DIY Lady Lock Forms For Under $4

Whether you are in the season of baking or just want a treat, DIY lady lock forms or cannoli pins, whichever you prefer to call this are always a practical addition to your baking essentials.  I would never buy lady lock forms, they are not only inexpensive but super easy to make. 

DIY Lady Lock Forms for baking! 

DIY Lady Lock FormsSo today, I’ll show you how to turn $4 into Large and small cannoli pins or DIY lady lock forms, as they all are pretty similar! 

DIY Lady Lock Forms

The DIY Lady Lock forms and Cannoli pins I am about to share with you can be used for cannolis, lady locks, and my cream horn! 

Sure you can just buy forms off of Amazon, but they won’t go the long mile.

DIYLady Lock Forms DONEThe lady lock forms you are about to make under $4 will last a lifetime.

These are pretty much indestructible, won’t need to be washed and best of all, allow you to bake in bulk!

Get your tape measure, and 10 minutes of time, and skip the Amazon Prime or Minimum Order for Free shipping limits on all other sites!

Have your lady lock forms and cannoli pins ready on the same day when you DIY them! Fast. Easy. Cost-Effective!!!

What Holidays Can You Use The DIY Lady Lock Forms For? 

There’s no set Holiday to use the pins for but you can use them for any day. 

The top holidays that I use these forms for: 

$4 for DIY Lady Lock Forms Really? 

affiliate disclosure

*You won’t see my hands today in the process, I had issues with my tripods and I had to shoot video instead.

I asked Michael to help! It’s my DIY and I sought out help! Currently, I am working on finding a new favorite tripod.

Why Did I Need New DIY Lady Lock Forms? (a.k.a. lady lock pins)

If you want to see why I needed these forms so much, take a look at my cream horns.

DIY Lady Lock Forms ~ Canooli and Cream Horns on plate

I loved how they turned out, but I was working with ONLY 8 forms and it took forever.   Truly, the capacity needed to be doubled so I could make bigger batches and get one faster! 

Each batch that came out was forever and I needed to then fill the form again, and bake. 

Then of course there were issues with my current non-DIY Lady lock forms. 

The ones online, each had different ‘issues’ from sticking to holding and getting burned. 

Plus with only a few pins, time was always against me, because by the time I would undo a pin from a hot lady lock, I needed to allow the pin to cool then rewrap it with dough.

Therefore, I wanted to make this in mass amounts, and be done. 

A Trip To Home Depot to Make DIY Lady Lock Forms

DIY Lady Lock Forms- end of a dowel rod My favorite trip of the day, to Home Depot! I headed right into the lumbar.

All I needed were Dowel Rods. You might think I have an obsession with these especially since my last project used them too!

I purchased a 1/2″x 1/2″ by 48″ for the lady lock size.

Additionally, I purchased 1″ x 1″ x 48″ to make Cannoli and Cream Horns.

These actually were the RIGHT choice.

I yielded 16 Lady Lock Sizes pins & 9 Cream Horn/Cannoli Pins.

Options for Making DIY Lady Lock Forms and Cannoli Pins

DIY Lady Lock Forms being cut Here’s where things may be different for you. I would NOT change what I did EVER, but, everyone is different.

If you don’t have a saw, or if you want to just bake in bulk, don’t cut the dowel rod.  You can literally just space between and wrap many on one rod. 

Personally, this is not how I work. I feel for consistency, cutting was better for me. So we cut the large french horn/cannoli forms to 5″ each.

The small forms for lady locks we cut to 3″ each.

It is a substantial difference even though the measurements may not seem substantially different.

Remember you are no bringing the lady locks to the tip, so, the size is different.

Our Yield on the DIY Lady Lock Forms 

DIY LADY LOCK PINS 2Once we cut the large dowel rod the 1″ for cream horns and cannoli, we ended with 9. 

There was one ‘off’ piece it was 3/4 of the other 5″ cuts.

I’m pro so I just adjust when using it.  Even if you are not PRO you can totally figure out how to adjust the dough you are working with to use that dowle as well. 

I was not wasting the ‘extra’ plus you always need a Tester when I bake, don’t you? 

For the 1/2″ my yield was 16! I made an entire batch at one time and that is perfect for me.

DIY Lady Lock Forms – Double IT UP

DIYLady Lock Forms Foil CoveredTo be fair, since these really turned out well, I have made 2 more sets of each. I store them in a plastic tub with the foil on.

Yes, after I bake, I just leave it on.

There are not contaminants as these are unfilled pieces of pastry.

When the foil gets nasty, I change it.

Tool Of The Trade – DIY Lady Lock Forms For Under $4

You could use other saws and saw types, but I always have this particular RYOBI Cordless Circular saw, within hands’ reach.

The battery is charged and waiting for me.

Since I am a spur-of-the-moment person, this saw is generally my BFF.

DIY Lady Lock Forms wity RYOBI saw cutting

You could use other saws, I just want you to see what I used.

I was working outside cutting these pins. Then I asked Michael to take over so I could snap the photo and show you.

The day was so nice and the sawdust is better outside than inside our workshop!

You may not rougher ends on the dowels as they drop, and that was easily solved.

I took some sandpaper to the ends on a few of the more pronounced rough cuts and solved that by smoothing it over. 

Getting the DIY Lady Lock Forms / Cannoli Pins To NOT Stick

DIY LADY LOCK PINS IN LADY LOCKSFirst, if you are using just like wood, you need to sand the raw edges, each and every one.

Then, wash these, scrub them.

Allow them to dry.

Next, you need to grease them.

I would NOT waste my time on all this. read, then move to what to do.

Again, a new challenge.

Do you just use the dowel rod pins as wood? NO! 100x NO.

Let’s use my failed attempts as a way to SAVE You time.

I greased these with Crisco and when I say I greased, I literally mean, greased.

That did not allow for release.

I tried the nonstick spray. Nothing but upset and failure. Ready to give up, I tried one more thing.

FOIL For DIY Lady Lock Forms and Cannoli Pins.

The answer to success in FOIL.

Not just any foil, however, because I tried regular foil and that just sucked!

Reasoning that this baking procedure was delicate and I needed something that allowed LIFT I moved to Release FOIL.

Yep. It’s the winning combination, but there’s more to this.

Don’t just fold the ends over. I did that, to begin with then I got more foil and tried again.

Instead, close off each end with a twist, like ‘Tootsie Roll’ trust me you will thank me later.

Don’t spray them with anything, don’t do anything else.

Also, you don’t need to file these before you wrap, just cut, wash, dry, wrap!

I’m still going to advise WASHING as they were in a public place where PEOPLE touches them, etc., and YUCK. Need I say more about kitchen sanitation?

Bake! What Are You Waiting For?

So, from the time I thought of this brilliant idea to the time I ended, it was exactly 1 hour.

A trip to the store, then cutting, washing, drying, and covering. That’s it.

I suppose I could have waited for Amazon or anywhere else to deliver until the next day but why?

Smaller packs without the sizes I wanted and more money to bake our holiday and celebration day treats? Nope.

Use these pins to make lady locks for the holidays, birthdays, bridal, and baby showers.

Of course, don’t forget cookie tables at graduations and weddings too!

DIY Lady Lock Forms For Under $4

Calling all Cannoli, lady lock, and cream horn fans, this DIY is for you. Stop searching for a reliable and durable form for your cannoli, lady lock, and cream horn backing.
After searching online for the best pin, I made my own. Perhaps this is one of the best items I have made for my kitchen baking. It solves the issue of dough sticking to a pin and it allows me the ability to make as many as I need.
Make your own DIY Lady Lock pins, Cannoli Pins, and Cream Horn Pins for Under $4 in 10 minutes or less. Instead of purchasing stainless steel pins or metal pins which means searching online or shopping in a store.
I made them, fast and easy. These are more durable than anything you can purchase and reusable over and over again.
Rather than purchasing a standard package of just a dozen, this lets you make as many as you might need in order to increase your productivity in the kitchen. Double the batch, decrease your time baking.
Prep Time2mins
Active Time5mins
Additional Time3mins
Total Time10mins
Course: DIY with Dana
Yield: 16Small Lady Lock Pins or 9 Cannoli Pins


  • Circular Saw
  • Pencil
  • Sandpaper/Sanding BlockĀ 


  • 1 " x 48 Dowel Rod Cannoli/Cream Horns
  • 1/2 " x 48 Dowel Rod Lady Locks and Mini Cannoli
  • Circular Saw
  • Pencil
  • Nonstick Aluminum Foil
  • *Optional Sand Paper 250 Grit Fine


  • Purchase Dowel Rods
  • Mark 1" rods at 5" intervals
  • Mark 1/2" rods at 3" intervals
  • Wear Safety Glasses
  • Using a saw, Cut each dowel at the marked interval.
  • Sand ends if too rough (again optional)
  • Gather all cut pins once finished and wash in dish soap and water.
  • Allow pins (rods, forms) to dry.
  • Once dried cut NONSTICK foil to cover pin, leaving enough to twist each end like a "Tootsie Roll"
  • Use.
  • Store covered with aluminum foil (unless totally disgusting) in a plastic zippered bag or a snap top container.



I suggest purchasing 2 of each doubling baking capacity.
Do make sure to scrub the stain dots at the end of each rod (it is painted)
Do not skip the washing step. For food, there is never enough ways to keep thing sanitary.
Shop at Home Depot Or Lowe's for great deals on Dowel Rods.
You can choose other sizes, the sizes I chose fit well for pastry bag tips and are comparable to the sizes you purchase in bakeries everywhere.
Grab my Cream Horn Recipe.

Enjoy this DIY~ DANA XO