Established Yet a Hidden Gem Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse

 Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse - Different images of beef served

Take a touch of old-school elegance, throw in incredible interior decor, then add in an innovative Executive Chef. You’ve found the popular yet hidden gem of a spectacular Vegas steakhouse you’ll now want to miss!

Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse.

From fresh seafood, to vegetarian and of course, top quality wet and dry-aged prime cuts of beef, this hidden gem is about to make a grand appearance.

What I love most about uncovering destinations is uncovering dining spots that are so magnificent! In fact, this spectacular Vegas Steakhous has not even come close to reaching its potential or notoriety!

Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse . Steak. Side. Westgate Resort If I were a betting gal ( I mean that’s what Vegas is about right? ) I would lay odds that this spectacular Vegas Steakhouse is just starting to roll of dice of winning combinations.

Get ready for delectable American Steakhouse gastronomy in an elegant and classic ambiance.

Get the EDGE! Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse

As travel and culinary expert, I travel the world, seeking the best of the best in culinary and travel. Today’s feature is the Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse, with a lavishly elegant ambiance. Mark the EDGE Steakhouse Las Vegas as a destination must, and make your reservations.

You are missing if this is not on your A-List for dining. For those that own an appreciation for great food, this is your culinary experience.

Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse The Edge Steakouse Entrance

The EDGE Steakhouse is a high-end steakhouse, and from service to meals, it is all beautifully executed.

I will go as far as to say this, “I personally can say it is better than Ruth Chris’s or Morton’s IMO!”

Perhaps if you have been to the spectacular Vegas steakhouse? Are you are thinking the exact same thing? Well, then you are welcome because I just expressed your thoughts, lol! 

Where is EDGE Steakhouse A.K.A. Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse? 

And here is why I say this is a ‘Hidden Gem’ yet well-established spectacular Vegas Steakhouse. It’s about 2 miles off of the Vegas strip and some people just don’t want to leave the strip to experience what’s beyond it. 

Big mistake. Huge mistake, because this spectacular Vegas steakhouse sincerely offers the best in steak, and you won’t find that on the Vegas strip. Uber. Drive. Just get off the strip and try what this hidden gem offers. 

Inside the Edge Steakhouse. A.K.A. Spectaular Vegas Steakhouse

Back to this question: Where is the EDGE Steakhouse?

Once inside the gorgeous Westgate Resort, take a few steps inside the main foyer, and to the right of the Casino, and walk down the steps.

You are about to experience a very refined, casually elegant restaurant what I term the spectacular Vegas Steakhouse. 

The Executive Chef Owns Every Moment of Your Meal! 

Behind every mouthful of divine food on your plate from appetizers to entrees are Chefs. When the executive Chef owns passion, integrity, grit, and a spirited fire to be the best at his trade, juicy, flavorful, moist, flavor-loaded food decorates your plate. 

Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse - Excecutive Chef Steve Young

We were rushing from our Matt Goss Show to the Westgate Resort (it was a little late). As we briskly walked to the steakhouse I was greeted by Executive Chef Steve Young. Wait!!!!!!! At the door, waiting for me, was the Executive Chef?

He already won me over, a business first and incredibly genuine human, unlike most Chefs I have interacted with (and I have met a lot of Chefs in my world!)

Executive Chef Steve Young – Charismatic, Bold & Talented beyond his years 

Fantastic, fabulous, hands-on, charismatic, he’s the whole package and so much more – that’s what Executive Steve Young is made of! So for all of you who were fans of Iron Chef, visit the EDGE Steakhouse and learn what Fantabulous really is.

Trust me when I say Executive Chef Steve Young is the ‘next big thing’ I believe he already is. For those more discerning diners, if you are after perfectly articulated and translated meals, he’s your guy and the EDGE Steakhouse is the winning bet!

Cutting ‘EDGE’ Steakhouse Food Can’t Taste Good If Passion Isn’t Present: Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse 

Executive Steve Young offers indescribable and unsurpassable culinary talent, with a charisma and passion that translates into everything he creates! The Culinary King of Vegas offerings signature American Steakhouse gastronomy experiences that are meticulously plated~ Dana Vento

What Makes This A Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse? 

Chef Steve created everything on the menu, he is hands-on in the kitchen and works WITH his staff. They work together to create the best Meat experience you will have anywhere in Vegas. Even if you don’t eat meat, he’s got food that will spoil your belly! 

Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse in the Dry Rub, Dry Aging Room with Executive Chef Steve Young

IN addition to creating a most impressive menu offering he actually ages his cuts of prime meats right in the restaurant, you can see it from the exterior through glass windows. This is something Chef added to the restaurant on his own. 

Fresh. Modernistic. Spectacular Vegas cuts of beef! Boom. 

5-course Chef Tasting Dinner: Available at Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse 

Want to have some ‘off the menu’ fun and enjoy the ‘best of the best without having to do the thinking?

Let the 5 Course Chef Tasting arrive at your table. I need to be honest, I threw Chef a curveball when I spoke with him in person and told him about my dietary restraints.

However, my curveball did not even challenge his level of skill as he rolled with it and completely astounded my palate. While I am not divulging what my dietary issues are, it is safe to say, I ate like a Queen!

The Menu for our Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse 5-course Chef Tasting  

Wagyu Beef Tartare \ Kaluga caviar, truffle aioli.

Wagyu Beef Tartare \ Kaluga caviar, truffle aioli - Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse. The Edge Steakhouse

Each painstakingly selected ingredient contributes to the greatness of the dish.

Spicy Shrimp \ Sweet Chili Sauce

Spicy Shrimp \ Sweet Chili Sauce - Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse - The Edge

Have you ever tried Bang Bang Shrimp? Good, because the Spicy Shrimp here just insults that so badly, it’s just best to say, this offering is preferred by connoisseurs of spiced shrimp without a doubt. Total assault of richness and flavor.  Giddy-up! We are off to the races and we’ve just begun! 

Beef Fat Toast ~ YOLO

Beef Fat Toast - Edge Steakhouse. Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse

Round circles of what looks to be ‘melba-like’ rounds are offered and I can just suggest that you be the first to the dish. If you are a toast person, these are your dream come true. These tasty morsels will disappear.

Oh, my magnificent, and this is definitely out of my comfort zone of options. Yes, I accepted the carbs and welcomed them into my mouth beef fat and all! YOLO!

So separated fat from the beef tissues is used in this, and albeit not healthy, total YOLO moment and it’s kind of foodie-gasmic. Extraordinary and totally perfect for the dining experience we were in the midst of! Bite. Taste. Enjoy! 

As I said before, established restaurant, hidden gem because the talent here of the Executive Chef surpasses anything I’ve experienced! Touch here to make your reservations to this spectacular Vegas Steakhouse. 

Artisan Style Yorkshire

Artisan Style Yorkshire - EDGE Steakhouse

I am a detail girl, and I loved the squared-off butter. However, this moment is about the single-serving Yorkshire which is where all our attention was focused. 

Making Yorkshire during the holidays is what my mom loves to do and I have been doing. So, seeing this, was fantastic! After all, Beef without Yorkshire somewhere on the menu would not be a beef meal at all! 

Yorkshire single-serve bites at spectacular Vegas steakhouse

Pan drippings of beef fat create the taste that is brilliantly served in single portions sizes. Muffin pan baked?

Butter Baked Oysters

So what are butter-baked oysters? These Oysters are offered in nduja butter and topped off with lemon and herb breadcrumbs. I can offer this, ” it is bound to please the most demanding of taste buds!”

Butter Baked Oysters at spectacular Vegas Steakhouse EDGE

Really can there be more? Can it get any better? Fine dining defined and we are not done yet! Wowza. 

A Baby Beets Salad 

I’ll say, the use of a more traditionally ‘old-school‘ ingredient turned into uptown funky, transforms every day into a work of art, don’t you agree? 

Baby beets salad. EDGE Steakhouse, Westgate Resort. VEGAS

What could be more delicious than, pistachios, burrata, and lemon vinaigrette? The masterfully executed Baby Beets Salad will have you salivating, and scraping the dish for more.

A Saporific Take on Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower Soup - spectacular Vegas steakhouse, outsanding soup

Made fresh, poured fresh, and beautifully present, cauliflower soup is fit for the gods. Pork belly, celery, and green apple, a perfect triumvirate of flavors. Petite, yet filling. Savory, and you will detect all the flavors and remember it long after you’ve experienced the flavor.  

Hokkaido Scallops at the Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse? 

 Seafood at spectacular Vegas Steakhouse Hokkaido Scallops

Modestly portioned, market-fresh, Hokkaido Scallops. Expect a sweet flavor and a firm texture. Remember Hokkaido Scallops are sustainable and sushi-grade, yet this preparation of the Hokkaido Scallops takes me away from acknowledging them as ‘sushi-grade seafood to the next level. 

Enrobed in butternut squash, pine nuts, pomegranate, and Brussel sprouts base. 

Hokkaido Scallops No Sushi Here. Vegas Steakhouse

The dish will tease and tantalize you, and leave you vying for more! The most decadent taste I’ve experienced throughout each bite of scallop ever. This would be what I would want a full serving of and nothing else (well some wine:) lol. 

40 Day Dry Aged Rib Eye & Wagyu Strip Loin ~ An Epicurean Feast

40 Day Dry Aged Rib Eye & Wagyu Strip Loin - EDGE Steakhouse.

A staple of any great steakhouse is measured by the intensity of both the flavor and quality of the beef you are about to cut into.  Organic, sustainable ingredients. Succulent. Sure to make any truly passionate, aficionado steak-lover swoon. 

 40 Day Dry Aged Rib Eye & Wagyu Strip Loin

Allow me to quantify this by stating the quality of beef: melt-in-your-mouth, farm-fresh flavor, artisan and authentic and signature style.

Butter Whipped Potatoes

butter whipped potatoes

Shall I put it this way, and by all means complimentary, “would you like some potatoes with that butter?”

Mashed, made fresh, and no doubt calorie-free (lol in your faux world maybe!), satisfying, and comfort-driven. After all, your beef needs a resting bed in your belly, lol. 

Roasted Mushrooms with Boursin Cheese

Roasted Mushrooms with Boursin Cheese at Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse

Aged sherry vinegar is the key to the taste, but there’s so much more to savor. This dish is bursting with intense flavors and alluring aromas yet simple and unexpected. In fact, something my family has served in their kitchen and on the table for years.

Perhaps that is the eloquence and genuineness of the dish? For most this will be a fresh twist on a mushroom dish. 

Brussel Sprouts & Cauliflower & Quinoa

Just to round this beautifully executed meal off, here are a few more offerings that accompanied our meal.

The Brussel sprouts: pork belly, pumpkin seeds, and apple cider dressing (that’s green apple strips atop). Conversely, the Cauliflower is in brown butter, with parmesan and lemon herbs.

 Brussel Sprouts & Cauliflower & Quinoa

Direct your attention to the Quinoa and roasted vegetable salad, offerings hearts of palm, radish, asparagus and topped with watercress. Elegant, luscious and mouthwatering and oh so on trend!

 Quinoa and roasted vegetable salad

Vanilla Bean Cream Brulee

That moment when a simpleton shortbread cookie stole the show.

Vanilla Bean Cream Brulee a fabulous ending

A presentation shows off the Vanilla Bean Cream Brulee in a very bright way. The taste is just plain good, but the shortbread cookie gets a head nod from me. Simple, uncomplicated bliss, a plateful, please?

Death By Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake. Vegas Steakhouse

Let me just say this, “its decadence and rich flavor will just make you swoon!” I won’t ruin it for you, just know it is layer by layer of chocolate in different dimensions.

Chocolate Swoon-worthy Cake. Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse

Holy Foodgasm! is all she wrote. And totally gotta taste it to believe it! Yum from start to finish. 

Vegas Style

By day, jeans and a tee are great, and sometimes you will see a whole lot less or a whole lot more. Daytime is casual and fun.

However, nighttime, and depending on which hotels and resorts you visit have a different and sometimes ‘unspoken’ dress code. Nighttime in Vegas is all about styling.

Spectacular Vegas Steakhouse - elegant dining. dress up!

From shoes to dresses, live it up. Sparkle, bling, heels, dresses (or very little black dresses, lol) all trend. It’s Vegas Baby.

Table set at EDGE Steakhouse

You will find a ‘spot-on’ staff, who attentively serve you even without your ask. Alex is a pro at pampering~

alex at EDGE steakhouse

From fresh silverware between courses (you all know I am crazy about service) to fine table linens.

all the details at the EDGE spectacular Vegas Steakhouse

Innovative side dishes, accompany creative entrees and of course vegetarian dining, as well as the famed red meat offerings, truly make the Edge Steakhouse signature.

Lavishly Living Gastronomy Out Loud In Vegas


While my meal was hosted by the EDGE Steakhouse in Las Vegas, the content and images are all my own. Of course, you get it now, this is the restaurant that you have to visit if you really want the Good Eats Vegas is known for.

Now an exposed gem, make sure to get a reservation and indulge in the sophistication of this fine-dining experience. ~ Cheers DANA!