Best Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant: 3 Dining Options

Best Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant Shrimp & Salmon
Southern Shores Seafood restaurant in OBX

Seek out the Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant it’s an Outer Banks priority if you want the best seafood!

Drive an hour if you have to, we do.

Honestly, it’s the best seafood in the OBX, North Carolina hands down!

What makes this the best Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant is the fact that you have 3 dining options and they all are perfection!

So let me roll through what I know to help you plan out your upcoming stay in the Outer Banks.

Just make sure you seek out this Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant, it’s that good!

Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant

Where? What? Why?

Where Is The Best Southern Shores Seafood Restaraunt?

Don’t Pass By This Fabulous Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant located in an outdoor shopping strip.

Steamers- Best Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant in the Outer Banks
Steamers- The Best Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant in the Outer Banks

Located at the corner of Highway 158 and Highway 12 in the Southern Shores Crossing shopping strip.

Closest to Duck, Kitty Hawk, and Nags Head, and easily accessible with a short drive (depending on who gets in front of you) from Corolla.

Seafood And An Outer Banks Vacation

Seafood on a beach vacation is like peanut butter with jelly, two things that just go together well!

Once you reserve your Outer Banks vacation home, it’s time to plan the rest!

Rather than trying to seek a place out, use what I know to help you make dinner easy any night you choose!

I’ve eaten here enough and I have driven up to an hour to pick it up, so you know it’s gotta be that good!

Steamers Restaurant in Outer Banks from Exterior seating
Outdoor seating during COVID At Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant

Here’s the fast and skinny cause Momma ain’t cooking tonight!

Best Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant Gives Fresh a New Meaning. Why?

Fresh at this Southern Shores seafood restaurant actually uses locally sourced!

Chef Chris Braswell
Chef Chris Braswell of STEAMERS

As he is working to be the best he is supporting the locals, which makes Chef Chris Braswell ALL-Star IMO!

I’ve met with Chef Chris Braswell a few times and he’s super busy and a pro at what he does.

In fact, his passion is what encrusts perfected seafood recipes.

How do you like your seafood: steamed, grilled, or freshly fried?

You are in luck because STEAMER’S does it all and does it ALL WELL!

Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant: Option 1

OBX Personal Chef In Yo House!

Life’s a beach when you are away and if you are in a beach home, there are lots of mouths to feed!

A day in the fun and sun, possibly with a few drinks in hand, while toes in the sand, leads to, “I am not cooking tonight!”

Arrange for an OBX Personal Chef and take the night off!

Hang on the beach, let the kids have their day of play, and then head home to a prepared meal!

Life’s a beach, so enjoy the catch!

Best Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant: Option 2

Dining In Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant STEAMERS
Dining In Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant STEAMERS

Let’s get cleaned up, dress beach casual, and head on over to Steamers!

I want a drink on the upper deck and appetizers!

Now is when you want to order the FRIED eats.


Fried never travels well and some of the ‘items’ might not be on the take-out menu.

So get what you can get FRIED while you are there and let the good times roll.

P.S. > If Mixologist Mike is in the Steamer House, let him mix you a drink, he’s amazing and expert with mixing those beach drinks.

Hot Tip For Those Dining In At The Best Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant

While you dine, order an extra entree for the next night or day.

Why cook, when you can take it with you!

No need to go to the grocery store!

Just heat and eat and as you know, those Outer Banks Vacation Homes have everything you need to make this happen!

salmon, tacos, and shrimp at Steamers in the Outer Banks
Salmon, tacos, shrimp at Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant

Gourmet Take-Out From The Best Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant (Option 3)

Pick up the phone, or order online.

Gourmet Take Out at Steamers
Gourmet Take-Out at Steamers

Then, whether you have to drive 5 minutes or an hour just do it.

Check and see if there is a full menu or an abbreviated menu, but either way, you will love your options!

I don’t know how they make their take-out gourmet-like but it’s fully packed, and fresh without losing taste but they do it and do it WELL!

curbside take-out at Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant Steamers
Curbside Take-Out (Covid) At Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant Steamers!

The Biggest Challenge of Take-Out From Steamers…

Take out In Bags Mmmm
Take out In Bags Mmmm

Your biggest challenge will be NOT diving into the ocean of food in your car while you drive.

Honestly, the wafting smell of seafood was gnawing at my belly and my hands just wanted to open a bag and dig in, but I did not!

Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant: 7 Foods To DEFINITELY Order

This Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant Has Bisque You NEED (1)

Bisque at Southern Shores Steamers
Bisque at Southern Shores Steamers

For those that are bisque connoisseurs, your pallet will be delighted and satisfied with what it’s about to taste.

Slowing dip your spoon into the bisque.

It’s a signature bisque, with a lobster broth, and generous chunks (yet not overdone) of seafood.

Let me just call it a spoonful of seafood delight!

Alone, a cup of this could hold its own as a meal, it is light but filling.

Take Out Side Salad Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant
Take Out Side Salad Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant

However, make it a meal by rounding it out and adding a fresh Steamers house salad on to your order!

Fish Tacos – Unlike Any Fish Taco You’ve Had Before (2)

When you really don’t know what you want (because it’s a nice-sized) menu, opt for the Fish Tacos.

These are so yummy and the seafood is what makes them the best I’ve had.

What really clued me in that these are fantastic is that one of my teens ate them and said he could eat about 10 more!

The portion was already huge, but the fact that he loved them that much, is a true testament to the flavor and taste!

Crunch. Bite. Crunch – Don’t Forget The Corn From This Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant (3)

Corn on the Cob at Steamers Restaurant in the Outer Banks
Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant (STEAMERS) makes AMAZING CORN

We ordered corn, after all, it’s summer, and Corn on the Cob rules supreme.

It’s steamed, local corn and it’s deep bites to an earned crunch.

Really, it’s a great snack too and it takes the work out of shopping, buying, shucking, and preparing it!


Hushpuppies Aren’t Just a Side, They Are A Killer Appetizer (4)

Cornmeal? Buttermilk? Sugar? Flour?

I don’t have a clue what Chef Braswell has in these bite-size gourmet bites of heaven, but these are not your everyday hushpuppies.

Get a double batch or a party of 5 and sip on your cocktail.

Also, if you ‘dampen’ a paper towel and place a few in it, and microwave to reheat these are still amazing the next day (just saying…)

These have some magical ingredients that actually set the bar for hushpuppies.

Organic Scottish Salmon (5)

As your fork dips into the flaky salmon, and then tracks back to your mouth, your first taste of the oak barrel bourbon and honey glaze happen.

Savory and delicately balanced, with flavor that’s intensely spread throughout each bite thereafter.

Dipping deeper into the mix, charred broccolini and a scoop of Spanish Rice.

Fork tines meet salmon, and salmon meets an oak barrel bourbon and honey glaze that demands you repeat a fork tine visit, bite by bite!

Fish N’ Chips (6) ~ It’s An Outer Banks Seafood Restaurant Gotta Try

You might see this on the menu and pass it by.

What a mistake.

Love seafood?

Locally sourced, seasonal fish is fried to golden perfection and adds a side of skin-on fries and you’ve got Fish n’ Chips that you’ll order over and over.

Perfectly portioned and light, not greasy.

A Non-Seafood Lover in Your Party? (7)

Someone in your group does not like seafood?

Don’t worry about that, as Chef Braswell has lots of other options from vegetarian to meat!

Try out the Double-Breasted Coleman’s Chicken.

Moist, tender, and really a great option for a non-seafood lover!

Shrimp That Burst With Juiciness

For me, nothing says fresh or delicious without popping with juice.

Lightly fried, not over-coated, and perfectly-sized Shrimp!

Shrimp at Steamers in the Outer Banks
Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant STEAMERS Shrimp!

Vacation means, it’s time to splurge on a few calories, so my lightly fried shrimp were atop fries.

Indulgent, satisfying, and just plain good! ‘

It’s Nice To Have Options

For those on the fence about going out to dinner or staying in, you’ve got both options available from Steamers!

The right choice for the day is always up to you.

Too sunburned or tired to get ready?

Perhaps you just want to lounge around, sip on cocktails and stay home?

Order takeout, and pick up your meal.

Last Tip: Order This one Food From Steamers To Go

Consider ordering bisque to go (for your home), just pack it on ice while you travel then you can enjoy it long after you’ve returned home.

Use Google Maps and Go!

You can read more about the dine-in experience (albeit a tad different with Covid-19 ordinances the overall restaurant is the same) here.

Catch of the day, coastal seafood, that’s wholesome and scrumptious is what you’ll find at Steamers the best Southern Shores Seafood Restaurant in the Outer Banks.

Passing the restaurant by is a mistake.

Informal but stylish dining awaits, and you get to choose how: dine-in or curbside! ~ Enjoy. Dana XO

My food was provided. Opinions, images, and the story are my own, based on current and previous experience with Steamers Restaurant and Catering.