Fabulous Bird Sanctuary In St. Maarten

  The moment you decide to go beyond the beach when in St. Maarten…is when you will discover the Sint Maarten bird sanctuary. Colorfully culture and serene. 

green bird Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary

Seek out Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary. 

While it is known by many, it’s actually unknown to more.

Authentic experiential travel inside a very colorful, friendly, attraction in St. Maarten/Sint Maarten is awaiting your arrival.  The epitome of local life, human dignity, and one man’s selfless journey that could have cost him his life, but actually saved much more than that! 

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary: What’s Inside the Cover Matters!

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary Parrot Ville From exteriorA dirt road, chain link fence, a few picnic tables, and tall grass surround what looks like more of a ‘shed-like exterior and less like an attraction. Congratulations as you have just stumbled upon the road less traveled. The most authentic Sint Maarten bird sanctuary, actually the most fulfilling bird sanctuary I have personally traveled to!

In fact, we’ve traveled to other countries, and islands and what they offer are ‘caged’ animals, that perform on command, just so the owner can pack in tourism dollars.

Here, at this Sint Maarten bird sanctuary, nothing could be further from the truth of why this bird sanctuary exists.  Remember, never judge a book by its cover, because it’s what is inside the cover that matters!

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary birds feeding from Cup

Defining Experiential Travel: Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary 

Travel plays on my emotions when it’s a fulfilling trip and not just a vacation. Claudia, our guide, for St. Maarten provided a culturally fulfilling, off-the-beaten-path authentic tour.  

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary Blue BirdTo understand devastation is to feel the hurricane and its power of fury that took so much away from Sint Maarten. But, George, the owner of Parrot Ville Bird Park (Sint Maarten bird sanctuary) battled nature. 

I like to sum it up this way: One man’s passion provided a story beyond selflessness. His give becomes our cultural gain. Preserving wildlife transformed destruction into salvation and the most authentic, cultural-driven tour you could hope for. 

Your Star Attraction of the Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary 

While George is the reason for the attraction, he’s not the star, rather, his fine-feathered, colorful, high-flying bird friends. Birds of a feather flock together, and so do people who love to journey into culture, and experience the authenticity of humanity. 

Time Well Spent. The Journey Behind the Bird Sanctuary In Sint Maarten

I had no idea what this day would entail.  There are people still in our world, who look beyond themselves. Selflessness is so rare. Choosing to foster birds that might not have otherwise survived the fury of the hurricane. 

Surviving a hurricane of unparalleled forces, is just a smidge of the story. There’s so much more. Now, let’s visit the fabulous bird sanctuary and meet the owner.

George of Parrot Ville. Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary

The Fabulous Bird Sanctuary named Parrott  Ville – Sint Maarten

I met George Parotte of Parotte Ville when we arrived. We went right into the holding area. Here you always make sure that one door is closed before the other is open, and then you move into the sanctuary.

The sound of birds chirping and talking to each other fills the air.

#CupOfLife & What it Means to The Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary parrotAs you walk in, George will provide you with what I refer to as a #CupOfLife. It’s a simple cup of feed and the birds will come to you to eat. This feed is their lifeline and your visit makes it all possible.

A Cup of Life will sustain these birds and let you enjoy them up close and personal. Happiness will abound, and the owner will beam with pride in his ‘babies.’ Your tips, and visit, pay for the feed to help George maintain these awesome species of nature. 

Teens & Smiles? Visit the Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary and watch this happen! 

Smiles on a teenager? You gotta be kidding me, but it’s true and it happens here, as your adventure inside these sanctuary walls comes to life. It’s a chance to experience something you might not have before in a destination that is already so beautiful.

teens and smiles at the Sint Maarten Bird sanctuary

Phones? Just for selfies! Epic and all thanks to the Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary

Now, he’s smiling but so were my other teens. That was just one part of how truly special it is here. After all, teens are the toughest to satisfy when you travel. Yet the only thing they used their phones here for was selfies with the birds and pictures of the birds. Smiles, Oh YES!

My boy teens smiling at Sint Maarten bird sanctuary - interactive

Your whole family will smile because this is an interactive experience and it is fun, up-close and so personal.

There’s nothing like it because they don’t come on command of the owner, rather they flock to you if they want to eat or be seen! Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary birds with us on head

Saunter. Watch. Experience.

The Sint Maarten bird sanctuary is an attraction that just unfolds before your eyes. Birds will land on your arm, on your head, and on branches and birdbaths that are scattered around. Stay on the path, walk slowly, stop and enjoy. It’s surreal and it takes a moment to get used to.

Make sure to take pictures AND enjoy the moment with your eyes, not just behind the camera. Colorful and loud. Exciting and stimulating. Interactive yet solemn.

Sint Maarten bird sanctuary Man Appreciating Birds

Stunning from start to finish and you are not pushed through or rushed. Take your time, and let the experience unfold.

Birdbath Moments. 

One of my favorite moments was watching the birdbath inside the Sint Maarten Bird sanctuary.

  • Who was bossing who around? 
  • Which bird made the most noise and who ended up enjoying it.
  • Who won entrance into the birdbath and who lost? 

You gotta go to find out how this tale plays out, but totally worth the watch.

Sint Maarten bird sanctuary Blue birds at the bird bath

Appreciating Small Moments at Parrot Ville

This moment was just so easy and it happens a lot. They land, your photo. Watch them interact, eat, move on, and then return. It’s crazy how something like bird watching up close can make you feel as though you know them.

Trust me, they are not camera shy and they are very happy to be around you. George’s love makes them trust you. It’s great. Extend kindness and it returns. Thank you, George.

Birds eating at Parrot Ville,so close to use at sanctuary inside the Sint Maarten bird sanctuary.

The detail of color on these little marvels is spectacular and they are eternally grateful for the food you are providing. Their ‘thank you is a stop at your #CupofLife so that you can enjoy their interaction.

Colorful Action Never Stops In Parrot Ville 

While you are in here, your family will probably spread out, it’s enclosed so it’s all good. Well, your kids,  friends, family, no matter the age, will find their own fun moments while you are enjoying yours. 

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary with my kids and birds

♥ Bird Moments To Love Inside the Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary.

Chirp. Squeak. Squeal. I have never run the gamut of so many emotions at once. When the first bird landed on me, I was freaked out, almost in tears, then laughing so hard I could not stop. Suddenly, I was stymied by their beauty and just basked at the moment.

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary - Dana with birds on cup of life

The Platform in Sint Maarten bird Sanctuary 

Be sure to head up to the platform for a total view of the sanctuary and the birds will gather here as well. It’s a chance to really interact with the yellow species specifically.  

I mentioned the platform and my reward for climbing a few stairs and waiting was this yellow brilliant bird.

It interacted with me, the camera, and my boys for at least 5 minutes before flying away. #TreasuredMoments.

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary - Yellow bird so close to me on platform

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary ~ Meet the Sugar Cup 

George also has a cup of sugar, that different birds flock to. It’s a way to experience a different species. It’s also funny because when you have this in hand, the other birds don’t come around. Try a bit of each.

The birds are happy, fun, and entertaining. Your best camera moments happen up close so have your phone ready. 

Sint Maarten bird Sanctuary, birds eating out of cup

History Has A Place Here. Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary 

For those who love a little history, George will offer you a museum tour. It’s right in the same area, just steps away from the bird, you will walk out about 10 steps. It’s there that you will see the antiquities George has kept from his ancestors. 

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary Parrot Ville From exterior MuseumTruly, it’s is amazing to see items from days gone by and to learn the ways we have advanced. Proud as a peacock, George shares his legacy which gives you more insight and a better look into the culture and how it translates to what you are experiencing. 

Sint Maarten Bird Sanctuary, Parrot Ville

There is no price you can put on an experience like this. While the attraction charges a modest fee, and I think it should be more. Open your pockets, your heart, your mind, and embody peace, tranquility, and nature. 

View George’s Parrot Ville as a win for humanity, compassion, and bravery, and George as a hurricane hero! Come for the birds and stay for the experience.

By Cruise Ship 

It’s a short ride from the port, so get off the cruise ship, and shop later. Experience one man’s selfless journey that transformed into this ever-evolving bird sanctuary. Grab a cab, you can experience this in as little as an hour or you could spend a few hours, depending on how you want to spend your time. 

Don’t just go and shop at the port, that is not going to give you the cultural experience of the island. However, visiting this Sint Maarten bird sanctuary surely will invoke that, ‘how can I do more’ spirit inside of you that’s been waiting to make an entrance into your life for some time! 

This experiential experience will enliven your zest for life when you hear the story and meet the owner, unless you are a walking zombie numb to life, it’s compelling and moving to hear. 

Ready To Indulge in Experiential Travel? 

It was not just the beautiful surrounding, rather all the beautiful people that I met. I have made life-long friends. Experiential travel allows me to really interact with a destination, and learn what it is about.

As I said at the beginning: this Sint Maarten bird sanctuary is known by so many yet, unknown to more. Make your trip to St. Maarten more than passing just passing through as a tourist.

For me, a gratifying vacation includes meeting the people, business owners, capturing their vision, and appreciate the value that they bring, it’s priceless.

The quintessence of Sint Maarten is embodied in this fabulous bird sanctuary, the history, and its owner, George! ~ Dana XO 

My thanks to George for hosting my family! I can’t wait to see you again. ~ DANA XO