shop n save
This Check was my First Check Back in the day.. When Mt Lebanon SHOP ‘n SAVE was there, the store is long gone:) I was in high school when I got this..

Years ago, as a high school student and as a college student, I worked at a local grocery store ~~ SHOP ‘n SAVE.  I loved the hustle and the bustle, and the weekends were by far my favorite as a cashier because we were so busy.  Time passed by so quickly, when I worked I could not even believe that it was a job!  It always amazed me how many people used coupons to save and all the different ways people would Save money.  A quick learner and someone who spent hours at the store, I quickly began setting the stage for what would become the site you are now reading Pittsburgh Frugal Mom.

My days cashiering would offer me the opportunities to meet people from all over the Pittsburgh Area including people like Patrice King Brown! I always felt so special when she ‘chose’ my line.  (in reality it was whatever line was shortest ~ who am I kidding).  I  cashiered orders that were 2 and 3 carts big, I processed orders for retirement homes, went shopping with people through the store,  and had lines 8 and 10 people deep!  I learned how to bag properly, squaring off a bag the right way, and I worked in the days of double bagging you know a paper in a plastic, there were no ‘granola-girl’ bags!  The baggers took bags out without asking and they handled the packages for the customers, just because that is how it was supposed to be.  The express lane really was express, cash only!  There were no debit cards and credit cards to pay orders, we were all cash and check and larger checks had to be manually approved!

I worked in the bakery, and in the deli when they needed help.  I was often the Saturday Pizza Girl that people bought their freshly-made, oven ready, made-to-order and go pizza from as they walked in the store! Stocking and blocking became key in down times and our manager made sure things got done, no talking in the aisles, but  we still managed to have fun! I never realized how important a milk crate was for stocking, because we used them to sit on and stand on(a big NO now!)   I can tell you how to make the Best Ham Salad!(think jello!)   If you have never seen food made in bulk, work in a deli for a while and you will learn a lot!

My favorite part of my job at SHOP ‘n SAVE was working in the office! I was a Head Cashier and I learned so much: how to really get the most out of a coupon, what stores do with the coupons, how refunds work,  how returns food impacts the orders, how to change prices, why shelf tags are so important, banking and how to really work with customers, yes~~~, retail at it’s best!  What I took away from this job that I actually worked at for 7 years+ was a strong work ethic and a passion to save money the way the SHOP ‘n SAVE Shoppers did week after week, because they learned what so many of you know, store loyalty makes saving easy!

What I have learned is that coupons play a valuable role in saving money if….. you feel like clipping and have time to clip.  I also paid particular attention to those that did not purchase with coupons, they shopped sales, bought the NOT National Brands and planned their purchases ahead.  In addition to all of this, they played the ‘contests’  that used to be offered which brought them ‘freebies’ in the store.   While that was the SHOP ‘n SAVE of years gone by, the new SHOP ‘n SAVE is still true to its mantra Shop ‘n Save!

SHOP ‘n SAVE offers great savings on National Brands as well as its own brand Essential Everyday!  If you are a National Brand ‘must haver’  you can clip and use coupons to maximize your savings on National Brand Items and still SHOP ‘n SAVE!  The Store Loyalty Card known as the SHOP ‘n SAVE PERKS card offers you additional incentives each time you shop and present your card!

The PERKS card when presented to a cashier  on a scanned purchase can add up to substantial savings at the SHOP ‘n SAVE affiliated gasoline stations, yet another way to save while you spend! The PERKS that are also available to the consumer include savings on particular products in the store and can add up to free products like Hams and Turkeys during the appropriate season!

Being a SHOP ‘n SAVEr means shopping, spending and saving all at the same time! Watch those monthly food bills go down and start shopping with me Pittsburgh Frugal Mom as we begin our closer weekly look at   SHOP ‘n SAVE specials, deals and ways to really Shop ‘n Save.  I am proud to announce the new partnership between SHOP ‘n SAVE and Pittsburgh Frugal Mom.

You can learn more about  SHOP ‘n SAVE on their Facebook Page and Website.