Mega All-Inclusive Package in Aruba. Ultimate Caribbean Vacation.

I am ready for my Caribbean vacation, aren’t you? Aruba is perfect any time of the year, so which Aruba resort will you choose? My vacations are always ‘Go Big or Go Home,’ and in Aruba, it takes a village to answer this call. All-inclusive resort in Aruba on beach

#1 Aruba Resort Mega All-Inclusive Package

I’ve found the #1Aruba resort MEGA all-inclusive package. In fact, this mega-all-inclusive package makes all other packages at other resorts, well … choke for lack of a better word! 

aruba resort beach. Druif Beach To that end, this Aruba resort offers undeniable value for your vacation spend. Really, truly its mega all-inclusive package provides the best ROI and luxurious, family-friendly, amenity-filled villas!  Caribbean Vacation time! 

Do note that the all-inclusive package is not called ‘MEGA’ it’s why I chose to call it for the value-packed into the plan! 

Our trip was hosted. Images and opinions are ALL my own based on this experience.

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Mega All-Inclusive Package Overview

What happens when you take a family on vacation? You spend, and spend more right? If you have kids, no matter the age, they eat and drink all day. Plus, not all resorts want kids (of any age) so that is the first half of the vacation-seeking battle. Divi Villa Golf Aruba Resort mega all inclusive package

However, if you know what ‘village‘ in Aruba welcomes families, and then provides what I will term the ‘mega all-inclusive package’ you will arrive at this fabulous Aruba resort and you won’t want to leave! 

We’ve spent plenty of time on this island and I’ll tell you first hand, all-inclusive (ai) is a gift you want to treat yourself to! Unless you plan to leave your resort area every single night, don’t miss this resort! 

The Nauseating Truth About AI’s. 

When you book an All-Inclusive, do you consider how big or small the property is? That always lends to my decision in whether to go AI or not. You see, all-inclusiveis only as good as its offerings. In other words, small resort, small eating options, and the same menu over and over, it gets to be nauseating. 

Variety is thespiceof life, and options need to abound. I want to taste, and experience ambiance, and destination in every way possible. I don’t want the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 or 14 days in a row. Eating the same meal every dayis just plain featureless IMO! 

The Village. Aruba Resort with the option of Mega All-Inclusive Package! 

So, I’ve written ‘with the option of’ except if you don’t choose the ‘option of I think personally you will regret it. 

Divi Village Golf & Beach Resortis located on the low-rise resort side. In fact, it’s right in the middle of everything yet not overrun by chaos, making it perfection, again IMO. 

As I’ve stated it takes a ‘village‘ to create MEGA, andDIVI Village Golf & Beach Resort reaches the peak of splendiferousness! 

We stayed at the DIVI Village Golf & Beach Resort and opted for the All-Inclusive package and all I can say is that we chose right. 

The Divi Village Golf & Beach Aruba Resort all-inclusive package will knock rock your flip flips (but hopefully keep your bikini bottoms on, lol, we aren’t on the French side of SXM.)

Really? Mega All-Inclusive Package at an Aruba Resort?

Yep, this is the best Family-Friendly, couple, girl’s vacay, large group lodging choice you can make in Aruba without a doubt! 

When you travel with kids, and I travel with 3, there’s nothing better than all-inclusive. However, this incredible all-inclusive resort in Aruba makes the ‘all-inclusive’ beyond the best value of inclusive. 

Families with children no matter the age, play the day away in the sun and have fun, and their appetites and thirst never stop. So, all-inclusive makes it easy for them to fill their bellies without you having to worry about a nonstop mounting bill. 

But Wait There’s ‘Stuff’ You Need To Know About This Mega All-Inclusive Package

Your access to a multitude of on-property and across-the-street properties for dining, entertainment, shopping, swimming, beach access, and more is insanely, perfectly, Mega-crazy, and fulfilling. Y

It’s true that you can literally bar and food hop all vacation long, visit more pools than you will have time for and a multitude of beach options, yet never get sick of it. We did and we enjoyed every experience we had. 

How To Access the Mega All-Inclusive Package. Which Aruba Resort do I Book Reservations? 

As mentioned above, book your reservations at the Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort, you will get more here for your AI than any other reservation (even Divi Dutch Village, it’s true)!

Divi Dutch Village patrons do not have the AI food options located at Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort! 

Reaping rewards for making the best choice in an AI in Aruba, keeps you ‘moving’ while still relaxed. Everything is close by and you don’t need your wallet with you!

Those fabulous Divi Village Golf & Beach Aruba resort reservations totally boom your offerings like no other!

Basic AI Offerings at Aruba Resort (for both Divi Dutch & Divi Village Golf & Beach) 

  • entertainment
  • shopping
  • freshwater pools
  • shuttle service to restaurants, bars, and Alhambra Casinos.
  • free golf all day at The Links at Divi Aruba 
  • Non-motorized water sports (snorkeling, windsurfing equipment, catamarans, floats, kayaks, etc.) 
  • lighted tennis courts 
  • Family Plan (up to age 5, 1 child per paying adult with a max of 2 children. Kids stay & eat free)
  • WiFi 
  • Free Parking 

Here’s where things differ, and if you stay at Divi Dutch, you won’t get as much (yep, I rhymed) on your All-Inclusive Package!

Remember, the mega all-inclusive package may not be right for you. Therefore no knocks meant to the other Aruba resorts, it’s just all in what you want for your Caribbean vacation. For those seeking the best ROI on their vacation spend, this is it! No ‘mulligan’s for this vacation experience as it will be perfection from start to finish! 

Staying with Divi Village Golf & Beach Resort. The Mega All-Inclusive Package kicks in big here!


Village Golf Dining Options 

  • Mulligan’s Golf Cae Bar & Restaurant (traditional eats, sandwiches, etc. & golf course views)
  • Seabreeze Restaurant & Sports Bar (lunch, and breakfast!) 
  • Infinity Grill & Swim-up Bar (lunch, snacks, drinks) 

Divi Dutch Village 

  • Tiki Pool Bar & Grill (American & Dutch grabs) 

Divi Aruba AI 

  • Pelican Terrace 
  • Pelican Bar
  • Red Parrott Restaurant (fine dining)
  • Coco Grill & Bar 
  • Pure Lime (Mexican) 
  • Poolside Bar
  • Sandpiper Bar

Tamarijn Aruba (ai)

  • Cunucu Terrace
  • Ginger (Asian fusion) 
  • Palm Grill Restaurant  (Hibachi) 
  • Paparazzi Restaurant (Italian)
  • Pizza per Tutti  (Grill/bar) 
  • Bunker Bar
  • Coconuts Bar 

Our Aruba resort ai package afforded us the chance at 14 dining options, 13 bars, and 10 pools. Now you get why I call it MEGA because it delivers BIG!

Aruba Resort By Day Bucket List  

  • Tropical. Warm. Lush. Swaying palm trees.
  • Tranquil Beaches. 
  • Illuminating sunsets. 
  • Sunrises in Aruba often start cloudy and then give way to days that end in true blue skies.
  • A golf course.
  • Bars on the beach.
  • Music. Happy hour with plenty of Balashi beer & blue lemonade to go round!
  • Tennis courts, pools, and a swim-up bar in an infinity pool all are situated on this destination resort.
  • Villas, that are spacious and clean.

Bring the family, you’ve got room! This all-inclusive resort in Aruba is waiting for you!  By the Beach Bar at Divi Village Resort Drink in the Sand at Pier Travel as a couple, a family, a large group, or as an extended family. Stay in a studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom and enjoy each other as much as you want or as little as you want. Options abound and that is the beauty of this all-inclusive resort in Aruba. 

Grab a digital map and follow along! 

Aruba Resort: Chaos-Free Yet In the Middle of Everything 

What you won’t be is on the high-rise resort side, however, you will be in the middle of everything except chaos! 

Without much effort, you will find multiple dining options, as well as spacious villas for your family as well as lovely pool areas!  When it comes time to eat, well, you can get dressed up or stay casual for dining! Yes! That’s vacation, right? 

There are resort shops and daily pop-up markets as well as shuttles that run throughout the resorts to make getting around easier (if you dress up in heels!)  Yes, there is poolside entertainment, and open bars, fun nightlife, and you can walk to it, or ride the entertainment

All-Inclusive Resort in Aruba Lodging 

You will have a free parking spot, not dedicated but there are plenty. Therefore, rent a car and park it in front of your Divi Village Golf & Beach Aruba resort. Go out during the day to sightsee use your car. 

Use the golf cart shuttles to move about all of the complexes or walk. At night when you are dressed up and heading out to Divi Divi, Divi Tamarijn, across the street, use the shuttles, they run frequently and get you there fast! (well 15 mph fast, lol! you are using the walking paths, so they tend to use caution!) 

Aruba Resorts: Divi in the Spotlight

Unending questions about Divi. Trust me, even as a pro-traveler, I was unaware of all of this. Knowledge is power and well, you can reap benefits for vacay, like the mega all-inclusive package. 

In Aruba, you will see the name ‘DIVI’ appear a lot. Your Aruba resort options are Divi Village Golf, Divi Dutch Village, and Divi Phoenix. They are not one-in-the-same and each has a very different vibe.

You’ll also note that I will overview stops at the Divi Tamarijn and Divi Divi, they are not where I stayed, but they are part of my mega all-inclusive package my Divi Village Golf & Beach resort offers.

Again, it’s extensive, and an undeniable value for those of you who love to change things up daily and not sit stagnant at the Aruba resort you booked at. 

To experience each, food hopping, walking, and spending time at each pool is almost a must.

Hop the Shuttle: Let’s Go Pool Hopping Family! 

Aruba Resort. Free Shuttles. Hop the ShuttleDid you come for fun in the sun? Sand? Well, I can offer you suggestions on both, but let’s pool hop with a little ‘sand on the side’ 

Poolside - Divi Aruba Resort The beauty of a Divi Village Golf & Beach All-Inclusive Resort in Aruba vacation is a few ‘flip-flop’ steps away! 

For those that Don’t want to walk your, Aruba Resort offers free shuttles

Mega all-inclusive package: Get off your Aruba Resort property & Go Across the Street! 

Walk or ride. We alternated between each.  Really it just mattered on my shoes, lol! The walk across the street to the Tamarijn is maybe five minutes maximum.

walking through the path back to our aruba resortAlso, the walk to the Divi Divi is just about the same. Alhambra Casino is a few steps beyond the Divi Divi, so any shuttle works that are marked Divi Divi or Casino!

Where To Catch a Shuttle from your Aruba Resort Divi Village Golf  

Since our home base was Divi Village Golf, to get to any of the other resorts, we could either walk or take the golf cart shuttles. There were nights, when I was in wedges and a dress, I did NOT want to walk, so we took a Golf Cart Shuttle. 

In order to catch the shuttles, we would leave our room and head towards the main lobby in the resort. Once here, the Divi Resort Shuttle drivers transported us to the Tamarijn, where we would then either stay or transfer to a different shuttle. This is all really easy, and sometimes the shuttle picked us up right at hour Villa area. 

Shuttles From the front of the Tamarijn 

From the front lobby of the Tamarijn, you can catch the shuttle down to Divi Divi another part of your Aruba resort mega all-inclusive package. Keep on moving there are lots of things to do and see! 

Pay attention, as the shuttles are marked as to where they are going, of course, you can ask the drivers or the front lobby desk attendants too!  Visit all the resorts, we did! Let the fun keep moving!Divi village golf and beach Aruba Resort pool by night

Mega All-Inclusive Package. Free Shuttle Included, Use this DIVI DIVI Shuttle Riding Tip

If you were going to Divi Divi AI, but the only shuttle in front of you is the casino shuttle get on it. The casino is so darn close to Divi Divi AI that you can walk.  Many people were doing that and we caught on right away. Therefore you can get to your location without waiting for the next shuttle.

Shuttle Rides for those staying at Divi Village Golf & Beach  Aruba Resort  

For those of you staying at a Divi Village Golf, shuttle to the Tamarijn. Once there, ask your current shuttle driver or the desk reception to radio to the Divi Village Golf to get your ride. 

If you don’t you might be standing there for a while. Also, they might have to call more than once. 

Aruba Resort + Shuttle Drivers

A final note on golf cart shuttles. Make sure to tip your golf cart shuttle driver. It seemed to be a big debate for people to tip or not to tip.  A few bucks go further than nothing. Included service or not, we always tipped. Your drivers just might remember you better too!

Walking and Drinking – After All, It Is Vacation

A note on walking and drinking. You will note that you will get your drinks at the bar and you might want to hop a shuttle or get back to your resort. In fact, it is not a problem we often walked with drinks in hand, whether it be alcohol, or soda, or juices. Just don’t spill or become boisterous, but you can keep them in hand. 

Don’t Haul A Pool Towel at this Aruba Resort 

Pool. Seabreeze Divi Vllage Golf & Beach Aruba Resort Towel cards play a very large role at Divi. You’ll be given towel cards at the beginning of your stay.

 Just find a towel hut and exchange the towel cards for towels. Towel huts are generally in the pool areas. Each of the huts offers different hours.

towel hut for mega all inclusive packageWhen you give the towel back, you get a card back. Plain, simple, and easy to gain a clean towel. I also suggest bringing towel clips for your chairs, it is super windy.

Pool Selection: So many pools, never enough time 

Just by our Golf Villa, we had the option of 2 pools. One offered a very peaceful ambiance.

Golf Villas Pool in Aruba ResortConversely and not surprising, the infinity pool was definitely more booming. Food offerings, snacks, and a swim-up bar all contributed to a  fantastic good time! 

Infinty Pool in Aruba Resort mega all inclusive packageRight in the midst of the Divi Village Golf & Beach villas is the Infinity Pool. We spent many late afternoons here. The swim-up bar is idealistic, and it was closest to our villa. 

Towards Villas Infinty Pool in Aruba Resort mega all inclusive packageHowever, we also spend mornings at the Seabreeze pool with a walkup bar and we ate a few of our lunches at the Seabreeze restaurant.  This is the beautiful landscaping as you walk to the Seabreeze pool area. 

headed to seabreeze pool area mega all inclusive package

But, a small walk across the street, or a quick shuttle ride and you are at Druif beach Divi Dutch Village.

DIVI Dutch Village is included with your Aruba Resort Mega All-Inclusive Package! 

Here you will find 3 more pools you are welcome to enjoy or palapas on the beach!  Tiki Bar Divi Dutch Village Pool. Mega All-inclusive package Aruba resort  There’s a great swim-up bar at the Tiki Pool.

For fun, head over to the Bunker Bar for some ripping music and some oceanside views.

Bunker Bar - Divi Dutch Village Area. Mega All-Inclusive Package Aruba Resort

Saunter a bit more and find the masterful pool with cabanas and enclosed between the Divi Dutch Village Villas.  Big, beautiful and the rooms here are A-M-A-Z-E-Like too!. 

Pool in Aruba Resort mega all inclusive package

Yes, there’s another pool right on this property as well, smaller but a gem as well. 

Don’t forget Sunset Poolside at your Aruba Resort – Seabreeze Pool Area 

seabreeze pool area for sunset mega all inclusive package

Keep Those Flip Flops moving:  there’s more to your Aruba Resort Mega All-Inclusive Package! 

Walk the pathway or grab the FREE shuttle, let’s visit the Tamarijn. Why? Because our mega all-inclusive package gives us the chance to do this! Use that AI Power! 

Divi Tamarijn pool area mega all inclusive package

And a Fast Trip to The Divi Divi Pool Too  

DIVI DIVI pool area mega all inclusive package

Take Time Out to Enjoy Your Aruba Resort Villa

Mega All Inclusive Package our aruba resort hot tubOur room was perfect for a family of 3 as we stayed in a one-bedroom villa suite.  Amenities included a rollout bed, 2 patios, 2 full bathrooms, and a full kitchen! 

Additionally, we had a private rooftop hot tub*** and grill. We just had to take the stairs one more flight up and there it was! 

Room Aruba Resort Mega All Inclusive PackageTo be so honest, other than showering and sleeping, we were hardly in our room. Our days were packed with activities from start to finish. When the days were a little freer, we just walked and discovered.

After all that is the fun of a vacation, diving into discovery deeper in that place right? 

Aruba Resort: Mega All-Inclusive Package Your Band 

The biggest advantage is the mega all-inclusive package lineup that when wearing this band, allows you a lot of vacation without any planning (other than some dinner reservations!) 

Keep this on your wrist at all times! 


Aruba Resort Mega All Inclusive Package. Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort band

Eat. Drink & Vacation with your powerful mega all-inclusive package options! 

 Divi Village Golf Dining Included with Mega All-Inclusive Package 

Mulligan’s: Prepare to be overwhelmed 

I loved EVERYTHING about Mulligans! Service, food, and location, especially when I was tired from a long day! 

Mega All-Inclusive package includes Mulligan's Divi Village Resort We ate here 2 times. Where Niko Travels has extensive allergies. Our first experience with this was amazing. The server Andrew gave us a lot of information even though the place was hopping!He in fact provided stellar service with a very busy series of tables to tend to!

Mulligan's Bar Fresh Mozzarella salad- Mega all-inclusive package

Situated across from the resort lobby and right at the golf course. Mulligan’s is more or less a sports bar with a huge menu. 

Mulligan's mega menu includes fabulous options. Artichoke Dip, shrimp, Pasta Of course, what is a vacation without a pizza? I will say that we tried to order pizza to go, just takeout and it was not allowed with our mega all-inclusive package, and I never understood why! 

Pizza at Mulligan's. Mega All-Inclusive Package with great eats P.S. Will one pizza be enough for two people? Absolutely! 

Mulligan's Burger Aruba Resort Eats

So, there’s an extensive menu, and we tried a lot of the food and everything was yummy. Portions were not skimpy or altered because you are on the mega all-inclusive package. 

Prefer the Bar Only? Mulligan’s Has This!

If you want to be inside at a bar instead, you can sit around the interior bar which is generous in seating. Additionally, you could eat at the bar too. A side note: the wings are yummy! Order an appetizer and a few drinks. If you have leftovers they will box them up for you to take back to your room. 

Dress Code At Mulligan’s

I saw absolutely every kind of outfit head in. Short shorts, to dressier. The dress here is very casual. Defining casual would be a pair of shorts and a decent T-shirt with sandals. It’s not really flip-flops and tank tops and bathing suit stop.

Mulligans is actually open until one in the morning so it is your late-night stop! 

Another Restaurant in your Mega All-Inclusive Package: Seabreeze Restaurant

The Seabreeze restaurant is a restaurant open to both the public and those staying at the Aruba Resort.  In the very early morning, they serve buffet breakfast for those on the all-inclusive.

You will find a morning buffet like waffles, French toast, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, some sweets, fresh juice, and coffee. Do note that at lunch, you will order from the menu but at dinner a buffet. 

Overview Breakfast at Seabreeze

Seabreeze breakfast buffet Traditional eats such as pancakes, french toast, and fruits. Additionally, bacon, eggs, juices, and bread. If you like, grab a banana for the road or an apple to enjoy later on.

It’s all there for the taking. Coffee is poured

Seabreeze Breakfast Buffet Divi Village Golf and Beach resort Aruba

Since this restaurant opened at 7 am we were here a few times as we started activities early. Great for any early morning tours, get here in and out and eat before you go! 

Lunch at the Seabreeze.

lunch menu at seabreeze in Divi Village Golf The menu at the Seabreeze restaurant is not huge but it definitely services itself well. You will find offers such as salad, chicken fingers, pizza, sandwiches. We dined on lunch one day while on the property after arriving back from an activity.

Seabreeze Quesadilla Aruba at Divi Yum from start to finish. The staff is very attentive to allergies as long as you speak with the general manager of food at each restaurant. Here we actually spoke directly with the chef and he accommodated Where Niko Travels with a grilled chicken breast.

Chicken and Fries at Seabreeze Divi Resorts in Aruba Additionally, chef-made french fries for Where Niko Travels in a dedicated fryer. Thank you, Chef.

Infinity Bar & Grill: More of the mega all-inclusive package eat options! WOW! 

infinity pool at Aruba Resort for Food This is a very popular pool spot at the Divi Village. It’s probably because there is a swim-up bar as well as a hot tub and you can view the golf course. For those that love iguanas, this is a great place to study them.

iguanas at Divi Village Resort they are everywhere It’s so tropical that the little native Iguanas habitat here in clusters! The iguanas are all over the infinity view side, by the restrooms and cafe. They, in fact, attract a lot of photos. They kind of remind me of the Parrot in St. Maarten!

We watched one lady move everywhere the iguana did and photo EVERY step. Vacation mode! They are definitely an attraction but DON’T Pet or feed them, there are signs to remind you who kick to vacation brain.

Infinity Pool Food 

Food and drinks here are also included in that fabulous mega all-inclusive package you decided upon. The menu is not huge, but suffice it to say, it’s got something for everyone! 

Infinty Pool Drinks with food mega all-inclusive package The Infinity Pool bar and Grill are amazing.  Your bartenders here make some great drinks and often can be seen creating shot concoctions and passing them out! There are burgers, chicken strips, and salads here.

A Note About Food Allergies and The Infinity Bar

For those with latex allergies, nuts, seafood, etc. or if you don’t eat meat, your choices are limited. I grabbed a Greek Salad one day and another nachos another.

Food Allergies & Infinity Pool Grill burgers in Aruba at Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort

Fries were not an option, nor chicken fingers for Where Niko Travels due to no dedicated fryer and cross-contamination. Where Niko Travels got a burger, and we did not order the fries due to cross-contamination, but they still put them in.

Therefore he did not eat the burger as they were in the same container when we carried it back to our room. We had to be down the road, so we had hurriedly ordered, but something got mixed in translation.  The burgers are generous in portion and Michael did eat one and said it was delicious.

Just as a point of reference, this may not be suitable if you have food allergy issues. Bottled water can be found at this particular bar, most just offer cups of water.

Cunucu Terrace at Tamarijn

This AI restaurant is really nice. Not only is it casual but it offers multiple dishes that are sure to please each person in your group.  Before eating, due to Where Niko Travels allergies, we spoke to the chef.

Chef assured us of food options and what to avoid. We did ask questions such as is there a dedicated fryer, etc., to steer clear of cross-contamination. Following their directives, Where Niko Travels ate well.

Breakfast buffet at Cunucu

I’ll be honest this was our favorite destination for food in the morning. A coffee pot is placed on your table, so pour at your leisure. A food attendant will add more silverware or take it away. Additionally, the attendant will bring you a pot of coffee, and we loved this!  

Not only is the buffet well-stocked and monitored, but it also has a lot of options. Foods like, silver dollar pancakes, waffles, French toast, bacon, sausage, eggs made to order, many pastries, and crepes me to order.

There were plenty of fruits to choose from including dragon fruit, bananas, apples, blood oranges, grapefruit, watermelon, raspberries, and strawberries. You simply can’t go wrong with breakfast from here. Additionally, you can eat basic, like toast and cereal. Prefer to grab and go? Do it. 

Dress in here is very casual flip-flops bathing suits with cover-ups. At night it’s basically shorts T-shirts and flip-flops. 

Coconuts Bar

Here’s a great food tip!  Do you know how when you go on vacation and sometimes you’re really not that hungry but you still want to eat something? Coconuts Bar near the entrance of the Tamarijn is perfect for this.

popcorn available at Coconut Bar Tamarijn Aruba Behind it is a swimming pool, where you could order a drink and indulge by watching the water.  Additionally, you can order Panini’s, and pizzas here. The pizzas at this bar offer PERSONAL-sized pizzas with four slices!

Did I mention they have little bags of popcorn to enjoy with a drink? Just ask. You’ll find an entertainment stage, and marketplace that each of her here. Want to shop? Go for it, there are plenty of shops here!

All-Inclusive on Divi Village & Divi Dutch  vs. All-Inclusive at Divi Divi & Divi Tamarijn

The biggest thing to know is that if you dine at Divi Village Golf, and Divi Dutch, you must sign a receipt. Receipts are stamped all-inclusive (if you are on that package), and you are responsible for tipping (if you choose).

Divi Village Golf and Beach resort Aruba Mulligan's Receipt or All-Inclusive You will also need to fill in your room number and bracelet number. These include Mulligan’s, Seabreeze, Infinity Bar and Grill, and the Seabreeze Bar. (don’t leave until you have signed these). 

Mega All Inclusive Package Tamarijn BarConversely, Divi Divi and Divi Tamarijn are just walk-in, dine, order, and go. If you go to the bar order your drink and food and they hand it to you, and you go. (of course, they look for your AI band).

Night Time Entertainment For Everyone 

 These Dancers were up at the Divi Divi All-Inclusive.

Divi Divi All-Inclusive entertainment

Daytime Things To Do – Not Included in AI but Available 

Tennis At Divi Village**

For those that love to play tennis, Divi Village is perfect. There are a few tennis pros available and you can schedule a lesson with them! Lessons are not included in the all-inclusive plan, you arrange them through the pro shop on-premises.

Where Niko Travels got to spend an hour with Renzo rallying the ball back-and-forth! Not only was Renzo an incredible player but he’s really great with teens!

All-Inclusive Aruba Resort Options to Play Golf – You can!

**Free golf at The Links at Divi Aruba after 3 p.m. Call 297.581.GOLF or book a tee time online!

Golf and Tennis

Golf Lessons with Don Ross ‘FeelGolf’ School** 

Michael and I spent time swinging the old golf clubs with Karen, Don’s daughter! You can too, just sign up for an additional fee and start learning the RIGHT way! We learned so very much that day. No longer are we, traditional golfers.

Karen, really had us swinging differently and making a difference with each movement. We took everything we’ve learned and started learning again. In one hour we learned more than did in all the years we played. Thank you, Karen!

Included with your All-Inclusive Package: The Fitness Center 

Fitness Center Divi - Part of Mega All-Inclusive Package Of course, many of us go on vacation and overindulge a bit and we want to stay on our healthy regime. Never fear, because right above the beach bar is the amazing fitness center. In fact, there are multiple ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, and weights. The view is fantastic at tranquil blue waters and swaying palm trees.

Alternative exercise options that don’t require the Mega All-Inclusive Package boardwalk by Divi Resorts walking Since you’ve crossed the street you can walk all along what I will refer to as the boardwalk walkway. There are no shops but there is gawk-worthy scenery and a large walking trail for you to exercise on.Walking on Divi Beach Resorts You can walk along the beach, without being on the sand and enjoy the views of waves rolling on in. We walked miles each morning before we started our day! Why? It’s a great time to look at all the other properties.

Palupas on Druif Beach Enjoy the different views, the different experiences and if you are on the mega all-inclusive or even if not, stop and have a drink to just bask in the moment of the Aruba experience. It really is a defining vacay. 

Plus, look into the ocean, and if it’s clear, Venezuela can be seen,  it’s 11 miles away! 

walking the beach in Divi Resorts, Dana's Feet

You’ll discover a climbing wall and the Divi Tamarijn going one way as well as the Divi Dutch Village. When you go the other, you’ll stumble upon Divi Divi AI. 

Nightlife – Dine. Drink. Resort Hop.  Mega-All Inclusive Package Makes it Simple 

Aruba shines as brightly at night as she does during the day. The rhythm of live music rolls in just like crashing waves. Whether by shuttle or by foot, explore. 

Divi Divi mega All-Inclusive package Aruba - By Night Aruba Resort Shopping markets with local artisans alternate in pop-ups between all the resorts.  The Alhambra Casino is open until 4 am each morning if you want to play cards or pull slots and then see the sunrise!

Local dances demonstrated by locals happen along the walkway closest to the sea that I previously discussed. Some nights we just walked from resort to resort enjoyed a beverage and stopped long enough to capture the spirit of the ambiance of each resort.

What’s Close to Mega All-Inclusive Package Aruba Resort? What Else Can You Do?

Guy Bavli** – Add this to your package with the additional option of dinner at Fusion! 

Guy Bavli entertainment option: additional purchase at Aruba Resort Another night we went to see Guy Bavli, a mentalist after dinner at Fusion. It’s amazing how a low-tech show can be so in-depth. Literally, Guy used paper, markers, and a Rubik’s cube, and a spoon challenging our minds!

The audience’s reaction spoke for the show itself. Wildly popular, Guy was busy taking photos and signing autographs with his followers after!

Note: All-Inclusive Etiquette 

While your kids may order and sign the bill, please make sure when YOU order to tip. All of the hard-working servers, cooks, chefs, bartenders, etc. make your vacation effortless, so make the effort to remind them, YOU APPRECIATE IT! Add it to your signed slip, or pay it out in cash, just remember, service matters! 

Not Everything Is AI but You’ve Got Your Card on File If You Need to Charge something!

Many of those returning to Aruba, know the package well. We were first-timers and I had to quickly learn where to eat and drink (trust me, we made mistakes).  

There are establishments on premises that are not at all covered by the AI, as well as those that need a card that shows your room in addition to your bracelet.  These are clearly disclosed as not part of your Mega All-Inclusive Package, just read before you go so you know! 

Further, you can charge things to your room as you will be providing a Credit Card when you sign in! 

The Aruba Resort Undeniably offers a Hallmark of Value & Lush Surroundings

With so much to do, there are simply not enough vacation days. From poolside drinks to underwater adventures, there’s a lot to try! Aruba is exciting and offers something for everyone.

We chose the best Aruba resort for our family and needs. That mega all-inclusive package is a great value. Divi Village is a great resort to visit as it offers everything you need to enjoy within its resorts. 

Mega Options. Big Value. Aruba Resort

The Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort offers mega options and multiple properties with different vibes. Choosing which Divi Aruba property you want to stay on will be the hardest part of your vacation planning in Aruba. Naturally, your vacation spend will drive your choice, but this Aruba resort gets it all right. 

Naturally, after considering the value-packed mega all-inclusive package we used, it’s crystal clear that we would choose the same package again! If for no other reason because Islands can be pricey and you’ve got so much built-in! 

The advantages of the mega All-Inclusive Village Golf & Beach Aruba Resort, make it tremendously the best value (in our opinion) beyond any other resort.~Dana XO 

**Not Included as part of the All-Inclusive, can be purchased separately  *** hot tub not available with all villas, do inquire