Why To Travel With Gift Cards

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Have you ever wondered if gift cards are a great idea beyond gifting?  Or maybe you have always bought gift cards for others but never for yourself? Gift cards are great ‘keeps’ for your wallet especially if you tend to overspend when you head to your favorite stores. Gift cards have other benefits as well.

Do you travel a lot? Do you stop at the highway and turnpike gas stations? Do you often run out to eat while traveling? If you spend any time on the road, in the air, traveling anywhere let me share why to travel with gift cards.  Ready, set drive or fly for travel and lavishly live life out loud with my insider’s tips of why to travel with gift cards!

The Interrupted Vacation

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I have a set of friends who traveled up and down the coast quite frequently.  In fact, they traveled this same coast 4+ times a year and always stopped for gas and food. Of course, those are the 2 biggest reasons to stop when traveling right?

It just so happened at one of the gas stops along the way, someone got a hold of their credit information from the card they used at the gas station and began charging thousands of dollars.  My friends had no idea until they arrived at their vacationing spot and tried to use that card again and were not able.  Their vacation became total chaos as they began to undo the DONE process and that is not what they had in mind when they were traveling.

Why Travel With Gift Cards

Traveling with gift cards in your wallet does not leave up open to having your swiped credit card compromised.  Further, many of the gift cards can be placed in an app and you can just scan and go, make them easy to use.  When it comes to gas stations, you just decide how much of the gift card you want to apply and pay that much, it’s easy.

Traveling with gift cards is also better on your budget because the party stops when the gift card is maxed out, unlike your typical credit card that can take a beating and then assaults you when you arrive home with a stifling bill.

Gift Cards For Budgeting gift cards

Gift Cards obviously have limits on them so if you are an over-spender when you gift cards, perhaps it’s the alcohol that gets you, you can decrease your costs by traveling with a gift card and the party stops when the gift card runs out.


So many gift cards have apps that allow you to just access the gift card from your smartphone rather than carrying it, making it the obvious choice for spending.  Who wants to tote around a purse when all you need is your smartphone?


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Travel should not be about worrying where you left your credit card or how much you overspent.  Great vacations begin and end with advanced planning! Now you know why to travel with gift cards and you can lavishly live your travel experience at ease and out loud!