How To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Hardware


I can assure you that each time I delve into new DIY’s, things don’t always go as planned.

My next quest was how to replace kitchen cabinet hardware.

I was so excited about this project, I think I left my head behind.

Initially, the knobs I purchased did not even come close to working. How does the saying go “best-laid plans of mice and men.”

Trust me I planned my time, and thought about every step, but never considered one of the most important pieces to all of this, I will share that with you shortly.

This task of how to replace kitchen cabinet hardware is all about attention to detail.

Getting the look just right, and being able to love the blended look of a knob as it fits into the kitchen decor.

I hit highs and lows in this project but the end results look great!

Here’s my DIY of how to replace kitchen cabinet hardware as I lavishly live my life out loud!

How To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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The Journey To The Knobs

You will hear me refer to knobs as hardware, pulls, handles, and in fact, they are all these things, so don’t let the guys in the big retail chains intimidate you.

What I dislike most about DIY projects is not knowing what to refer to something as.

Instead of NOT knowing I Google, ask, talk to my husband, and visit the large DIY retailers and understand what I am looking for.

This particular adventure led me down a different path because I got so focused on color, that I forgot a very simple piece of the project which created its own chaos.

I learn through my mistakes and then share the info with you!

My error created another trip to the store (ok, multiple to locate all the knobs) and of course the time and effort I spent trying to correct a situation that could not be corrected –> refer to the video below.

Realizing I am not the first person to trip over this situation, I decided to share it with you so you don’t have the same problem.

Additionally, since we all seem to get tunnel vision when we head into new projects, this might help you out!

Clean Them Up

Before I even thought about changing the knobs I cleaned the cabinets.

When was the last time you wiped your cabinets from top to bottom and treated them to wood conditioner?

I had not done it in a while and I am ashamed to say they were a mess.

I cook all the time, but never realized the mess that was actually there!

Ugggg, bust out the rubber gloves.

Kitchen Cabinets being cleaned

At this point, I’d like to give a good shout out to my friends at ENDUST they by no means supported this post.

However, I do have to tell you if you want to get your kitchen cabinets clean and shiny and looking like knew this was definitely the best solution (unless you are going to paint your cabinets, don’t use Endust!)

Do you make sure to use one cloth to apply and 1 cloth take it off.

With the cleaning out of the way, I got my tools out, all of the knobs out of their package and then I began.

Want to know more about the kitchen cabinet hardware just watch the video below.

I think that will give you a bit more of an explanation of what exactly went wrong with my initial DIY.

How To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

See now you saw what I did not pay attention to that flush mounting made all the difference in how the look could be versus what we ended up with.

I need to pay a bit more attention to detail as it was not simply just taking down a piece of hardware and putting a new one up.

Scrubbing May Help? – How To Replace Kitchen Hardware

Where the arrow is you can clearly see the old knob mark, which was driving me nuts.

I scrubbed, I cleaned, and I scrubbed some more, it just would not go away, it was pressed in and had been used for 7+ years!

This knob is not what I used, I had to get other ones, look closely at the next photo.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

I also ran into a bit of problem because I needed over 52 knobs for the entire kitchen

My solution to this was buying the hardware or what I could find at one Home Depot and then calling another to get the rest (totally ridiculous).

Also, the price tag at this big home improvement store was at least $4 something a knob.

Do you know Amazon offers 25 packs of good looking hardware delivered to the door for Under $30?

Now you do!

So sorry for everyone else looking for these knobs because it took a few stores, not just one more.

I completely exhausted all of the supplies in a 40 miles radius and myself from running.

Kitchen cabinets with new knobs before and after

The installation itself was a breeze.

In fact, it simply took a screwdriver and my hands.

I worked towards not over-extending the tightening mechanism(screw) so as not to strip the threads on the screw.

I chose my new knobs to coordinate with the backsplash.

The old white ones did not match nor pull together the look of the backsplash.

This was very easy to do DIY once I got started.

This project was all about finding the RIGHT knobs to sit flush on the cabinets.

That’s my story of how to replace kitchen cabinet hardware, a very simple DIY with dramatic results!

Advice Before You Start

I am sure you already figured this out, but before you start, call the store and inquire.

I prefer to TRY at least one example like I can’t do sight unseen before ordering.

Therefore, I head to the store and get at least ONE of the products I want to use.

Now, as I have replaced another set of cabinetry in a different room, with 3 dozen knobs, I planned ahead.

Measuring for diameter, and ordering ONLINE to avoid any running around.

In fact, I found nicer ones online than in the stores.

So, use online to search for anything comparable and to have it delivered to your doorstep.

Last, a few cabinets may need extra-long screws, so make sure to order those as well!

No more running store-to-store!

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