Hide Cables Easily For A Wall-Mounted TV: 30 Minute DIY

cables on a wall-mounted TV
Hide Cables Easily For A Wall Mounted TV 30 Minute DIY

Hide Cables!

So, you love your new wall-mounted TV and soundbar but not the cables, right?

The excitement of getting more space on a piece of furniture that formerly held a television can be exhilarating.

So much so, that you might forget that along with wall-mounting a television you also get extra decor!

Ugly power cords and HDMI Cables.

Was the concession worth it?

No one wants to paint their cables to match the wall, that is ridiculous, and while it is a way to lightly solve the issue the wires are still there.

What if there was an easy to that required no electrical wiring to hide cables behind the wall?

From soundbars to wall-mounted televisions, the power and cables, are eyesores and ever-present.

I am just like you and we have several wall-mounted TVs and I can’t stand looking at the cables.

Today’s DIY will take just about 30 minutes to hide cables from sight.

Bonus: this is for any wall-mounted TV or soundbar, brand does NOT matter!

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Hide Cables Easily For A Wall-Mounted TV

Michael and I found the solution and the transformation to be a super easy DIY.

Honestly, this is the optimal solution to rid those ugly power and HDMI cables from the wall!

Once you dive-in and purchase a soundbar as well, you have double the need to hide cables!

Now I want to share the easy process and product we use to hide cables easily for our wall-mounted TV and soundbar (we’ve done this all around our home!)

Magically, the TV will be in plain sight but you will hide cables behind the wall and there’s no electrician necessary!

My Journey From Ugh to Ahh on My Wall-Mounted TV

As a ‘tech-lovin’ kind of gal, the wall-mounted TV brackets are game-changers.

I can mount a TV anywhere I want and enjoy my favorite shows.

However, cables for the television and soundbars around the house are not things I want to see.

Really, it makes a room not only look messy but unfinished as well.

Well, what do you do with those wall-mounted TV cables?

Two words for you: Hide Cables.

Hide Cables Easily For A Wall Mounted TV 30 Minute DIY pvc
Hide Cables Easily For A Wall Mounted TV 30 Minute DIY PVC

I began looking for solutions to easily hide cables on my wall, behind the wall.

No PVC piping was going on my wall nor was I painting PVC, there are some DIY things I don’t want in my rooms!

Knowing that cables are part of any soundbar or wall-mounted TV, I had to consider that electricity might be involved.

Nope, not with this DIY.

The magic of being able to hide cables for a wall-mounted TV would not need an electrician, which just saved me over $275!

Hide Cables Easily For a Wall-Mounted TV: 30 Minute DIY

Hide Cables Easily For A Wall Mounted TV Before and After
Hide Cables Easily For A Wall Mounted TV Before and After

Hide Cables for Wall-Mounted TV- Diagram From Manufacturer

Best Buy Supplied LeGrand Image of Wall-Mounted TV and Hide Cables
How to hide cables for a wall-mounted TV Diagram from Manufacturer

This is the magic behind the television and I am about to show you how.

It’s so easy and looks so great you will want to do this for all your wall-mounted televisions!

Best Buy Supplied LeGrand Image of Wall-Mounted TV and Hide Cables
How to hide cables for a wall-mounted TV Diagram from Manufacturer

TV cables look ghastly and often take away from the look of a well-displayed room, as I previously mentioned.
When you spend time creating a ‘look’ cables can be the reason the room does not completely pop.

In fact, cables are the first thing you see!

Make An Impactful Difference Anywhere You Have a Wall-Mounted TV

Let’s make a difference in that room preparation and get rid of those UGLY television power cables from plain sight.

You will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

Rooms & Television Display – Why Hide Power Cables for A Mounted TV?

I love those televisions that do not sit on the furniture, especially in teen rooms.

Clothes don’t pile up and I don’t have to worry if they are going to knock it off while they are doing their boy thing.

Just a few years back, televisions were not able to be mounted as they were so heavy and it took an ugly shelf.

No more of those shelves and televisions are now lighter!


As you know Michael heads up my DIY on my site, and this was so not hard at all!

He too was happy that my ‘Queen of Shopping’ mode kicked and discovered this particular item.

The difference between cables and power cords showing to not showing is pretty amazing, and it actually makes the television appear as a piece of framed art rather than a television.

The television looks like it was always part of the wall.

Snapping While We Work

I will apologize for the flash not on for both images, but we were working so fast to hide the cables, I did not think.

However, you can see it’s a great transformation!

Really, I did not think if this would be a before and after you would love to until we started the install.

Hardly was I ready for a photoshoot, so we will call this ‘rough and ready’ photography.

Truly not my pro work, because my good camera batteries were dead!

I just really want to share this with you!

Before and After wall-mounted TV cables in wall
Hide Cables in the wall. Our Before and After!

Hide Cables Easily For A Wall-Mounted TV- Why?

Opinions of cables against the wall differ.

For instance, some of us hate how the wall looks with wires.

Others have those crappy relatives (you’d love to wash their mouths out with a bar of soap) that come into our homes and don’t know when to shut their mouths with insults.

I feel for each of you that have the ones that say, “really you wasted your time on that?” or “you need to get a life!”

Power cables look awful hanging on a wall and distract the entire look of the room.

I do hate Power and Cables hanging down the wall, they are not artwork and even with cable ties.

The fact is the power cord and cables do look sloppy!

There has to be a better way!

A painter had come to work in my home and he suggested that we get rid of those wires.

He told me he busted a hole in his wall and did something similar, but the mess he described had me cringing.

There had to be a better way!

Hide Cables Easily but First…Things You Need To Know

Box for the Legrand, Home Office & Theater, In Wall TV Power Kit
In-Wall TV Power Kit to Hide Cables

You will be cutting into a wall.

It’s not a large cut, but you do want to know that.

Also, make sure you have a pencil and a tape measure.

Beyond that everything YOU need is in the Legrand In-Wall Power Kit.

We found ours at Best Buy the first time.

Then I headed over to Amazon and each time we tackle a new room with a flat-screen, I just ship a new one to myself.

Last, we install the Legrand kit and it conceals the cables and wires behind the wall!

Hide Cables For A Wall-Mounted TV: 30 Minute DIY

Installation for this project is easy.

There is no electrical work required, other than unplugging the television if you consider that electrical work, lol!

Legrand, Home Office & Theater, In Wall TV Power Kit
What the package to hide cables looks like

Give yourself time to read the directions so you understand the concept then have at it!

Do not call an electrician.

This is an easy DIY Install.

If you are handy, maybe it will take 30 minutes.

New to DIY?

This project should just take 30 minutes, as we experienced.

Just read the directions, and at no point in time will you be working with electrical other than plugging in!

Can I get a ‘Woot Woot’?

Yes, I am totally silly but that’s ok because the before and after are AHHHHMAAZZZING!

You are about to extend power to a wall mount TV without modifying the home’s existing electrical wiring.

Will It Work With Your Wall-Mounted TV?

Pieces in the Legrand, Home Office & Theater, In Wall TV Power Kit
Wall-Mounted TV parts and pieces

At first, I was wondering if it would work with our television, which is a wall-mounted television.

So the answer is ‘Yes’.

The kit works with any TV brand!

What I love is that it will power more than one device.

Your TV and a speaker bar, or internet box!

As I said, we are working on multiple rooms and just finished this one in my son’s room.

No more wires!

It’s fantastic.

In fact, it is one less thing for the foam basketball to catch on and one less to dust!

Weird Positioning? No Worries

Want to see the VIDEO of how this looks?

Trust me, when we built our house, unbeknownst to me how it happened, but it did, the contractors put things in weird spots, like on right angles and wall warts, etc.

The Legrand in-wall kit supports almost any type of power plug including right angles and wall warts.

In the end, you can connect your television to cable and electricity in a seamless style with this Legrand flat panel recessed connection kit.

It’s crazy great how the in-wall storage takes control of cables and wires to eliminate tangles across your floor!

Further, the white decorator plate provides a finished look.

Last, if you ever need to get to the back of your TV, no worries.

The Legrand flat panel recessed connection kit offers convenient access to the back of your TV.

The End Result

What I love is that the end result of hiding the cables is the clean, wire-free look left behind.

Additionally, it looks like a professional was in here.

Well, my husband is pro at all he does (yeah, gotta recognize him for all he does) but, it is truly one of those so simple DIY’s no worries.

You will be so happy you did this, go for it!

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