How To Stylishly Puddle Jump

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There is never a season that I pass up the chance to tell you about new boots. Boots are the quintessential part of any wardrobe as they are made for summer, spring, winter and fall.  Finding the right pair of boots is all about the reason for the season.  I love to puddle jump, walk in the rain and I know how to stylishly puddle jump.  I don’t want to look like a frump when I am headed out the door and I love when my clothes coordinate.  The more color in the boot the happier I am and the more outfits my clothing coordinates with. There are tricks of the trade when it is time to puddle jump and I want to share a few with you so you can lavishly live fashion out loud, and know how to stylishly puddle jump.

The Reason For The Season 

The season of slush, sleet and rain is here and while we are headed out of the sleet time (fingers crossed) it is rain time.  Pittsburgh starts with the word ‘Pitts’ and I have to agree that some of our weather is less than amiable, but I stylishly puddle jump, slush hop and do the puddle pushing dances as I sport trendy, water resistant boots. I swear Pittsburgh is more gloomy than Washington with its dull cloud-filled days and the rain never stops in the Spring.  Our big joke when we recently moved was that we lived in the rain belt because we could drive five minutes away and the only place it was ever raining was right in our neighborhood.  Our grass is always green and the flowers are always bloomin’ but the area gets good and muddy and loaded with puddles, making me a puddle jumper!

Find A Puddle or Some  Slush

It’s not just about wearing these fabulously styled Western Chief Boots.  In fact it’s all about wearing these 12″ Ditsy Dot Rain Boots because  they not only look awesome with any leggin’, jean or short set that I wear the Western Chief Boots REPEL and RESIST water.

I hate slush, because it ruins shoes, and boots and I don’t care what you are wearing, unless it is waterproof you are looking at ruined footwear season after season! I DISLIKE Slush because it is generally accompanies by batches of salt which eat right into your shoes, leather, and plastics.  It’s time to work around the weather and work your way into fashion that tricks it!

Honestly these boots just make me want to run into the snowy slush and rain.. and I did!

Find a your puddle of slush if you are on defrost from the winter or find that puddle that is freshly curated from waterfall if you have just had a springtime rain and walk on through it! March through it, because you have 12″ of leg cover and your feet are going to stay totally dry in these Western Chief Rain Boots! Pick a color, any color, pick a style and let your feet parade through puddles, slush and all the crappy weather that nature throws at us!

Maybe you will find me out in a parking lot, shopping for groceries and while that cart might kick up the sludge, my puddle happy feet are just moving along, as my insides are lightly cushioned and my socks keep me insulated.  Guess what? When I come home and take off my Ditsy Dot Rain Boots my jeans, jeggins’ and legs are not a muddy mess and my socks are dirty.  I simply place my boots in the sink, rinse them off (of course this is all optional) and I am ready to take on the next set of puddles placed before me.  Slush it, Ice It, Rain It, but just mark it all with simply awesome rain gear from Western Chief and you will also know how to stylishly puddle jump anything that the weather hits you with!