?

That said, upgrading your existing garage door area has everything to do with improving your curb appeal.

Not only will your door area look better, but it will function better.

There are so many little things you and these 5 Simple DIY Ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door Area will surprise you.

I will only go into the simple things you can do to score immediate gratification and you will be surprised.

You know in life, it’s always the little things that take us farther than those grandiose changes.

 5 simple DIY Ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door Area5 Simple DIY Ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door Area

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Unless your garage door is dilapidated and broken, don’t change it.

And before I end on this note, don’t over-invest when you do change it, just upgrade away from builders grade.

The latest ‘trend’ on garage doors is a woodgrain focused.

However, woodgrain garage doors are NOT for everyone nor for every home style.

Some woodgrain doors (especially the ones we were offered) look more like barn doors.

Investing in the wrong garage door with the wrong style will throw off the balance of one of 2 of the most eyeballed entrances in your home.

If your current door is lacking continuity with the flow of your eyeballs on the exterior, use some simple changes to make it all better!

#1 Let’s Start With The Garage Door

Take a walk curbside on your property.

Be critical.

What do you see?

Better yet, grab a neighbor and ask them this, “If you could change anything on the garage door area what would it be? ”

Now, make sure the neighbor is a friendly one and not some idiot primed to answer that with a mouthful of nasties!

Did your neighbor just say it looks dirty?

There’s your first answer.

Scrub that door.

Use an outdoor cleaner, like this outdoor cleaner plus oxi-ready.

Basically, any cleaner that will decrease but not harm paint, is what you are seeking.

Make sure you have a brush and some good scrub sponges.

However, you don’t want the sponges to scrape off paint, so don’t buy steel wool-like sponges.

Elbow grease will go a long way here.

Allow the door to dry before doing anything else.

You could also use your pressure washer to clean the door and it cuts the work in 1/2.

#2 Light It Up Or Are You A Dim Wit? Upgrade Curb Appeal of Your Garage Exterior

In the case that you don’t have any lights, it’s time to LIGHT it up!

For those that have lights, there’s a lot to do here improvement-wise.


Solve the no-lights without calling in an electrician.

The advantage at current, of not having lights, is the world is your oyster when it comes to choice.

A disadvantage of not having lights is exactly the same as stated in the previous sentence…choice!

No lights are a great place to start.

Today, you can find so many easy-to-install outdoor fixtures and the best part is that no electrician is required.

How can that be possible?

Consider solar lighting.

Just pick lights that are to scale on what they should be when next to a garage door and move from there.

Balance is key.

Choose the lights to be large enough to provide light without being obnoxious.

The best part is, no electrician necessary, you just have to install and let them charge with daylight!

Flat solar discs are perfect to put into the ground and the lawnmower won’t hurt them.

Conversely, try hanging solar-powered lighting for lighting gathered as the solar panel harnesses the power.

Light Shines Through

If you already have exterior fixtures, let the light shine through.

Clean those suckers up!

First, clean all the glass on the exterior and interior.

Second, replace the bulb with an LED Bulb that saves you money when it is on and if you forget to turn it off!

Third, consider painting the fixtures to clean them up if they look worn or faded.

Enjoy letting the light shine through.

#3 Green It Up: Your Garage Exterior

 5 simple DIY Ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door AreaGreen is always a great color when it comes to shrubbery and bushes.

Do you have plants? Planters?

Shrubs near your garage door?

Here’s a simple fix.

First, if you are not into planting, try planters.

Buy some tall planters that you can put some pretty flowers in.

planters What About Simple & Fake?

Now, to make things even better, purchase faux bushes.

These are fake trees that are outdoor safe!

Toss them in planters and never have to water or worry about them!

How great is this? You’ve got year-round greenery, without worry.

These potted shrubs can double during the holiday season for decor that you can wrap with solar lights!

Greenery is inviting and kind of closes the gap on what might be missing from your exterior and around your garage door.

Advanced Gardening Skills?

As you gain confidence in your gardening skills, maybe then venture into planted bushes by your garage!

Rose bushes are a great option for sunny areas and partially sunny areas.

When roses flower they are beautiful when they are not flowering they are green!

Roses are easy to maintain!

#4 Driveway and Ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door Area

 5 simple DIY Ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door AreaAsphalt or cement?

What does your driveway look like?

Is your driveway in need of repair?

When your driveway is not well-maintained it takes away from the whole look of the front exterior of your home.

For asphalt driveways, upkeep them by sealing the asphalt.

You will need the asphalt sealer, as well as an asphalt seal coating broom.

5 simple diy ideas to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door Area cleaning it asphaltAlso, hose them down, or powerwash your driveaway, you’ll love the drastic change!

Do you have a cement driveway?

In that case, use cement sealer to change it up!

A fresh-sealed cement driveway looks clean and seals the cement from those harsh elements like salt, etc.

#5 Hardware on Garage Door to Upgrade your Existing Garage Door Area

magnetic hardwareWant to take your garage door from blah to fantabulous without screws, or drills?

All you have to do is buy this garage door hardware kit.

Place it on the door and stand back and enjoy it!

Add faux windows too- they have magnetic ones as well!

faux windowsIt takes 5 minutes to place these magnetic hardware pieces in the right areas and to keep them level.

Eyeball it, and you are done.

No drilling, no screws, nothing but magnetic attraction.

A simple DIY!

It’s that Easy To Upgrade the appeal of your garage exterior area!

Most of these are simple DIY projects.

Inside of one day, you could complete all of these.

Order what you need.

Pick it up.

Plan how to tackle your project and go for it!

Transform the look from blah to ‘ahhh’! ~ Dana XO