How Teen Boys Celebrate Facial Stubble

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It’s hard to admit and believe that my oldest son is able to shave. His facial hair is just light enough that it is there, but there is enough of it that is shows.  Shaving has become a weekly necessity, though he could certainly be a little more ‘on it’.  

I get that my teen son is using his hair to celebrate a true expression of his personal style, but I would prefer he manage it a bit. While there have been no real tug-o-wars on this the challenge of time is the issue in our home.  For him, it’s a celebration that acne is stopping and that shaving can be more daily, but again, time is not his friend, teens are busy!

The perfect styling tool for facial hair is what he needed and whether it is stubble, beard, whiskers, or to keep his face precisely detailed the time-saving tool for accuracy is now headed under our tree. Lavishly live control of the stubble on a teen’s face with my find!

How Teen Boys Celebrate Facial Stubble

Celebrating facial hair as a true expression of personal style, and for so many boys, the teen years are rough until they start to hit that 16-17 mark.  Acne has not been their friend and puberty just plain sucks from voices to life.  The tool I have found provides a way for him to celebrate facial stubble if he simply wants to maintain what is there or if he wants a clean, smooth shave.

The Tool

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Remington® has a new product, a new tool to its lovely selection of shaving gear.  The tool is Perfecter Stubble and Beard Grooming Kit.  So my son can clean up stubble, maintain a ‘beard’ (yeah not really there yet), or get a clean, close shave in minutes. The trimmer is powered by a high-performance lithium battery for total control and features a Precision Ground Blades for ultra-close trimming and pinpoint accuracy.  The battery quick charges and it also is up to a five-hour runtime, thanks to that MAXLithium power.


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  • Precision Ground T- blade – Trims To .5mm
  • Metal Precision Comb – Locks in the Exact Trimming Length
  • 5x Snap-On  Combs Including Full Size Foil Shaver
  • WETech 100% Waterproof
  • MAXLithium power – Up to 5 Hour! Runtime
  • Quick Charge
  • Turbo mode – Power Boost for Thick Hair
  • Rubberized Grip
  • Cost is only $57 which is awesome for this shave tool

The Gift Of The Season

So go ahead and let the teens celebrate their stubble, but keep it all clean and fresh looking.  This is how teen boys celebrate facial stubble.  Now just find the right ‘scents’ they like to follow up and you will have a winning season of gifting!

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