Discovering Corolla NC by Bike.

Discovering Corolla NC by Bike

Discovering Corolla NC by bike, it’s an amazing experience.

Discovering Corolla NC by Bike Big ChairPark your car because when you begin discovering Corolla NC by bike you’ll learn it’s better than any car ride you can take!

Literally, it’s the best way to roll on 2 wheels, anywhere in the Outer Banks and especially if you are visiting Currituck County.

Plus, I am about to share with you why renting bikes in the Outer Banks just makes good sense!

As an added bonus (since we’ve used them!) I’ll share the best Outer Banks Beach Rentals and Equipment Outfitters to help you organize, and reserve ahead!

Discovering Corolla NC by Bike Really?

Let’s get down to the brass tacks of this conversation and then I’ll share a few other necessary elements to ponder.

Where Were we in Corolla NC?

To overview my experience, we stayed in the Corolla Light Community in Currituck County.

We biked every single day because it was fun and adventurous.

You can bike North from Whalehead to the end of the paved trails which will lead you to the beach.

There are bike racks everywhere you go, making it easy!
Bikes parked on Corolla Light Park
Yes, the kids biked to the grocery store as well!

Why Bring Bikes When You Can Rent Them?

Vacation and packing, one is fun the other sucks!

There’s just nothing more gratifying than packing a vehicle to the brim with everything you could possibly need for your time away.

Hold that thought, because it is NOT true at all and a weighted-down vehicle is a space sucker for travel.

Now admittedly, I am an over-packer, but I have resolved to take less, RENT more, and keep things simple, yet stocked.

Bikes will NEVER be part of what I haul anywhere and definitely not to the Outer Banks nor was it on this trip to Corolla NC!

Bikes Parked at Crazy N Corolla in Corolla Community
Discovering Corolla NC by Bike!

Which Beach Equipment Outfitter Do I use in the Outer Banks?

I’ve had my friends share their horror stories about equipment, charges, etc. so instead try this company and avoid the BS!

My bikes were provided by Stokes Dispensary and reservations were courtesy of Kitty Hawk Kites. Opinions, images, and stories are mine based on our rentals.

Kitty Hawk Kites is the No. 1 Outfitter for beach equipment and rentals in the Outer Banks and they make obtaining bikes, sinfully easy.

Why haul bikes up and down the coast, when all you have to do is reserve them and let the rest happen from there?

I’ll share a bit more on this rental experience in a minute but if you still think packing bikes is a good way to roll down the highways, byways, turnpikes, and ‘shortcut alleys’ read this article!

Trust me, you will save time, and packing headaches!

Logistics of Reserving and Bike Rental In The Outer Banks Overall

Your bikes will both be delivered and picked up if you use my aforementioned outfitter!

Bikes can be either the best or the worst rental ever!

My kids are on these bikes and so am I, if they are not safe, with properly inflated tires, well-cared for, I would not use them.

Ours were great, and in colors from orange to yellow and silver too!

Each of our 2 wheels of fun offered chunky tires making them perfect for the trails everywhere and road travel too!

Bike Delivery Makes Vacation, a Vacation

Bikes in Garage of our Beach House Rental for nightly storage
Bikes from rental service parked

So the reservations were made through Kitty Hawk Kites who works with Stokes Dispensary.

Stokes Dispensary delivered and picked them up and each part of the process was outstanding and exceptionally smooth!

When we arrived the kids just got on their bikes and took off as vacation should be.

We were staying in Corolla Light, which has turned into my favorite community in the Outer Banks to date.

The beach home we were in had a few bikes, but, being honest, they were not in good shape (the handlebars were melted and sticky?).

Plus, there were not enough for all 6 of us, and not every home has bikes.

Make it easy, just set up the delivery and pick up and avoid this.

Discovering Corolla NC by Bike Made So Easy

Kids on Bikes in Corolla, NC
Parked on bike paths in Corolla NC

While your rental is being vacated and cleaned and you are on your way, the bike rentals arrive.

All the paperwork is done online, as well as payment, and just like that your 2 wheels each for family fun is delivered to your new vacation address.

It’s that simple.

In fact, all you need to know is the address of your rental and that’s it!

No bike hauling from your home to the beach!

Discovering Corolla NC by Bike

Discover Corolla NC by Bike: me and boys in the photos biking in Corolla 2 Wheels & Tons of Fun

Corolla, in Currituck County, is about as Outer Banks perfect as one can expect.

From the pristine beaches to the Currituck Sound offering an incredible nature trail and the Historic Village there’s a lot to pedal to!

From Pittsburgh’s Hills to Discovering Corolla NC by Bike

Perfect tires for trails on my 2 wheels and no hills to climb.

Yep, this Pittsburgh girl fights the hills at home, but in Corolla, it’s F-L-A-T baby, so ride and then ride some more!

Bike Parked in Corolla along sound side Corolla NC We visited Historic Corolla Park almost every day and 2 wheels get you there faster than 2 legs!

When we didn’t want to ride, we could park and walk as there are bike racks everywhere and we had locks as well for the bikes!

Historic Corolla Park in Currituck County perfect for biking to each day
Historic Corolla Park

The Biking Paths and Trails In Corolla Light and Surrounding Communities.

End of Nature Trail Sound Side Currituck as we Discover Corolla NC by Bike
Dock on the Sound Side of Currituck

Without a doubt, we biked at least 15 miles a day.

After all, Pittsburgh is hill-laden, and conversely, the Flat Outer Banks in North Carolina was a wicked good treat!

Discovering Corolla NC by currituck lighthouse aheadLiterally, we biked to and from the Currituck Lighthouse almost every day.

Seek Your Next Beach Home Rental When Discovering Corolla NC by Bike

Biking in Corolla Light Community seeking next beach rental
Corolla Light Community

Naturally, we also went through other parts of our community.

Additionally, there are beautiful beach homes on Dunton to consider for future trips.

Crossing by bike on Austin Drive at Corolla Light Community

Next, we biked straight across Austin Street and onto a nature path that was on the Sound Side.

Here, I spent many treasured mornings.


Nature Up Close When Discovering Corolla NC by Bike

So close but NOT too close.

Osprey along Nature Path in Corolla Sound SIde Currituck
Currituck Sound a great way to wake up each day

First, there’s an Osprey’s nest.

Second, the Sound Side’s water level was different each day and the ducks were closer each day.

Pier at Historic Corolla Park with bike on it
Parked at Historic Corolla Park

Next, the pier was a gorgeous way to see the Sound Side in Corolla.

Last, the trail was a bit more challenging for my leg and ab workout, so I pedaled harder.

Discovering Corolla NC by Bike: Historic Corolla Park in Currituck.

When I saw Whalehead, I had no idea what it was, but the pristine, natural setting just took my breath away.

Bike parked at Corolla Historic Park by piers
Piers in Corolla Historic Park

Day or night, it just has such a presence, and rightfully so with all of the built-in history.

Footbridge at Corolla Historic Park
Footbridge at Corolla Historic Park

However, the footbridge caught my attention.

I did not RIDE Over it, but I did walk my bike over it.

Bike on Footbridge in Historic Corolla Park
View from Top of Footbridge

Do note that morning on the bridge was spectacular.

Discovering Corolla NC By Bike: Seek out the Corolla Historic Village

Currituck Lighthouse heading to Corolla Historic Village
Currituck Lighthouse

Currituck Lighthouse was not OPEN when we were here.

So, after taking some pictures, we headed back down the road towards Corolla Park but turned RIGHT instead.

You’ll see Portraits on the Beach and Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

I also found a hopping little BBQ place back in here, as well as the Corolla Village Market and a busy bookstore!

Had we been in a car, I would not have seen any of this.

Bike, pedal, look, and enjoy.

Discovering Corolla NC by Bike: Corolla Light Community

sound side of Corolla Light Community As a mom, Corolla Light was perfect.


The kids got on their bikes and rode all over, as trails and paths and roads all were discoveryville.

It was a great way to give freedom and feel good about it.

Once they learned their way around there, then they began venturing out to the main road Ocean Trail, using Pedestrian crossing to explore more.

In fact, before we left, they biked back and forth to the local Food Lion for stuff we needed.

Inside Corolla Light Resort

Since I love looking at homes, and different styles of rentals, riding through our community, allowed me to study the homes.

From outdoor floral displays to fun names of beach homes, I got to see it all, slowly and not driving a car.

Riding behind many houses, between them, and through so many different pathways, I got to experience and discover at my own pace.

Biking on Austin Drive across Pedestrian Walkway
Pedestrian Walkway in Corolla Light Resort

What Is Close To The Corolla Light Community?

Traffic is really minimal in Corolla Light community, as once you are parked unless you are driving OUT of the community for an outing or groceries, you really don’t use your car.

Right where Austin Drive meets North Carolina 12 you’ll find a pizza shop, a mini-market, a bakery, a bar, and a bbq pickup!

We lived on Bodie Court, so it was really close, but no matter the road you are on, Hatteras Ct., Ocracoke Ct., Franklyn Street, Morris Dr., Villa Ct. etc, it’s easily accessible by bike!

There’s also a hot dog place I am sure your kids will love and all they have to do is bike within the Corolla Light Community!

What Makes Discovering Corolla By Bike So Easy

Discovering Corolla NC by Bike paths
Bike Paths in Corolla NC

The lighted pedestrian and bike paths made for great biking (just be courteous to those walking and biking).

Truly biking is effortless, but always use extreme caution and look before crossing, etc!

We biked as mentioned to the store and we biked down to the beginning of Carova Beach (no bikes allowed).

Every pedal of the bike afforded us new scenery, different homes to ogle at, and a great outdoor adventure!

Family Adventures & Discovering Corolla NC By Bike

Sound Side Nature Path with Duck and trails No matter the time of day, people bike.

During the day there were families biking, and after dinner too.

Scads of people, but there’s always plenty of room, and plenty of destinations to find without biking into anyone!

Biking through Corolla Historic Park paths without people in the way
Open bike paths ready for you

Morning. Noon. Night: When will you start Discovering Corolla NC by Bike?

Early morning, when I biked solo, as the kids slept, there were more parents out than kids.

Conversely, after dinner, flocks of people on bikes, because it is fun, allows discovery, gets you there without packing in a car and it’s FLAT!

Bike Route Ends Sign
We’ve hit the end of the biking route

Eat, enjoy the vacation, and pedal it off!

Bike to the Grass Course Miniature Golf directly across from the Brindley Beach Vacation and Sales Office.

It’s not far, and sidewalks/paths are all available, so no worry about the roads.

Also, you can shop at SUPER WINGS if you ride your bike that far as well.

We did this too, just wear a backpack to stow your purchases.

When Your Vacation Stay Is Done! Pack Up & PickUp Please.

Biking on Corolla Bike Path Unkowningly our Last Night
Unfortunately, this was our last night in The Outer Banks

The week blew by, and you are sunburned, rested, and out of beer and wine!

It’s time to go home right?

Empty the trash, reset the fridge, the air conditioner, and pack up all your stuff.


How come when you came down everything fit nicely and now you are crammed to the ceiling?

Vacation happened.

Now it is just time to pack it up and get out.

But, don’t forget the bikes you hauled.

For those that heeded this advice, all you have to do is leave your bikes outside and Stokes Dispensary picks them up.

No packing, no worries, just drive away! ~ Dana XO