Buzz-worthy Sint Maarten Distillery

 Sint Maarten distillery Tour. Buzz-Worthy Fun! 

Yes, there is a rum distillery in Sint Maarten. We are on the island and ready to visit the Sint Maarten distillery.  Join me, please!  

Sint Maarten Distillery Tour Buzz worthy fun one RHUM shot in hand

Rum, spelled by this Rum Distillery in Sint Maarten as RHUM. Perhaps you better take one more shot of RHUM to get this spelled correctly. Buzz-worthy fun coming your way! 

Here’s where to find the RHUM distillery! Have fun. Sint Maarten Distillery (rhum) a.k.a. Topper’s Rhum! 

Off the Beaten Path – A Local favorite 

Visit this local gem. If you visit the island or stay on the island at all or don’t miss this tour and tasting! 

Word of mouth flies quickly about the GEM of places to visit. Saint Maarten is a stellar Caribbean destination, and its gorgeous waters, beckon you to relax and enjoy. We did!

When you take a few hours away from the beach, grab a taxi, personal driver, and tour this Sint Maarten distillery Sint Maarten Distillery Tour Buzz worthy fun Dana with Rhum

The Sint Maarten distillery is: 

  1.  a tour
  2. a sideshow with Dave the host
  3. and a gem of a find for those of you that really like rum and adventures that are more flavorful

Be clear, this is a buzz-worthy tour where you can, sip, sip hooray! And you will!  However, if you are not a rum fan, my guess is you will be won over by the flavors you are about to try. 

Getting To the Sint Maarten distillery  

Sint Maarten Distillery Tour inside distilleryTake a few hours, get off the beach, and tour St. Maarten. For this destination, you are headed to Cole Bay. Hire a private driver or cab because it is only about a 20 min20-minute from the cruise port of call in Philipsburg to Cole Bay.

I would NOT suggest visiting here then driving, especially if you anticipate the full taste testing, purchasing, shipping, because you will get a bit tipsy, hence,  my buzz-worthy headline!  

So the #1 Rum Distillery in St. Martin: Topper’s Rhum Distillery located as previously stated in Cole Bay. No, I was not drinking before I wrote this article on the Sint Maarten distillery I promise.

I am just making sure to share all the points a few times because I get emails a lot about the info I already posted! Entering Saint Martin Distillery

Vacationing and Tastings: #1 Sint Maarten distillery Tour – Buzz-worthy! 

Trust me, it would not take me any reasons to sniff out a rhum distillery. I love taste testing before buying it is more of the tell-all than word of mouth. I taste, I like, I buy. Buzz-worthy.

In almost all of our travels is visit at least one place that offers alcoholic beverage tastings and I don’t mean a bar!

Walking into St. Martin Distillery Tour. Toppers Rhum. Buzz-worthy fun

Don’t Shame & Judge Me for toting young adults to the Sint Maarten distillery ! 

Yes, I brought my kids. 2 are young adults and loved this ‘tasting’ experience. So no I am not a terrible mom, and don’t judge me. I didn’t leave my kids anywhere, where I go they go! And that statement is for the person that read this article earlier and judged me. 

Would you travel far away, to a passport-required place, and leave your kids? Well neither would I. We go, they go, we all have stories and fun! 

Rum. Sint Maarten distillery Is a True Buzz-worthy Experience in Every sense of the word! 

Saint Martin Distillery Tour party bottlesTravel is a time to try new things and experience new cultures. Experiences come in tasting new foods and drinks. Therefore, taste-testing Rhum definitely was a ‘must-do item on our vacation St. Maarten list. The Sint Maarten distillery is where to go to for this experience! 

Vacation is time to relax. Remember this is all in fun and Rhum is more fun sipped together!

Getting Lost in the Moment. Sint Maarten distillery . 

Topper's Rhum. Saint Martin Distillery

Truly I believe in the ‘try before you buy’ because if it is awful, I don’t want to haul it home. However, if you discover a gem of a place, well, then shout it out from the rooftops and make sure ALL of your friends go!

Topper’s Rhum facility looks like a warehouse and yes that is where you are going into. As tourists you will want to know the following: there are clean bathrooms and air conditioning, 2 things you will appreciate if you are out and about and walking in the sun.

 Sip, Sip Hooray! It’s some time with DAVE today! Buzz-worthy! 

Saint Martin Distillery. Toppers Rhum + Dave at the tour. I mean who wants to take mini shots of rhum alone? Not I! Dave, your tour host will be your rum-shot host. IN fact, Dave will have sips with you and I am glad.

If he is drinking it so am I. We are ALL In. Additionally, Dave will lay out the history of the Sint Maarten distillery! He knows the history and some really good talking points. I don’t want to ruin everything he says, so I will keep it short and sweet.Saint Martin Distillery Tasting room

Plus, Dave on his own is a very colorful, banter-festive person! In other words, he’s fun! He sometimes talks faster than you can keep up, or is that the RHUM making my head spin? Dave is a walking encyclopedia (for all those millennials, that’s a book we ‘non-millennials used to use to get information) of RHUM knowledge.

Those Pretty Sint Maarten distillery Rhum Bottles

Call it trivial, or ridiculous but, I must not be the only one that likes pretty bottles. Toppers Rhum sells these colorful bottles of RHUM by the boatload 

Colorful Topper's Rhum Bottles of Rum at Saint Martin Distillery

So to back all the colorfulness up, it’s honestly a reflection of the product inside. The distillery Rhum bottles were like a Pinterest photo waiting to happen there was that much color.

You Will Find a Rhum You LOVE at this Sint Maarten distillery.  

Buzz-worthy. Yeah! Look at those shelves STOCKED with flavor. I’ll Take One of Each, please. Buzz or Buzz-worthy? Who cares, it’s vacay, and Topper’s Rhum is yum! 

sip, sip hooray there's Rum today! Saint Martin Distillery

There are a lot of flavors to choose from. To a point, it actually can be overwhelming. However, your resident Topper’s Rhum expert Dave will help you. 

Why Would I Buy Topper’s Rhum Here? 

Most of the flavors are in-store-only so buy what you can shove in your suitcase if you like it. Between states and shipping regulations, and lack of great flavor selection online, I say buy what you can while you are there. End of story.

I wouldn’t even question that, nor did we, instead we stocked up! Best rum hands down! Fun flavors. Exclusive to your trip to the Sint Maarten distillery. Buzz-Worthy! Bragging rights! 

You Had Me at Party Packs

What’s better than big? Small. You can nip at these at your leisure. Small. Colorful, reusable. Buy them! Plus, as an added bonus, for all of you who love this Sint Maarten distillery in-store flavors only… they offer the most popular flavors in those party Packs. 

How can you resist? Sip. Sip. Hooray! Plus, these make great gifts!  Party packs as I term them are 4 packs, they are smaller bottles and carry well in luggage. No, I did not share a picture, but this is some of their displays.

Party Packs at Topper's Rhum. Saint Martin Distillery!

Tourism is great so taste, buy and  Support Local Business

When you are visiting a country it is so important to support the local businesses. These businesses offer some of the best treasures you will find and are often the ‘gems’ of the area.  I want this Sint Maarten distillery for Rhum to be there when I go back and for everyone else who has yet to experience it! 

Yes, the hurricane rumbled through the Cole Bay area and it was destructive. St. Maarten is re-building and bouncing back. The people are so kind all over St. Maarten, so visit and buy local when you are there!

Tourism is one side of the business. so use your buying power and your LOVE of rum. Pricing is right on par with other brands and honestly it’s better than other brands. It’s not spendy, but it is definitely trendy. Flavors you would not normally consume or find are available on-premises.

Sint Maarten distillery Experience. I call it Buzz-Worthy

Sipping party at the St. Martin Distillery

Let’s call it what it is, an experience. Experiences are things people can not take away from you. It becomes a memory, something to chat about over coffee with your friends. Honestly, experiences are the ‘hottest thing available right now. 

Also, ‘tastings’ are the big thing too, so you are really gonna earn street credit with this experience. You also might come out a little tipsy and that is just a piece of fun that happens! Tasting before you buy is a great way to know if you like it. Plus you’ve earned a new experience, so this is one of those must-do experiences. 

St. Maarten is fun, vibrant, and has so many different things to do. Choose the Sint Maarten distillery for Topper’s Rhum as one of your ‘things to do’ and you will be happy. Dave is great and so is the product. Enjoy your St. Maarten vacation. ~ DANA XO

Thanks to our host Topper’s Rhum Distillery and Visit St. Maarten