5 Thoughts About Choosing A Luxury Car

Choosing a luxury car your lifestyle
Choosing a luxury car your lifestyle

Choosing a luxury car to fit your lifestyle is definitely a very personal choice.

As a gal who is lucky enough to test drive cars for a living, well, that gives me a totally different perspective.

However, many times, I’ve been put behind the wheel of some basic cars, that I would not even bother writing about.

They are NOT my preference and I don’t feel they perform.

I’ve got 5 thoughts about choosing a luxury car to fit your lifestyle and not the dealer that’s trying to push it!

Choosing A Luxury Car To Fit Your Lifestyle

Year back, if you remember, in 2014 I made it into Redbook because I bought a brand new Suburban but the one brand of dealership gave me huge problems.

Then, at another dealership, somehow they ordered the WRONG color in and when we went in to sign the paperwork, we discussed it.

Luxury Car Around My Lifestyle
Luxury Car Around My Lifestyle

Do you remember the story? The salesperson told me I was too choosy (for picking and ordering a color of my dreams) and then threw the file folder of our papers at us?

Don’t forget the dealer for the Expedition that told me I should take the color they have on the floor (a red ) and not have black, I don’t need that!

Well, y’all, I shopped till I dropped, found a killer internet deal, and got what I WANTED, a car to fit my lifestyle, not the dealer’s paycheck!

5 Thoughts About Choosing a Luxury Car

This car has been discontinued, but my points about choosing a luxury car or any car are still very valid!

I have a lot of info packed in here but here are my five tips that I abide by!

  1. What do I drive to the most? (sports, school, work? )
  2. The cargo space, can it take on my stops when I shop?
  3. Is anything auto (wipers, lights? etc)
  4. What features do I Have to have.
  5. What Can I live without?

Now keep reading because there’s so much more but those are a few thoughts I have before driving ANY car and buying Any Car!

Choosing A Luxury Car ~ Behind the Wheel of The Lexus NX 200t

choosing a luxury car
choosing a luxury car

A luxury car to fit your lifestyle will keep you as happy as those all-weather mats that keep a car floor secured from the exterior elements!

Plus, along the way, you might even find a way to put more sunshine and fresh air into your life and enjoy it behind the wheel!

Again for this test drive, I was behind the wheel of a Lexus NX 200t, which sparked me to take a date night.

All images and opinions are my own based on my experience behind the wheel of the Lexus NX 200t.

After all, upon delivery of the Lexus, I fell in love with the Matador Red Mica.

The Color (1) Choose Wisely

Once you buy it, your color better make you happy!

Lexus NX 200t outside matador red

Is your love the color of Matador Red Mica?

It should be because this red shines spectacularly in the sun.

How can you do anything except ogle at the color of love?

Well, I bet more police will watch this car than passerby’s that is one certainty, lol!

Life From The Driver’s Seat (2)

Sometimes space is a good thing, but that should be reserved for plenty of space in the driver’s seat. S

Space in the Lexus NX is plenty, have a look above.

Lexus NX 200t, Space in the car
Lexus with Space in the car

I love the back window space, nice and clear and really light inside.

But, the positioning of the driver’s pedal was very uncomfortable, if I am stating the truth.

I’m petite and it was NOT my favorite!

And the seat’s headrest was not great with a clip in my hair, so ‘eh’ on the positioning!

I know I am not ht only one with clip issues, just saying!

Keeping Your Eyes On Destination (3)

The Navigation readout is 4.2″ full color, multi-information display with driving information.

Clear and easy to glance at while driving without losing site of the road.

Big thumbs up on this!

Lexus NX 200t navigation screen 4.2
Navigation readout

No. 4 Turn It Up

Music keeps me moving at least in my world.

Lexus gets me, and the music sound is incredible inside the vehicle (trust me I bopped from ride to ride, lol!)

Inside this Lexus NX 200t was a 10-speaker Lexus premium sound system and wow does it deliver a clear, crisp, all-encompassing sound.

Whether you listen to a podcast, a YT segment, or a book, what a great sound system!

No. 5: Choosing A Luxury Car : A big dose of Vitamin D

In my very first car, I had a sunroof.

Then as we moved into the SUVs with kids, nope!

So, no sun except for the side windows and front.

Now, I would never buy a car without letting the sunshine in and keep me bright and boppy!

A luxury must-have!

Lexus NX 200t, Image from above out of the sun roof!
Night Time Shot inside the moon roof by night and sunroof by day! ♥

Fun From Sun to Moon: choosing a luxury car to fit your lifestyle

Watch the stars, the moon, and the sun all through the magnificent slide moonroof.

With the touch of a button, the universe is above you.

Tilt the Power 10-way driver seat with lumbar support to take in the skyline or tip the power passenger front seat 8-ways to look up and out too!

After all, how else could I have gotten these awesome photos, except with the moonroof!

No. 6: Heat It Up – Choosing a Luxury Car and Amenities

Warm your butt and keep yourself toasty with some fun options!

You gotta take this up as an option.

Amenities in Lexus NX
Choosing a luxury car for your lifestyle with the right amenities

No. 7 Cold Hands = Cold Hands lol!

Additionally, just in case your hands get cold, the steering wheel is heated as well.

Just active with the touch of a button.

I am a luxury girl and I am all for a one-touch button heating my steering and keeping my hands warm and feisty!

I am not numb in life so my hands need to be nimble too not cold and numb!

Interior of the Lexus NX

No 7: No Blind Spots

Remember, while life is all about the crossroads and the path you take, the Lexus NX 200t helps you stay ahead of the most traffic-jammed roads and those blind-spots in life.

The Lexus NX offers Blind Spot Monitor so you know what is on your side at all times.

Many vehicles offer this now, and it’s one of the best things I believe a car should have.

It takes the guessing out of merging!

No 8: CARGO SPACE- Our 3rd Wheel –

One thing the Lexus does not have but we do is the third wheel, lol:), because it has 4 (ok so that is obvious).

Our son goes everywhere with us, so he was part of our date night.

The Cargo space is large and the seats are easy to put down, with the touch of a button.

You do want to see if your car has a spare, that is something I make sure of!

The Lexus NX

The gas mileage was definitely not on par with what I would be seeking.

Also, the pedal was uncomfortable for my personal stature.

While I loved a lot of amenities on the car, I was also not fond of the driver’s seat positioning either.

The vehicle has been discontinued, but LEXUS still exists and offers options for those who are now choosing a luxury car to fit their lifestyle.

There are a few Lexus models I love and have recently looked at so yes I do like the Lexus Brand.

So I would consider a Lexus, but I would also evaluate the MPG a lot! ~ Dana XO