Spooky DIY Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape

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Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape

Ghouls Night Tablescape for HalloweenHalloween is coming are you ready?

As the first official Fall holiday, I find that I need amazing options for Halloween Decor.

Each Halloween, I make sure that we have a Spooky DIY Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape.

While I go all out, I do know how to find the best Halloween decor, at the most affordable prices, and then celebrate with a tablescape.

Now, I want to share with you how to create a fabulous Spooky DIY Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape with some SPOOKtacular in-home decor.

For those of you that love a good party, and want to keep the prep easy to create joy, I’ve got you.

In fact, you can make your table as creepy or as hauntingly boo-tastic as you want!

tablescape for Halloween with theme GHOULS night and body partsWhere I’ve shopped to find all of my Halloween Decorations is where you’ll want to go as well.

What I’ve found are great values on Halloween Decor and so many options.

Whether you want to shop instore, online, and use curbside pickup or free same delivery, it’s really your choice.

I am ready to help you create a Spooky DIY Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape, are you ready?

Spooky DIY Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape

Party City Shopping Trip I love setting up a spooky DIY dinner Halloween Tablescape at the beginning of the season.


Because I use it more than once and it invites the most Spooktacular season of all into our lives.

Halloween is magical and fun, and it lets my creativity run wild.

What I don’t let run wild is my spending.


My party planning starts out with a trip to Party City.

I did all of this for $100 and could not be happier with how it turned out.

What do you think?

To Begin Creating a Spooky DIY Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape

In Party City For Halloween Shopping This year, I started out shopping online to get a feel for what was available for Halloween decor.

Of course, I know they have a lot, but I had to get my tablescape kind of set up before I went shopping in-store.

At this point, I could have just shopped online, ordered and picked it up curbside, or even ordered online and received the Same Day Delivery.

However, as the hands-on girl that I am, I shopped online to peruse the selection.

Then I created a theme.

Once I got my theme, I began looking at the products.

I did this so once at the store, it would be easier to navigate and grab what I needed.

Spooky DIY Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape

Below Spider Napkin rings I made.

The Skull Dispenser is filled with Foaming Water.

Don’t forget the Poison apples and an eyeball tree! SO fun!

Spider Napkin Rings Being fair, I am a total Party City junkie, and once I got there, I was totally absorbed into the Halloween fun.

Which of course, I stayed longer and meandered through the aisles enjoying every last thing they had sprawled out for decor.

Oh my gosh how fun, and so many choices!

There are so many amazing options for Halloween Decor and they make it affordable, which is really important.

You can find all you to build the most SPOOKtacular In-Home Decor.

How about making Spider Web Deviled Eggs or Bloodshot Eyeball Eggs?

Items I purchased for My Spooky DIY Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape

Tablescape afar for Ghouls Night Just in case you want to know what I purchased so you can do the same, I will give you my shopping list.

My tablecloth was a 5 ft. gray creepy cloth, which I tossed across our black table.

Broom in Cauldron for Ghouls night out Then I grabbed a witches cauldron and orange tissue (for a pretend flame) and put that in the middle of the table.

Mini Cauldrons in a 12 pack, and inside of those, I grabbed 18 count mini bones.

Additionally, to make the table even creepier for Ghouls Night I grabbed a 5 pack each of bloody eyeballs, and bloody fingers.

Then, I found the mother of all body parts, wrapped on a meat tray, a bloody hand!

Once I went down the next aisle, I found a 4 count of those skull shot glasses you see.

tablescape of Ghouls Night After all, it’s not a party without some fun brews!

Do you see the crazy 10 Pack of PONG eyeballs on my table?

Yep, ready for a good round of eyeball pong and, I found a 50 count of purple plastic cups.

snake for Halloween tablescape Purple, orange and black are all perfectly GHOULS night out colors, so I used them all.

There are more body parts you might not have noticed, but look and you will see Green Witch/Vampire fingers.

Don’t forget to look up at my chandelier, I added a poseable snack and a 19″ Foot cut off with a chain.

Witch and Scarecrow for my Spooky DIY Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape

Ghouls Night Spider Rings In the background do you see my 32 pieces indoor deco kit of a spooky tree and bats?

To add to that, I purchased a 36″ Standing Witch as well as a Scarecrow.

Each is at the table, but do kind of watch over the Ghouls table and create more mayhem!

Upon the hutch, it’s time to get witchy!

That’s right, I added a 2- 12″ witches they were only .99 a piece! ♥♥

Cups and Halloween Party Supplies Then, I purchased a witches hat, and additional cauldron, and a straw witch broom.

To the broom, I added 30 Count purple fairy lights to add a pop of color.

Additionally, I added another set to the table for ambiance!

I love that they are battery-operated and so festive!

Last, I made sure to purchase orange napkins, as well as a tall mason jar because witches and ghouls love chocolates.

Party City & Spooky DIY Ghouls Night Halloween Tablescape

Ghouls Night Out Party Theme for Halloween I felt like a kid in the candy store while I was shopping.

Endless options and the sky is the limit with creativity.

Since I have my ghouls over a few times during the season, my table is up and ready to go.

When I want to light it up, I use those purple lights.

Get into the spirit of the season, and shop online, or in-store.

Arrange for curbside pickup or go in and shop till you Halloween drop.

Of course, if you just want to order online, go for it and try out the same day delivery.

Spookiness is aright at your fingertips, get ghoulish with it and order!

Happy Halloween. ~ Dana XO