What Happens If You Get Sick In Vegas?

If you get sick in Vegas

What Happens If You Get Sick In Vegas?

It’s that trip of a lifetime, you are heading out to ‘Sin City’ where ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ that includes illness.

No one wants that story breaking out right?

What would you do if you get to Vegas and you are sick?

Most PCP’s won’t diagnose over the phone, in fact, they will tell you to ‘stop your vacation and head to the local clinic or a hospital’, seriously.

Talk about a vacation-wrecker moment!

Trust me there are easier ways to take care of your sickness if you know what to call and how to do this.

What if your child gets sick? Families go to Vegas too!

So if you fall ill, or trip and hurt your ankle in those stilettos your bestie told you to wear, here’s the answer to “What Happens If You Get ill While In Vegas?”

Of course, your trip there is all about lavishly living travel out loud and the service I will share with you will help you continue living life like a high roller!

Today’s post is not sponsored, it is simply something I found useful and thought I might pass on.

Did you know that over 42 million travelers head to the Vegas ‘Strip’ each year?

Talk about the opportunity for Norovirus, colds and other crazy illnesses to lurk! As a complete packer, I bring along meds for everything, but I hate the airline charges for excess bags traveling like a worry-wort.

To be honest, I just want to live. Toss kids into a “Strip Trip” and suddenly you are packing everything from bandages to Benadryl, I know this first hand!

After thoroughly looking for solutions before go, I have stumbled upon a solution and I sought out more information to answer the question of ” What to do if I get sick while I am in Vegas?”

What would you do if you got sick in Vegas?

If you answered you would call your PCP, well have fun with that, waiting for a callback and getting a pharmacy coordinated. Or, potentially the PCP not wanting to prescribe or help since they have no idea what you have. Don’t wait for a call, don’t go to a hospital, and if you don’t have a PCP you will love my solution.

Pack This When You Head To Vegas

sick in Vegas Do you carry your smartphone everywhere you go? Dumb question, sure you do! Download the VÄ“dius app, it is the innovative new healthcare tech that brings you a “Doctor On Demand”. You know I have shared that tech before, but here’s how it is different in Vegas! “The unique mobile app allows travelers around-the-clock access to first-class concierge medical care from an expansive network of board-certified physicians who can treat injury, write prescriptions, administer vaccinations and more in the privacy of a patient’s hotel room, convention center or through a digital telehealth portal.” The app offers around-the-clock access to first-class concierge medical care from an expansive network of board-certified physicians. Breaking into today’s on-demand society, medical treatment is now available 24/7 from your smartphone.

Vegas Style Service

sick in Vegas Dr. George has officially bridged the gap between healthcare in Vegas and hospitality! Dr. George is the CMO at EPITOMEDICAL, a private practice. Here, they offer both internal medicine practices and pediatrics (Yep, families welcome!, because it’s not just adults heading to Vegas, it is families too!) “A combined practice of internal medicine and private pediatrics, EPITOMEDICAL puts the patient at the center of the healthcare world! Additionally, it strives to promote patient health and wellness, exceeding patient needs. Complimented by using the highest level of service, care, and compassion for executives, professionals, and family members of all ages. The first of its kind, EPITOMEDICAL offers a premier concierge medical company which allows patients rapid access 24/7 to the best healthcare available.”

The Vedius App & Being Seen In Person

The Vedius App is a great resource for travelers. In fact, patients can be seen in the comfort of their own hotel room, in the Las Vegas Convention Center for corporate executives, at Vedius’ private practice facility EPITOMEDICAL or even from a secure telehealth patient portal on your phone! It’s just convenient and made for the age we live in.


Lavishly live your Vegas trip out loud! Bookmark this article because there’s always a Dr. if you have the app and know who they are! ~ DANA