Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

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It’s amazing what ONE appliance can do for your kitchen.  I love my electric pressure cooker and would not trade it in for anything.  I love that I don’t need the oven, the stove and tons of dishes to create a feast.  My pressure cooker love extends beyond the dishes and cookware and into the ease of cooking as well as the perfect way food turns out every time. 

Talk to those who are from back in the day and they have a lot of horror stories about stovetop pressure cookers and they won’t even try the new electric pressure cookers. All I keep telling each of those people is you are so missing out.

Here are some easy pressure cooker recipes to lavishly live food out loud.  Plugin, prep and let’s cook!

Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

Cheddar Cheese Soup is effortless and done in minutes, grab my recipe for Cheddar Cheese Soup for the Cheddar Cheese Soup.

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Perhaps you prefer Baked Potatoes and that is really easy with a few simple steps you will kick yourself for not using the pressure cooker for these yummies forever!

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More Veggies? How about Pressure Cooker Asparagus? It literally takes 2 minutes to make asparagus that are perfectly cooked.

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Pressure Cooker Meatballs are a snap to make and the food that once needed hours takes minutes.

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Pressure Cooker’s best friend.

Need More options for cooking in a pressure cooker? Just touch any of the words below and grab the recipes from there.

Corn On The Cobb

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Roasted Chicken

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Mac N Cheese

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Sausage n Peppers

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BBQ Ribs

Meatballs in tomato sauce

Honey Glazed Ham

Endless Recipes

These are only a few of the recipes I have listed on my site. You need a great Pressure Cooker and a pinch of time and suddenly you will have fantastic, easy meals FAST! Lavishly live food out loud and indulge in these easy to make pressure cooker recipes.

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