Paint Cabinets Unbelievably Fast.

 There’s just no getting around it, your cabinets are dated and need a makeover, so what should you do?  My case of Ugly cabinets was located in our garage

Garage Cabinets Painted with NUVO Paint: Paint Cabinets

Time to Paint Cabinets Unbelievably Fast. 

Years ago, you either bought the house with a set of cabinets hanging or you might have hung some cabinets. Either way, you rescued yourself and provided organization to an unorganized area.

However, now, those cabinets are eyesores. Ugly brown, dingy, veneer, that just is begging to be refreshed. It’s time to paint cabinets unbelievably fast and take them from OW to WOW! 

Yes + No’s of How To Paint Cabinets Unbelievably Fast 

Don’t rip them down, do update them. Is there a makeover kit you can use to refresh, transform, and update those dingy but useful cabinets? Yes. 

Will you have to scrape, and prime the cabinets?  No is the answer.

How long will the transformation from ugly to updated take? Well, 1 day, if you have the time, or a few days if you work in sections! Right now, you’ve got nothing but TIME on your hands, so this is when to do this!.

Paint Cabinets Unbelievably Fast: Oh to WOW in 1 Day! Easy

Cabinets before and after NUVO Paint - Paint Cabinets Unbelievably Fast. Ugly to Updated in 1 Day!
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The Concept of Why To Paint Cabinets 

So, if you wondered what it might look like from start to finish to update and refresh your cabinets I will show you. We installed these cabinets and don’t get me wrong, it’s the best thing we ever did for the garage. Does this sound familiar so far? 

Needing storage, and we couldn’t beat the price we became the owners of these brown veneer cabinets. However, as time passes, and I update everything, these were on my ‘ah, no way, gotta update’ DIY project list.

Yes, We Had Concerns as to How To Paint Cabinets because.

IN any event, I was kind of concerned about taking this project on. My one friend tackled her kitchen cabinets with less than eye-friendly results. Not only did she punish her floor, but her walls and the cabinets as well.  There’s was no going back and it looks terrible.

While I feel bad for her, I also know she needed to take a step back and PREP the area. So, I reconsidered my stance on cabinet painting. Could I perform a DIY  makeover and paint cabinets to look nice or would they end up looking like what I had just seen, a hot mess? 

Yes, I Could do this and no I was no worried because the cabinet paint I am about to use is the game-changer

NUVO Black Deco 1 Day Cabinet Painting Kit from Giani Granite.

Black Deco NUVO Paint on Garage Cabinets DIY - Paint cabinets. DIY Taking NO changes, leaving no room for error, I conferred with the pros. Giani Granite.  Their product comes HIGHLY recommended on Google and I understand why. Garage Cabinets AFTER GIani Granite NUVO Cabinet Paint - Paint Cabinets

After working with the NUVO Paint, I truly believe anyone can take their cabinets and transform them with ease. Inside the NUVO Cabinet Painting Kit box is mostly everything you need to complete the task.

Paint Cabinets using the NUVO Cabinet Painting Kit which includes:

  • 2 ~ Cans of NUVO Cabinet Paint.
  • 1 Roller Arm
  • 2 Roller Covers
  • Stir Sticks x 2
  • Angled Brush (for the frames!) You WILL ♥♥♥ this brush.

Tips and Tools You Need. How to Paint Cabinets in any room! 

Giani Granite NUVO DIY Cabinet Paint Kit - to Paint Cabinets

Crucial and Must-Do Steps Before You Paint Cabinets 

  1. Clean all the cabinets.
  2. Sand them ( I actually just sanded the rougher spots, and holes that I filled, you may not have to nor is it required)
  3. Then, clean them again.
  4. Make certain the handle areas are FREE of oils, and dirt.
  5. Scrub.
  6. Allow them to dry.
  7. Fill in any holes with the appropriate filler and sand to finish.
  8. Clean that mess up.

What Else Do You Need TO Begin To Paint Cabinets? 

  1. Tape. 
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Paint Roller Tray
  4. Tarp
  5. Zippered bag for hardware that you might be taking off 
  • A Few More Steps to Paint Cabinets 
  • Tape off any cabinetry areas that are along the wall so you don’t SPLASH, using Blue Tape.
  • Again, I will advise using 1.88″ wide tape, because you will be using a roller and you want a ‘play’ area to afford yourself containment (lol).
  • Take ALL the hardware knobs and Tape off hinges.
  • Consider prepping your work area, I suggest lying a plastic disposable tarp down (or trash bag slit, etc.)
  • Don’t forget to have a paint roller tray on hand as well for the supplied roller.
  • One of my favorite tools is a paint key opener!
  • In fact, it’s efficient and inexpensive as well as a MUST HAVE when opening paint cans of any sort!
  • If you will be climbing you will need a ladder, set that up as well.
  • The instructions on the NUVO Cabinet paint kit are simple to read and follow. Use those.
  • Try to choose a day with lower humidity so that the paint will dry.
  • Also, I chose a day when I could open up a side door in addition to the garage door for a good cross breeze and no paint fumes.

Cabinet Paint System to Use To Paint Cabinets

Obviously from the video, and all my Q&A, you know that I am super happy with the results. Would I suggest this for kitchen cabinets?


In fact, it was my test run to see if I want to paint my cabinets, because I have a lot of them, and I did not want to tackle a project I was unfamiliar with. Therefore, I used the garage cabinets as my testing ground and I passed with flying colors.

Simply put, the NUVO Paint Kit makes it easy to tend to this simple DIY task. ~ Dana XO