3 True Wireless Earbud Options for Under $100

3 True Wireless Earbud Options for Travel Under $100When you have a list of family and friends you are trying to buy earbuds for and you have to stay under $100 budget per person what do you do?

Don’t look at the holiday list and just see dollar signs.

Know that there is a good way to find good tech at a great price.

Others will just overspend and feel the banking blues in January.

Don’t be either of those groups. Just go online and buy these!

Next, head over to the JLab Audio packages. Figure out who’s who on your list.

Who’s the sports junkie, music enthusiast, traveler, and exercise fanatic or combo of all three?

When you are looking for the best true wireless earbuds under $100 you will have multiple choices.

Holidays, budgets, gifting, and multiple people to buy tech for can be expensive.

Don’t let crappy tech mute your good intentions. Give the #1 true wireless earbud under $100 with a high-quality sound experience.

I’m about to show you 3 true wireless earbud options for travel under $100. Whether you want to gift yourself or someone else who travels!

3 True Wireless Earbud Options for Travel Under $100

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earbudsI’m not going to keep you in suspense by reading a long, drawn-out post. Rather, I am going to tell you the product names fast.


I want you to go right online to Amazon and purchase them because once this information is out, they will sell fast!

After all, great tech, at Amazing prices is on everyone’s holiday list and you don’t want to be the reason that a list was not fulfilled right?

I’ve been working with all three pairs and each one is great for its own reason.

There’s not one pair that I will say sounds better, they all offer impeccable clarity (beyond what I thought at the Under $100 price level.

Trust me when I say, price does not influence clarity and it might even bring you back to believing that there is a thing such as ‘true wireless.’

You see, along the way of product testing a lot of wireless, you might say I’ve lost the faith in True Wireless.

However, there’s no mistaking that JLab’s JBuds all bring it and bring it big!

Let’s go shopping so you can gift well too!

Travel & 3 True Wireless Earbud Options Under $100

Wireless EarbudsOh, the choices we have to make, one is better than the next. The JLab JBuds Air Family all offer:

Great playtime, with battery life starting at 24 hours and ranging up to 40+ hours, depending on which set you choose.

Of course, they are all convenient and affordable.

The JLab JBuds are both convenient and affordable, and with 3 different models leave you with options, which is what I LOVE!

Additionally, there are features for every lifestyle from the sports enthusiast, to the executive who’s always talking and so on.

I don’t purchase gifts as a one size fits all type of prophecy so why sacrifice holiday gift-giving with that notion? You don’t have to!

Each different model offers integrated cables for charging.

Charge/Playtime differs per model and is based on user usage!

All of the JBuds are just touching not pushing, buttons to use functions, making them superior to operate and effortless.

Remember, your traveler has to deal with snoring, obnoxious passengers, people that won’t stop talking, and middle seat syndrome (lol). Gift well.

Models of True Wireless Earbud Options Under $100

What models can you choose from? Let’s just call this #FINDYOURGO

Ready for great sound, quality, and comfort? You won’t have to sacrifice that on any of these models, they all deliver.

Whether you are looking to help that person on your list block that lady that won’t stop talking on morning transit, or the passenger who has no filter, there’s an earbud option to gift!

Whether you choose the JBuds Air Sport, JBuds Air Executive, or the Jbuds Air Icon, you will find each to be a perfect fit for any lifestyle.

Travel. Run for it. Don’t Miss That Flight. ~ JBuds Air Sport

audioThe best way for me to describe the JBuds Air Sport is to have you think of that person who believes sweat is the key to sharing that he/she exercised.

Their announcement to the world, that they are a workout enthusiast is their sweat!

They display it proudly and their current earbuds take a beating, stop working, etc.

In fact, this person gets to their destination and finds the workout room or the beach to run on. (eyeroll, but no judgments, lol)

Holiday gifting is best when it solves a problem, right?

In fact, the JBuds Air Sport is True Wireless, which is IP66 Sweatprofoof.

Also, they provide Custom EQ3 Sound, and provide auto on and connect so they don’t have to anything but use them!

Inside the carry case are 4 different sizes of gel cushion tips (not a one size fits all thing!) and one of them is a cloud foam tip set!

These can be used both with Siri or Google.

To me, the best feature is the over-ear hooks so they are secure when I am on the treadmill or lifting weights.

Air Sport For the Airport Traveler

For the air traveler, it’s one less thing to worry about dropping as it hooks on the ear. Just in case they hate things that solely fit in the ear.

Rest assured these are staying put, even with frantic sweat as they run from one side of the airport to another!

Of course, for those that are into marathon training, the 6 hours of battery life and its case provide 34+ hours of extra workout time!

By the way, you can also take calls, just another perk!

travelJBuds Air Executive True Wireless ~ A True wireless earbuds option Under $100

My Pick for all-around fave is the JBuds Air Executive. I workout each day, and I also am working all day long. Really from early AM until late PM.

Since my job requires both businesses at home and business travel, these are my go-to. #FindYourGo!

I’m pretty much nonstop. The Cloud Foam is where it’s at for me, as they isolate noise the best and feel the most comfortable.

Against inside the charging case, there are several options, but I’m sure the BLUE will bring in big smiles.

Whether it’s a train ride or a plane ride, from signature balanced boost and bass to pausing, skipping, and muting out the world, these are my fave!

Controlling sound, and music is simply a tap on the bud, getting to know which one is easy, trust me! They auto-charge for more playtime!

Boarding the plane and listening to initial announcements just pop these out and let them charge in their carry case.

When the person next to you even opens their mouth, in they go and that’s a whole ‘mute’ of a signal, don’t you think?

Stay charged up and in control of the ‘sanity’ environment

No matter if I catch a 2-hour flight or have extended travel over 24 hours, my earbuds work and stay charged.

You can expect up to 30+ hours of playtime out of these, just keep putting them back in their charging case, and tossing them in your bag!

This means, that if on one flight you had a row to yourself and the continuing flight the passenger that the devil created, you’ve got sanity in your ears!

The Signature Experience offering a truly wireless experience – JBuds Air Icon

Again, any of these are amazing, especially at the price level and all of the features. One is not better than the other.

Gifting is about “each unto their own” premises and these take custom to another level.

Starting with the Cush Fins offered on this pair.

Fit matters.

Use them or not. Consider these for the budding executive, who’s there, but not there yet!

Remember, you are not PUSHING buttons, you are touching, the controls.

It’s much better and easier to use than any other brand on the market!

These offer 24 + Hours of Playtime, touch controls, everyday proof IP55 and a dual connect.

JBuds Air Icon keep up with this person and their tasks and stay charged on the run!

You might shy away and say that there is no way the price of these will afford the person you are gifting great sound, but you are mistaken!

Long playtime of 6 hours with 18+ extra hours while in the case, as they auto charge, when placed inside, is one grand feature!

Next, stereo calling offers an upgraded mic.

The calls are clean and crisp, and yes I have used mine endlessly for this.

And I own the gift of gab!

Last, you can use theses with or without your device which may be what makes these outstanding!

Holidays Solved In One Tech Stop – True Wireless Earbuds Options Under $100


Hardly limited by choice, more by options!

How do you choose for each person on your list? Who gets which pair and which pair are you getting for yourself?

It’s time to #FINDYOURGO. You’ve saved so much money you gotta gift yourself the #1 True wireless earbud under $100 too.

All 3 models fit all lifestyles and deliver on sound, quality, and comfort.

Enjoy holiday shopping and your new earbuds.

After all, you need to be able to mute the world once in a while too! ~ Dana XO