Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites

 No matter the holiday, the easy-to-follow recipe I am about to share with you will become your staple go-to, when you need to be on appetizer duty! Fast. Simple. Tasty. Pretty much ‘da bomb’ of appetizers! 

Think Pizza but better! 

Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites will delight! Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites

Honestly, the hardest part of this recipe is the grocery store run and the lines at the store! Simple is an understatement and truly palate-pleasing with so little effort. Yes, this recipe is Novice level but for those that are more PRO, you can do add-ins to spice things up! 

For me, pepperoni cheese bomb bites are my go-to recipe no matter the party, holiday, or occasion we are getting together to celebrate. 

Pepperoni cheese bomb bites take very few ingredients but serve up a bold taste that so many love. 

Tips To Crank Out The Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites Faster than Fast! 

Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites outside air fryerPreheat your air fryer. I promise you after 8+ years of working with an air fryer and being a chef in my own restaurant/deli, preheating is the Mothership of getting this recipe right! 

Remember that the more you cycle an air fryer, the less time required per batch, In other words, if you double and triple this recipe, chances are that by your 4th batch of pepperoni cheese bomb bites you will be cooking them less than 5 minutes cycles! 

Always spray nonstick spray in the air fryer, or line it with some nonstick foil. Personally, foil inside of the air fryer kind of annoys me and getting in the way of those great dimples left indented in the pepperoni cheese bomb bites! 

However, you may have much less of a mess, but that also depends on how you ROLL, you balls. LOL and that just sounds funny! 

Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites ~ Dough Chatter 

Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites in air fryerLet’s talk about the pepperoni cheese bomb bites and how to make them faster than fast? 

That’s easy, just grab canned crescent roll dough. Naturally, you could also use canned biscuit dough but they will be dryer. 

I have tried everything and the best taste comes from the crescent roll dough in the refrigerated section. 

Also, you don’t have to buy a brand to make these any refrigerated crescent roll dough in a can will work. 

Please buy at least 2 cans to yield about 12 pieces per can = 24. 

Also, if you have holidays and occasions back to back, buy and store the cans in the fridge! Then you will be ready to pop these pepperoni cheese bomb bites out when you need them without a trip to the store! 

How Much Time Will You Need For Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites? 

Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bitesin handIF you are planning on making 2 batches, this will really depend on your basket size. For me, I needed a total of not more than 10 minutes. 

As I stated, these go fast and make fast, but the size of your air fryer is what will guide you to more or less time. 

What To Know 

Pepperoni cheese bomb bites are good on day 1 and on day 2. When they come out of the air fryer they are hot and so yummy. 

The cheese will burn your mouth. 

You can add a bit of sauce to each if you want more pizza-like pepperoni cheese bomb bites, but I don’t. 

Do use the cheese I about to share with you, as it makes it easy peasy to stuff those little pepperoni cheese bomb bites without a lot of effort! 

After all, who wants a lot of work in an appetizer? Not me! 

Best Success With Dough 

Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites open and closed bitesWhen working with the crescent dough, unroll, cut, and use it immediately. 

This means you will be committed to this little task for all of 5 minutes if that! 

However, if you walk away, the dough will be too warm to work with and you will NOT like how these turn out. 

So, refrigerator, counter, cut, use, and roll. 

Suggested Seasoning for Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites 

Here’s the one thing I can only suggest. You’ve got your own favorite flavors so get creative. 

On mine, each and every time I make the pepperoni cheese bomb bites, I add garlic salt, at a minimum. 

Sometimes I go as far as to add fresh basil, but not always, and other times I add dried oregano and basil! 

So, for those of you that have flavored spices when you are eating ‘pizza’ try them in these simple pepperoni cheese bomb bites, I am sure you will love them! 

Pepperoni Cheese Bomb Bites

Simple pepperoni bites bursting with flavor made in minutes with simple ingerdients
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Italian
Prep Time: 15minutes
Servings: 12pieces


  • air fryer
  • kitchen shears


  • 2 cheese sticks cut into pieces 6 each
  • 12-24 pieces pepperoni use 1-2 pieces per bite
  • sprinkle garlic salt optional or basil or oregano


  • preheat air fryer to 400°F
    Make sure to spray non stick spray into air fryer liner
  • place a piece of pepperoni onto a cut of dough
  • add a piece of cheese
  • gather ends of dough around pepperoni and cheese
  • roll into a ball
  • sprinkle with garlic salt
  • air fry 12 pieces at a time for up to 5 minutes - golden brown
  • repeat as needed. You will need less time with each batch in a preheated air fryer
  • serve warm. Enjoy ~ Dana xo