DIY Walk-In Closet Makeover. Elevate Yours from OW to WOW!

Today’s post is sponsored by LUNDIA USA all opinions and images are my own.

In our last 2 homes, my closet has been my frenemy. Each time, it took a DIY to really wrangle it.

The question each time has been, “how to organize a walk-in closet?”

From OW to WOW 1 Non Toxic Solid Wood closet System

My new question is not just how to organize a walk-in closet, but where to find a non-toxic, made in the USA system?

FOUND: A Solid Wood Closet System that elevates it from Ow to WOW

I want to organize and makeover my closet, and it’s sinfully disastrous and overstocked. What you will learn is that it’s about organizing, cleaning, tossing, upcycling, donating, and you might even figure out that you really own some ugly stuff, lol.

Let me overview my Solid Wood Closet System to do a DIY Walk-in Closet Makeover, so you know what to expect here! How to Orgainze a Walk-In Closet - Solid Wood Closet System. Non-Toxic

  • Yes, this will be a simple DIY, but you do need to know where to find a made in the USA, non-toxic, formaldehyde-free solid wood closet system!
  • No, this is not about storage containers, shoe boxes, hooks, and racks, it’s way more.
  • You won’t find ANY PARTICLE Board in the closet system I sought out.
  • There is someone there that can help you design your dream!
  • Also, this is a DIY, and as far as I am concerned if you can use a tape measure and a drill you’ve got this! (beginner-level stuff!)

I am the queen of my castle & I want the best solid wood closet system, one that just screams, ‘Dana’s Department Store!’

In other words, it’s got to go from OW to WOW in a millisecond of a blinking eye! Such as the case if you ever have seen the movie, ‘The Princess Diaries?Once I saw Princess Mia’s closet with drawers and shelves and brilliantly bright, I wanted it. Shoes, purses, dresses, tanks, jeans, they are all my truest downfall,

Let Me Just Come Right Out With It.

While I don’t ‘collect’ clothing, I do have several wardrobes. As a travel writer, DIY Gal, and self-proclaimed recipe curator, my wardrobe is always changing to meet the task. Rather than an organized closet, mine generally appears as though someone has ransacked it. Weight changes, travel destinations are all over the place and I never know what function I will be showing up for, therefore, my closet is my life!

In any event, my closet is a trainwreck and erring on the side of ‘OW’ way more than ‘WOW‘! So, help arrived in the form of a solid wood closet system, that is framing that supports shelves, drawers, and more.

8 Things Missing From my Solid Wood Closet System When It Arrived

  1. particleboard
  2. formaldehyde
  3. Formaldehyde resin
  4. toxins
  5. plastic
  6. melamine
  7. chips bonded with formaldehyde glue
  8. fake, glued on wood print

Whatever Shall I do without being exposed to toxins and faux woods?

The answer is simple. Construct my DIY solid wood closet system as fast as I can, inhale the lovely smell of wood, and load that walk-in closet up, because it’s time to celebrate a winning duo. Me + Lundia USA! Woot.

Solid Wood smells so good when you close the closet door and open it again.

SO here’s what you need to know real fast so I can show you more about my makeover with this solid wood closet system you’ll want to!

  1. Made in the USA
  2. Lundia USA’s solid wood closet system is constructed of 100% Natural Pine + Hemlock
  3. It’s ‘environmentally harvested from the Pacific Northwest
  4. You design your system
  5. Shipped to your doorstep
  6. DIY Install that’s simple to do
  7. No additives, preservatives, or artificial anything is added to the wood.
  8. Live happily ever after.

Organize a Walk-In Closet – The DIY Begins

Piles of clothing in the Before a solid wood closet system. OW! DIY. Also known as something one does to tackle a problem.

The LUNDIA USA Closet System I am about to share with you rock your fashion world, down to your ankle boots and up to your head.

There’s Got To Be An OW before the WOW

My low point, and my big ‘OW’ moment. The current closet system sucks, to be frank.

Before and after: Solid Wood Closet System. Elevate From Ow To Wow As previously mentioned my closet is solid wood-built frames and it can hold some serious poundage of clothing!

Packaging of the solid wood closet system

As far as installation goes, my new LUNDIA USA Closet System(and hopefully yours soon too!) has been simple to put together and very straightforward. Your solid wood closet system arrives via Fed Ex.

Labeling on LUNDIA USA Shipments

You’ll want to open everything, and the first thing you will see is HOW amazingly well each piece was packaged and protected from the insane Fed Exer’s that just plop, toss, drop and go!

The box labels truly make it easy to find what you need for each section of the frames you will be building.

In my world, this system changed my organizational efforts and met them with even better options. If you are sick of your ridiculously unorganized, time-sucking, wire-rack, lack of storage closet, you really need a LUNDIA USA Closet System.

Your closet does not have to be HUGE to install one, but it does need to have you really rethinking, “Am I really this messy or is it the closet?” Ladies, always blame the closet, (lol)!

My story is Your Story. Where do We Start?

The best way to share with you what happens before, during, and after a solid wood closet system installation is to start from the beginning. Watch the video. Yes, it is a bit lengthy but it shares the OW to WOW impact so much better than any photo can!

WARNING – YOU are about to view a disaster area, & it may resemble YOUR closet.

Before solid wood closet system install. My OW moment it was a disaster area. Eyeball your closet. What do you own the most of? Clothing, accessories, shoes? Whatever it is, becomes your starting point for planning a new closet.

Shopping for a solid wood closet system leaves you with 1 true brand.

How did I start my process? First, I shopped around for closet systems. Again, I wanted wood, not particle board. What I really was seeking was a solid wood closet system that is proven, such as installed in places that already have tested its limits of industrial strength, like Macy’s Shoe Room!

Facts LUNDIA USA is a Proven Brand in the Commercial World Already

Have you been to Macy’s? Shopped at a Starbucks Outlet? Spent any time in the JCPenney’s stock room? Love golf? The solid wood closet system has true accolades behind it. LUNDA USA frames, drawers, racks, pins, etc are made for the long haul. In fact, they were originally and are still is used for heavy-duty commercial use in your favorite stores and hotels.

Macy’s has “Approximately 5 Million Shoes are currently stored on Lundia shelving in over 600 Macy’s stores throughout the USA.” Macy’s and me are already besties as I buy a LOT of shoes there, lol! The fun fact then, my closet was already related to LUNDIA USA before it was installed.

Starbucks Outlet & JCP

Next time you head to the Starbucks Outlet, look at the shelving holding all the inventory for sale. It is LUNDIA USA. Solid, tough, weight-bearing, sturdy, built to last, and WOOD! Finally, as for JCP, well those 12-foot stock rooms are graced with their shelves and they hold your clothing before you meet it!

Eyeballing the mess, Understanding the Needs to be Fulfilled

Eyeballing the mess and deciding what I needed in a closet system

Here is the bottom line that my solid wood closet system must match: I own a multi-faceted wardrobe that is personalized for who I am: a travel writer, DIY Gal, and Food Content creator. My closet life needs to be organized, and in plain sight to be used.

Locate issues in your current closet then seek out that solid wood closet system! currently having the most issues in my closet that is not a solid wood closet system

  • I am a shoe addict (but I can’t find matching shoes because there are no shelve)
  • traveling to so many different locations requires different clothing (but it’s just in piles because there are no drawers)
  • DIY projects = my favorite jeans, tops, and boots. (where is that clothing? no drawers or hanging space)
  • Culinary Dana has 2 sets of cooking wardrobe: on camera or not! (well, can’t seem to find anything right now can I?)
  • Shirts I bought with the intent of using never used, as they had been hiding under a stash of sweaters from a trip I took in the Fall. (because wire closet racks suck and fall off the wall!)
  • Bathing suits with bikini tops crushed from recent trips as there is nowhere to store them, and at least they are in the closet, right? WRONG!
  • Wadded rolls of clothing that I had compacted for storage sake in the corners yet, forgotten about and really don’t need. (I can’t find a corner can you?)

Bye To Wire Rack Hangers They are Ineffective

Wire racks are ineffective and fell off the wall. A solid wood closet system solves this issue When I compare our before and after it was like shopping in a TJ Maxx and then became a Macy’s! Our current closet system, as you see had wire racks. They are completely ineffective. I’ve purchased bins, and roll drawers, shoe racks, but nothing helps. Clothes are on the floor, on the racks, between the racks. Worse yet when I fold a sweater and place it on the racks above, those RACK LINES imprint on it! S-T-O-P the insanity.

Initial Makeover Before Installing the Solid Wood Closet System.

We ripped that light out and upgraded it to an LED light with no more ORANGE light coloration for me. I term this, ‘department store LED lighting.’

Next, we ripped out the carpet and put in a new floor.

Then, we painted the walls gray.


With every sorted load of clothing and shoes I took out of my walk-in closet I was getting more and more upset. This is definitely the worst of the OW moments I had. Remember after this it is all peaches and cream because installing the solid wood closet system is going to create order from the chaos! Woot. Smile. Keep on moving, we are on our way to a ‘department-store finish’!
Pile of Everything From Our Walk In Closet before solid wood closet system is installed

Every stinking thing you have in your closet needs to tossed out of the closet and placed into a huge smoldering pile. Yes, you will cringe.

Choice of Finishes For The Solid Wood Closet System

My color is a gray wash. However, they have many finishes to fit every closet in any home.

  • Unfinished
  • Clear
  • Whitewash
  • White
  • pecan
  • cherry
  • cordovan
  • gray wash
  • black
  • and more.

Considerations before Organizing your Solid wood closet system and why it matters!

a mess of clothing in a huge pile before we put it in the new solid wood closet system from Lundia USA

Long Hanging vs. Short Hanging

Here’s the deal, if you are tall, then you definitely will want more long hanging spots or if you have more suits or dresses. For me, that is a waste and I dedicated only ONE area to this. Why? Dresses, depending on what they are made of can stretch if hung improperly, therefore, proper hanging or folding was accomplished with drawers and shelves.

I’ve always folded my jeans, and now suddenly being able to hang them, translated to folded in 1/2 over a hanger. Less long hanging areas afforded me more double rack spaces. I am short and my tops are short, so a few frame sections with double racks was the perfect solution.

Your Solid Wood Closet System is Ready to Be Used

Every day, a few times a day is how many times I make appearances in and out of my closet! Running from activities or to appointments is the reason and I keep changing clothes. Sound familiar? You’ll need to organize it so you can easily get to what you need.

before and after of one side of the solid wood closet system with drawers and shelves

Once we got the drawers installed and the shelving, I began to purge so I could fit the right things in the closet and get rid of the rest!

Framing options (that’s what the drawers, shelves, and rods sit within are: we looked at the options for 30″, 32″, and 36″ frames.

Using The Right Hangers Will Be Your Happy Place

Invest in hangers. Make them all the same, and buy dozens of them in bulk. Hang without worrying if your clothes will stretch, get holes or fall off of hangers.

Clothes on Proper clothes Hangers in solid wood closet systemRemember to toss out every single metal hanger you have. In fact, those hangers leave rust on clothing over time. Pitch the plastic store hangers both black and clear. Get rid of those ugly white hangers, they are junk, and they don’t help your clothing.

Invest in real hangers like these non-slip clothes and suit hangers. These amazing hangers will allow you to hang your favorite shirts with the seams in the right place. Better yet, your favorite long sweaters can be folded up and hung at the same time without ripping or putting holes in the material. Some sleeveless shirts can be doubled up if you can find matching colors (if you do that, I do).

‘S’ Hooks Are Amazing

Since you are changing everything, learn something new and grab packs of ‘s’ hooks for your clothing too! Honestly, S hooks are a must! Do you own shorts and skirts with belt loops? Jeans?

'S' Hooks for clothing inside of the solid wood closet system while stocking closet

You gain hanging space and its so easy to hang on clothing and accessories on these. Don’t rift through a drawer looking for your stuff, hang it instead on these ‘S’ hooks. I suggest either a 3/4″ or a 1″ those are more universal. Also, make sure that one of the ends is covered so it does not SNAG your clothing. Look at these hooks and these. Currently, I own each and use them for shorts, and tanks, and skirts!

Hanging Bar: What Goes On Here & Why It Matters.

Saying that the solid wood closet system will rock your fashion world is not even saying enough. The hanging bar positioning matters and I’ll quickly explain why.

3 hanging positions on Lundia USA hanging bars inside the solid wood closet system. There are 3 positions on the hanging bar. With shirts and pants, you will use the first hole, closest to the front. This allows your hanger to clear the wall. In fact, I used the first holding position for ALL my hanging needs.

Is it difficult to position the hanging bars and shelves in the solid wood closet system from LUNDIA USA?

Not at all! There are metal pins for every shelf and bar holder. So, you simply fit the shelf into the grooves and put a pin underneath. The pins are easily removable, and you can change your mind 100 times over. Just push the pin back out.

I did this so many times until I found the height I wanted things at. It’s fast, easy, and best of allow allows for so much versatility in the closet system.

TIP for PINS >> If you can’t get the pin in on one side, go on the opposite side of the frame and push it there.

Why might you need that tip? If you hang your Coat Valet, Tie Valet, Hanging Bar, or Belt Valet, those might already be where you have pins. However, you might want to hang something above or below, and therefore you need to get a PIN in to securely lock it into place.

Tips for Shelf Placement and Clothing Bars In your solid wood closet system from LUNDIA USA

Before you load those shelves and fill those hanging bars, think about everything. If a hanging bar is close to a shelf, remember the shelf needs room to fit into the grooves in the back, in order to get into position.

You need to be able to angle these in. The same holds true with the rod placement and valets. In order to be able to tilt to the bottom of the groove into an angled position, you’ll need clearance. Therefore, if a bar or shelf is above it, you won’t be able to do this. Set everything up, before you load.

Drawers and Installation inside your solid wood closet system + Tips

Build the frame. Don’t put a single shelf or hanging bar in UNTIL you add the drawers. I do reference this in our longer video, so if you want to know more watch the video. Plus read below and I detail this a bit more. Read the directions!

drawers in progress inside the solid wood closet system from Lundia USA

We built all the sections and loaded the hanging bars and shelves first. I began to load them. Nooooooo!

Drawers in LUNDA USA Gray Wash Built. Solid wood closet system is a DIY

Drawer Install: further Information

To get the drawers in you need to be able to fit them into the grooved tracks and NOTHING can be in the way. Not a hanging rod from the neighboring frame, not a shelf, not a coat valet, NOTHING! My advice is to build the frame and immediately build the shelves.

Don’t be tempted to load anything or be set on shelf heights until the drawers are in. Also, you don’t need to put a shelf on the bottom of the frame. The drawer on the bottom does not require it. I have lost a shelf as it was installed beneath the drawers and I can tell you Michael is not taking it back out.

Oops! Excitement Made Me Do It (or so I claim!)

Don’t Move Full Steam Ahead, Instead, FRAME all and Follow the Plans. So easy, in fact, that a few days later, when I had a few hours, I surprised Michael and had added in hanging rods, which I proudly started to load (Mistake…)

Don't load clothes ahead of drawers because the rod placement messes with the drawer placement in the solid wood closet system. Why? The bar I added was in my first frame, and the drawers were not in yet.

Drawers and Installation

The drawers come mostly assembled. You do have to get them into the grooved tracks and add the front panel. Which, has the handles ALREADY installed. Easy Peasy! While I might make the drawers sound bad, trust me, they are not.

Watch the video, it’s not hard, but you have to pay attention to what you are doing. Unlike the other parts, like framing, this is a bit more detailed. but the drawers are lovely! I, unfortunately, had blocked Michael’s ability to get the top drawer in the groove because I had hung a hanging bar on the frame next to it.

Hanging rods and drawer issues if you don't read the directions. Since the frames are joined and share segments, I had to unhang ALL the clothing and move the rod. Which also meant a different clearance from the bottom shelf to the bar. Each part of the system builds on the frame. Therefore, since the frames are next to each other, often, that can impinge the height or something you had planned.

Pins go into the holes and the hole you might want, may not work. So, practice on ONE section, then move throughout the closet. This is on me, but I wanted to build, load and help. I just didn’t read the directions as well as Michael had and I took the plunge! UGH!

What Takes the Longest To Install on The Solid Wood Closet System? Drawer Installation.

LUNDIA USA Gray Wash Frames built: Solid Wood Closet System Frames. We worked on the frame in my closet and built 90% of it TOGETHER over about 6 hours. Maybe less. We did stop here and there as we were dealing with my son who’s arm was dislocated, fractured, relocated, and then had a screw put in it, so playing nurse in between took away from the project.

Michael and Dana Installing LUNDIA USA Solid wood closet System a practical DIY

You do need a screwdriver or a drill, plus a tape measure and a pencil. Those will be items you will use nonstop while building frames and placing the frames against the wall.

Dana and Michael Working on installing LUNDIA USA Solid Wood closet System frames It’s not hard at all, I would definitely say it’s easier if there are 2 of you putting it together, but ONE person COULD do this.

One holds while the other fastens, drills, whatever you want to call it before the other person snags your job! DIY can be fun!

Building Frames that are Part of the Solid Wood Closet System Is an Easy DIY

Building LUNDIA USA Solid wood closet Frames in our room

Once we built a frame, we slid it into position and did not FASTEN it to the wall, until we were sure of ALL placements. We followed our drawings which LUNDIA USA makes for you. Our blueprints. Michael is truly a master of building (we do own a successful construction firm) but you don’t need to be a Michael to build this. I was fastening the frames as well, and it’s not hard.

A Work In Progress – Organizing The Closet System

While I am building this today, I know I will change it and again, the beauty of this solid wood closet system is the fact it is easy to change. Whether it’s the clothing bar positioning, the valet rack, shoe shelves heights, etc.

It’s just a matter of moving pins on shelves which makes this fabulous.

solid wood closet system shelves for shoes being built

The next day I spent a few hours (since we both work) adding shelves to the Shoe Addicts Rack (as I call it). It is my feature wall where I have all my shoes (plus I put some more atop the entire closet. As I worked, I changed the height of the shelves a lot and I changed my mind too!

So, all I did was take a pin in and out and replace the shelves. Easy peasy! Michael was super surprised when he came home to a fully accessorized shoe feature wall. Make sure to watch my video to see me building the shoe wall (it’s in the longer video). In there I demo how to move pins and place shelves.

ShoeWall Shelf in my Lundia USA Solid Wood Closet system

Easy. Fast and Gratifying: Feature Shoe Wall in my LUNDIA USA Solid Wood Closet System.

You might see above, I have enlisted the help of clear plastic shoe boxes. I have used them, but actually diminished my original amount and stored almost everything on the shoe addict’s rack! At one point in time, I had so many clear shoe boxes it was out of control, now I have contained the mess!

clear shoes boxes stored atop for storage on the LUNDIA USA solid wood Closet System

What was super nice is that our system left enough clearance from the top shelf to the ceiling that I could fit those boxes up there!

Inside those clear boxes, I placed all of my formal shoes, glitzy and strappy heals inside those containers with easy-to-read labels. Why? They are the most infrequently used shoes and they get dust on them, so this makes that situation stop!

My point: there are a lot of storage and versatility options within this closet organization system, right?

Accessories for The LUNDIA USA Solid Wood Closet ROCK: Coat Valets, Ties, and Belt Racks.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better it increases intensity. Coat valets, tie racks, and belt racks are here to really organize you beyond your wildest dreams. It’s insanely like setting up a department store! ♥♥♥

Coat Valet installed inside undia USA Solid Wood Closet system How did I ever live without these before I will never know? When I want to plan an outfit for myself, I pull out my Coat Valet and put my suit or outfit on it. There it is in all its glory, waiting.

Michael has the same. This way, I can just coordinate his clothing and he just has to get home and we can go out, fast! Yes, they are an optional accessory and one I could no longer live without. YOLO!

Tie Rack And Belt Rack

Oh for the love of organizing I am in 7th heaven! I could live in this closet and be so happy!

Tie rack as a jewelry rack inside a LUNDIA USA solid wood closet system Having all my belts on a rack makes it possible to style. Before, I considered myself lucky with a ‘bonus’ if I could find a belt to put on my outfit! Now, it’s a standard go-to piece of wardrobe accessory.

All of Michaels’s ties are organized and I LOVE this! ♥♥♥ I actually organized Michael’s tie by season, so he can find them. However, I used a tie valet for jewelry to, so I can see what I have, fast.

Drawers – Don’t Skip Out On Purchasing These

Way back, 20 minutes ago when you started reading this, I referenced the movie, “Princess Diaries” if you remember. Well, drawers are what made her closet stand out aside from all the stuff in her closet.

Don’t skip out on adding drawers to your solid wood closet system or you are missing out!

LUNDIA USA Drawers in Closet in gray wash: Solid Wood Closet System Must-HaveAt first, I thought I would put my sweaters in these drawers, but I nixed that plan. Instead, I’ve got my camisoles with the bra cups built-in by color in my drawers. Then, I used the larger drawers for my bathing suit collections. I mean, as a travel writing gal, I do the resort thing a lot (if we ever get back to that …).

Drawers filled in LUNDIA USA Solid Wood Closet System For Michael’s DRAWER (yes, poor guy, only one), I’ve stocked with extra socks and tees. Sweaters on a whole did not make it into the drawers but I did stock the one with ‘snaggable’ sweaters. Meaning those loosely crocheted beach sweaters. These are those sweaters that look crocheted and have cami’s under them. I own a few, so I used a drawer for that purpose.

Organizing Open Space is Even MORE important

There’s a lot of space on the shelves and I went to stack and didn’t like the process or the look. But, I found the best of the best in solutions. While it is not something that LUNDIA USA sells, it does make it possible to really stash, stock, and stay organized inside the newly made-over closet! Organized open spaces in LUNDIA USA solid wood closet system using containers from Target If you don’t have too much, stacking works, but I prefer containers. I shopped a lot to find containers that fit the feel of my closet. I’ve dedicated containers to sparkle sweaters, leggings, workout clothing, sports bras, long sleeves, etc.

The containers have handles and I’ve placed labels on each. These containers are catch-alls, and easily allow clothes to either be ‘tossed’ or folded. Just what I needed to further organize and maintain a unified look in my solid wood closet system.

containers for clothing on shelves inside the walk-in closet

My Closet Before We Installed the Solid Wood Closet System by LUNDIA USA

Before lundia CLOSET INSTALL I’m still finishing my closet. It is possible, though I will neither confirm nor deny that I’ve reset it 3x so far. As I live with it each day, I find more and more clothing items to move around, since I want it to be functional. Change is not hard, it’s simply a matter of changing where the pins are on the shelves or rods.

I am completely, insanely in love with my closet. In fact, I want to do a much smaller closet in a different room with all things LUNDIA USA.

AFTER the Installation of this fabulous Solid Wood Closet System

What matters most is that I would undeniably do another DIY closet makeover using this non-toxic solid wood closet system in another room. I don’t say that about every DIY project I walk away from.

The shipped material was flawless and when it comes to quality this is beyond fantastic. Crafted with care in the good old USA and the solid wood closet system works with my lifestyle and makes my clothing organized and accessible.

After LUNDIA USA Solid Wood Closet Install : stocking it

Don’t Overthink Your Own Closet Makeover.

Go from OW to WOW in days. Visit the LUNDIA USA website, choose the color your like and take your measurements. Order. Make a difference in your closet space.

After living with ratty wire racks, contractor-grade, and no storage except plastic totes, I’ve upgraded to the Princess Level (ok, Queen Level!) If you can wield a screwdriver or a drill, you got this! No, I’m not kidding. Do the overhaul, and then install this fabulous #1 LUNDIA USA solid wood closet system. Elevate your closet from OW to WOW!

Get ready to enjoy the best decision you’ll make for a DIY project! It does not get better than this! ~ DANA XO —

Today’s post is sponsored by LUNDIA USA all opinions and images are my own, based on installing and performing a closet makeover with life-changing results.