Ultimate Packing Mistake. Do you make it?

You’ve decided on a new vacation destination, and that unto itself is exciting. That’s great, but what comes next is everything because you might commit the ultimate packing mistake without trying. 

Many that plan a vacation to different destinations, save ahead creating a travel budget to pay for the trip and also create travel budgets for when they are actively engaged in their travel. Do you? ultimate packing mistake luggage below

Others make the ultimate packing mistake! Do You? 

What I am about to reveal as the ultimate packing mistake takes into consideration, the weather, the activities, and the dress codes of places you will be visiting. Naturally, packing comes into play here. 

But the ultimate packing mistake is what many do and few even consider ‘odd’ but really is unnecessary. 

Before you pack your bags and before you travel, let’s dive into the ultimate packing mistake you’ll want to avoid. Avoiding this mistake saves you money! 

keep exploring and avoid the ultimate packing mistake

You Might Disagree or Agree With The Ultimate Packing Mistake – It’s a Personal Preference 

Each of us is very different and when we travel, our trips are all different. We may partake in things others do, but then we eat at different places, see different things, visit different areas, etc. So, for everyone, this article may not prove true, but on a whole, most travelers do what I am about to share and it ends up costing them more than travel should! 

Once The Vacation Is Planned then The Ultimate Packing Mistake Occurs 

Ultimate Packing Mistake world mapFor most, a vacation is a fresh lease on a week of life that allows us to recharge and renew our soul, spirit, mind, and body. From fun in the sun to sightseeing, immersive experiences as little or as much as we prefer, vacationing is exciting!  

If you don’t plan what you are doing, the ultimate packing mistake will get bigger and bigger. Sigh! The unknown and unplanned may create chaos (to a degree). 

Where Are You Going? 

When you make a decision to take a trip to a destination, you decide where you are going. What is the destination like? Is it hot, or is it cold? Will you be by the water or will you be on the water? Are the nights’ cooler and the days warmer? 

Will you spend more time hanging out (like on a beach or poolside) or will you be spending more time traveling around? 

You see everything you think you do will lead to the Ultimate packing mistake and since one thing we have in common is considering what we will be doing, that is where the ultimate packing mistake begins and then gains momentum like a snowball rolling down a hill. 

Activities And Travel 

ultimate packing mistake many tourists dressedUnbeknownst to you, the ultimate packing mistake occurs somewhere in between all of the following as well.  Organizing a trip is a multi-level event no matter what kind of trip you take! Consider all of the following. 

There’s nothing more exciting than seeking out things to do, a.k.a. activities in the destination we are traveling to.

So, what will you do? Will you be taking tours to learn about the area? Or will you be visiting the museum?

Maybe you love the nightlife no matter where you go and you club hop? 

Will any of your days include shopping? Or will you be looking for small markets?

Is your trip part business and part fun?

Do you think you will be visiting ball games or sporting events?

What about walking, how much or how little do you anticipate? 

The Ultimate Packing Mistake

Did you already guess that the ultimate packing mistake is all about clothing?

Well, it is this in a nutshell, “buying new clothes to go out of town!” No one has seen your wardrobe, and chances are whatever YOU have in your wardrobe you can mix and match to make work for a trip unless you are visiting very diverse temperatures or don’t own a single item that would work.

So WHY are you buying new clothing? 

Think about the money you are spending and don’t need to.

STOP THE Ultimate Packing Mistake RIGHT Now. $ave Money! Solution! 

Most of us have a well-rounded wardrobe that we can adjust to fit most trips. We own bathing suits, and warm jackets, shorts, and jeans. Teeshirts and tank tops, sweaters, etc. 

Now there are exceptions, as you would expect, but overall this discussion is about passport travel to Europe or Middle Eastern countries and a closet that is filled with items you can use! 

If you live in a warm destination (like Hawaii or LA) and are traveling to a ski resort, chances are you will need to buy new clothing articles to supplement what you already have. However, consider what you have. Layers work in cold climates so you don’t need new tees or jeans, but you will need at least a jacket and some boots and hats. 

Cold climates that require waterproof, warm clothing that you might not already own is a time to really consider buying something so you don’t freeze! 

Now scroll to the bottom if you want to learn how to get what you need without overspending! I’ve set up some tips there just in case you really do need a few things! 

Hot Tip To Make Lessen the Ultimate Packing Mistake 

When you buy something like a set of waterproof boots, it’s an investment. You might only use them on that trip, or you might use them on many trips. In either case, if you use them over and over, that’s great. 

Get the most out of your spend! 

But, if you buy them for ONE trip and don’t need them again, you could breathe new life into them by using the boots when you garden? If not, sell them on Facebook Marketplace, or Poshmark, etc. Don’t just let them sit around, not only is it clutter, but they render themselves useless by not being used! 

Use Some Of What You Own…

But you can also mix and match some of your current clothing into the mix, meaning that you won’t have to buy everything new and blow a travel budget allocated for when you get somewhere on clothing. Instead, you’ll have your budget intact and can dine out, and sightsee with that money instead. 

When You Should Make the Ultimate Packing Mistake: The Exceptions …

There are a few instances when you want to make the ultimate packing mistake because chances are you will need to in order to fit in! 

Add to what you have, again, no need to buy everything new. Mix. Match, Borrow! Be sensible, and spend your money on stuff you LOVE on the trip, not on clothes you already have! Keep reading! 

Passport Travel To Europe of Middle Eastern Countries = Dress codes. 

This is the time that you will have to commit to a special packing situation and probably will break every rule to do so! 

Here you will need to look at the appropriate dress codes and abide. For instance, you may need skirts and not pants. Or head coverings, not hats. 

 However, you may have some of the ‘dress code’ items already in your closet, so again, scan your belongings before you buy! 

So it’s not really a mistake to buy what you don’t have but the mistake would be not using what you have (if it fits comfortably) because then you are wasting money. No one has seen your wardrobe besides you, so use what you have! Save your travel budget! 

Travel to Europe + Packing 

Even when you pack for Europe, chances are no matter the season (their seasons are like ours, just at slightly differing times) you will have the right wardrobe but you have to know what to take. dont be this guy ultimate packing mistake

For instance, it is more acceptable to wear casual dresses with jean jackets or long sleeve shirts as covers for them, with casual shoes, that are comfortable and stylish. Avoiding the use of fanny packs (omg, my favorite thing to say!) because YOU WILL Stand out and look like a tourist! 

Don’t wear : 

  • Chain store logos across your tees – nope!
  • Say no to Sports team tees and hats
  • Fanny packs (already stated) 
  • Huge backpacks – hey sucker, you are a tourist!
  • Ripped jeans, etc. 
  • skimpy clothing such as shorts and tanks are fine when you are headed to the beach but not acceptable when touring. 

The ideal packing situation is to dress like the locals. I will also tell you that means no tennis shoes with socks or it will be ‘Guarda le Scarpe! 

Instead of Making the Ultimat Packing Mistake When Traveling To Europe Try the Following: 

go to your closet first and seek out the following.. then purchase what you are missing! 

  • Multiple pieces that mix and match in one color scheme, stay as neutral as possible. (chances are you own a lot of this already)
  • Do bring scarves, you can use them for headcover, shoulder coverings when needed, and hair ties.  (check your drawers, you probably have this too!) 
  • Basic, comfortable shoes
  • Good mix of both long and short sleeve shirts
  • Skirts, dresses, and pants. 
  • Leggings as long as they are accompanied by a modest shirt 

The Truth About The Ultimate Packing Mistake 

On a whole, we all are guilty of purchasing stuff we don’t really need because our closet has most of what we need. Do purchase the few items you don’t however make sure you can mix them into your wardrobe. I consider a functional packing wardrobe one that has a few colors that I can mix and match with anything in the luggage and it looks great!

Outside of the very diverse climates that you may travel to, you truly have what you need. 

One purchase many can agree on that is not a mistake and is new, are extra undergarments ranging from socks to undies. These items stuff well into backpacks, shoes, and luggage without taking up much room and save you time on long journies from having to wash and dry! 

Do remember you don’t want to look like a tourist so read a few articles on what to wear wherever you are headed and try to pack accordingly, adding in what you need to what you currently have. This avoids you sticking out and becoming of a victim of petty crime etc. 

Need More Advice Of What To Wear So You Avoid The Ultimate Packing Mistake? 

Plop (yes plop) these words into Google, “TripAdvisor appropriate clothing when traveling” Or the exact location you are traveling to. Chances are you will find what you need fast! 

Need Stuff But Not Beyond The Trip? 

For those that need clothing and don’t anticipate having a use for it beyond the trip, there are a few things you can do: 

  • leave the clothing in the country you are visiting (basically donating) and fill your luggage with souvenirs
  • Shop at a Goodwill or thrift store so you do not spend top dollar but you do have an appropriate wardrobe build for your journey. 
  • sell your items or donate them once you get back home 
  • borrow anything you can from friends. (bring them a souvenir in trade) 

The Ultimate Packing Mistake: You’ve Got This 

No matter where you are going, simply packing what you have is the perfect solution. You are the only one that has seen your wardrobe. Keep it clean, and wrinkle-free and you will look great! Always make sure to study the area you are traveling to in order to make sure you will have what you need with you! 

Use what you have, borrow what you don’t then buy what is left!