Bayou Country’s Most Famous Hot Donuts 

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bayou country hot donuts

I Tried Bayou Country’s Most Famous Hot Donuts

There are a few things you might already have figured out about as a daily reader of my site. First, I eat a pretty clean diet, and I am a vegetarian. However, that does not limit my food tasting, as our world offers foods for every eating lifestyle. When I was a girl, my dad took me for donuts, every Sunday after church and that is how the obsession started!

Second, I don’t hang at traditional restaurants, or cafes or the most mentioned by other’s places, rather, I ask where to find what the locals love. Third, I never miss a chance to try out a donut, no matter where I travel.

After spending a day in Cajun Country, Houma, Louisiana for those of you who don’t know where that is, I asked for a sweet treat! We had passed a few places and they looked intriguing, but I asked for the place that all the locals hang and it was delivered on a golden platter!

The sign on the outside of this place read, “Most Famous Hot Donuts” and I was like, “to who?” Here’s what happened when I tried Bayou Country’s most famous hot donuts.

bayou country hot donuts

Look for this building and sign and you have found, Mr. Ronnie’s Famous Hot Donuts, in Houma, Louisiana!

When I walk into a new place, I want you to know, I am respectful of other’s and their privacy, but I do a takeover of sorts. No worries about the silliness, because it just does not matter. What I know is that if you can’t feel what I feel and taste what I taste through my lips, there’s no reason to share! I smell batter, donuts, icing, coffee, it’s all there just waiting for me. Uh-Oh, my sweet olfactory is in over-drive, I have to satisfy it.

*****WARNING******I totally stepped off my healthy, clean eating routine because when you walk in the smell of fresh donuts wafts through the air!

bayou country hot donuts

Behind the counter was this unsuspecting, sweet Houma native named Allison. I just put her on the spot and she rolled right with me! Love her! Bayou Country folks are some of the most friendly I have ever experienced on a trip. Wait till you see, this is just one adventure of food I was on.

What intrigued me most is that Allison wanted me to try stuff right away. She had suggestions, and options a-plenty! Yum right? Or was this hot donut experience gonna leave me cold and upset? I don’t know yet, because I have no bitten the donuts!

Let’s take a look at this fabulous local Hot Spot! Ready?

The Interior & A Visual Rule I Learned

bayou country hot donuts

Holy stepping back into the 50’s in a really ‘neat’ kind of way. From striped bar stool seats to a counter to eat at. But, there’s more. Allison knows all the people sitting at the counter and who gets what. I was like, ‘what? what?”

I mean, I live in Pittsburgh and we frequent a pizza place and the one girl that serves us, knows us so well she does call us by name, but, she’s my daughter! So, you get I am totally intrigued that this is definitely a Local Spot!!

THE RULE. No one has less than 2 donuts on their plates so I know this must be a rule. Scoff the hot donut and then try another. I mean, if everyone else is doing it…..

The Donut Case

bayou country hot donuts

First, when you walk into here, the door never stops. People are in and out with boxes of these hot donuts and all of the other donuts too. Next, there’s a full menu as well as coffee and juice. You definitely can get your sweet on here! Can these donuts taste as good as they look?

Your Glycemic Index Will Be Off The Charts – Who Cares!!!!

bayou country hot donuts

It’s time to take one for the team, or 2. Look at the size of these donuts, they are larger than my hand. I have tasted tested donuts from the beaches of the East Coast to the West Coast and nothing has compared to this presentation. My stomach is hoping that what my eyes see won’t deceive me in taste.

Voluptuous in presentation, iced, glazed, sugared, bacon topped, maple glaze, powdered sugar, sprinkles, massive, fat donuts in a case all begging me to bite them! Now, I know that I can only eat 2, if that, because I am not accustomed to this size and it may be a battle to go for more. Which donuts will I choose?

bayou country hot donuts

Hot glazed, all slathered up in glaze, enormous, and hot, yet somehow the glaze is still sticking to this mammoth homey looking donut. How is that possible? Y’all, you gotta understand, the heat in Houma makes me melt, why is this expertly crafted glazed donut not melting the icing? Who cares?

I gotta indulge. You know I have been smelling these donuts for exactly 3 minutes now, the time it took to enter, film and chat, I just gotta get one in. I am caving, look at this donut, it’s puffy, huge and waiting to make friends with my belly!

bayou country hot donuts

The Moment You Have Been Waiting For!!! You know the moment when you get to watch someone go glutenous on camera? Watch me chew, bite and experience. (HAHAHA) — Well you saw it at the beginning or to the right on your screen!

You got it, delish! Every bite indicates this baby was made from scratch using premium ingredients. It almost tastes like vanilla, with an unyielding cake batter, yet it is not cake, it’s light and airy. What the hell do they put in these? It’s addicting. I can’t stop.

bayou country hot donuts

Bite after bite, I just totally demolish it like a wrecking ball, knocking down a building. My mouth powers through, bite after bite. Then, it happens. I stop. Pause. Sip the coffee as a palate cleanse and then it’s time to move on to a WEDDING CAKE donut. Allison warned me it’s over-the-top yummy and I love everything about wedding cake so…..

It’s a harmonious marriage of decadent flavors (pun intended) and heck if I know what is in the ingredients, nor do I care. Just to make sure you get it, ‘the beautiful icing tastes as great as it looks and the donut batter is light as air and scrumptious.

Unwritten Rules of Mr. Ronnie’s Famous Hot Donuts.

bayou country hot donuts

I can’t believe these rules are not posted in Mr. Ronnie’s but they should be. Before you go to consume donuts here there are a few things you need to get right! Ready?

First, go hungry, or after you have been out and ‘had a few’ (and you DD takes you there!). Big groups make it more fun, you can bite a piece of everyone else’s donuts. After all, this is a brilliant way to taste more in one sitting.

Second, don’t even think about NOT ordering a hot donut, just make that part of ANY order. It’s gotta be.

Third, grab a seat. So you can bite, and respect that donut.

bayou country hot donuts

Don’t forget to watch what everyone else is getting while you sit there and make sure to try them on your next visit. Kind of gives you an excuse to say, ‘I’ve been but never tried.. let’s go!’

Fourth get a box to go after you have eaten a box in. There’s got to be some for later, because you will KICK yourself if you don’t leave with a box. (personal experience may be the best experience to draw up on here… just saying!!)

Fifth, never regret the binge, remember it! Life’s short, eat Mr. Ronnie’s Famous Hot Donuts.

That’s what happened when I went to Cajun Country’s most famous hot donuts stop! ~ DANA xo